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You Can't Run Forever

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Hi all, I really enjoy writing and making up stories, but this is my first go at writing something on H&A!

I've decided to come up with my own character, as it allows me more freedom to make them how i want. I wanna try and a lot of twists and turns in the story, and slowly reveal more about my character as i go along. So here we go!

You Can’t Run Forever

Chapter 1: The Beginning

Summer Bay what can I say? Though I only spent 2 years of my life there, they are my most treasured. My names James, and the story begins at the age of 18, I had plenty of experiences before that, and like any good character, have my share of dark history, more than most. But that will be revealed later, the story is much more interesting that way.

It was a beautiful sunny day as we drove along the steaming tarmac. There were 4 of us, myself, John, Billy and Steve. They were an alright bunch of guys, but they weren’t really friends, we just worked together. I loved driving, when you drove everything else fell to the side, your issues were behind you, your past couldn’t catch you. Totally and absolutely free.

John looked at me from the passenger seat “You ok mate? Come back to earth or you’ll kill us all”

I adjusted my glasses, which I resented wearing cause they made me look like a total nerd, and shielded my eyes from the sun. “Just admiring the view” I replied as I looked out at the sunrise coming over the water.


After we had all settled into our nice little apartment by the beach that Steve had managed to find a few days beforehand, I decided to go for a walk. I often went off alone, I guess that’s just how I always felt, I could be in a room full of people, and still be totally alone.

I eventually stumbled across little diner, which from the looks of it seemed to be the place to be around here. People lounged about under umbrellas, enjoying the morning sunshine and drinking various morning refreshments. The rumbling in my stomach told me that It was also the place I should be. Looking back I’m still undecided whether I would change that decision, the good, the bad, it all comes out in the wash.

Walking into the diner, deep in thought about meaningless things as I often did, I didn’t see the person emerging from the diner, nor apparently did they see me. Unfortunately as I was the smaller of the two of us, I was the one that ended up looking like the idiot, lying sprawled on the ground

“Hey! Watch where you’re going four-eyes”

Four-eyes? What a jerk! I looked up from my position and I paused for a moment, Tall, Muscular, wife-beater and totally had the brooding bad boy thing going on. Wow he was a hot jerk, but a jerk nonetheless. Ok time to explain that one! You see I like to play both sides of the fence as they like to say. Something I keep close to my chest, and boy didn’t it cause me some troubles in the Bay.

“What the hell are you staring at?”

This guy was starting to get pretty annoying, but unfortunately I liked to stir the pot.

“I was just wondering how you came up with something as original as ‘four eyes’ are you all such intellectuals here?” I spat back, dripping sarcasm from every word. I thought he was going to pound me for a minute, but he just dropped his fist, and walked away.

It was only later that I found out that I had encountered the one and only Ric Dalby, The town Hot-head, and bad boy turn good. Luckily for me, even more fun was to be had inside. Ok so I’m being sarcastic.

As I entered the diner, it was everything you’d imagine in a little community like this, small town charm, nice family feel, dream girl sitting in the corner. Yep you guessed it, every great story has an even greater girl. This girl was Belle Taylor, and she was an angel, with a good amount of devil mixed in for good measure.

For the second time in a few minutes, I stared dumbly; unaware of how stupid I must look. It was then that one of her friends spotted this, and quickly pointed it out. The laughter was unbearable, though I normally got this kind of reaction from girls when I wasn’t working, still wasn’t a great feeling

How godamn frustrating, why were people such bastards I thought as a lovely old lady (that was my first impression, but turns out she was crazy) at the counter took my order. Unfortunately because I was vision-impaired, I wasn’t normally great at first impressions with the girls. I remember while I ate my breakfast, stealing glances at the girls, thinking about how much I hated stereotypes. Pretty stupid huh? A bit high school, but that was me. Luckily that night things were looking up, it was me and the guy’s first night in our new job, and at that time, that was all I lived for.


Its a pretty slow start, but i wanted to set-up the character a bit first. Lots of drama planned for ahead. Please tell me what you think so far, all feedback will be great (except for bad cause ill strangle you with my mouse, j/k).

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Ok so i wont normally update this quickly, but im on a bit of a roll. Thanks for the encouragement guys, really appreciated, hope you enjoy the next chapter.

Chapter 2: First Impressions never tell the whole story

Another night again

Another journey without friends

Another fight to wish away the loneliness I live

Another circus show

Another face that I don’t know

Another night of people asking what I have to give

I thought that I would drown

But it’s okay right now

No one knows the way I feel a part of me I have to fight

Buried somewhere deep beneath my skin

The emptiness in me is faded

And I can see my life is waiting

Now I know I’m living for who I am

The fire grows inside

The feeling cannot be denied

And everywhere I turn the size of guys they push me

And all has fallen down

But it’s okay right now

No one knows the way I feel a part of me I have to fight

Buried somewhere deep beneath my skin

The emptiness in me is faded

And I can see my life is waiting

Now I know I’m living for who I am

And everything seems great and everyone is fake

No one really knows you

Look into their eyes

Rip off your disguise

Let them see the real you

No one knows the way I feel a part of me I have to fight

Buried somewhere deep beneath my skin

The emptiness in me is faded

And I can see my life is waiting

Now I know I’m living for who I am

Though I had my eyes closed, I could feel all their eyes on me, could feel their eyes piercing my soul. The soul that at that moment was bare for all to see, and as I finished the last note, they rose in applause. I opened my eyes and looked out, it was our first night at our new job, though that probably wasn’t the word for it.

Music, My Passion, My Life. At school I did the good thing, I decided I’d do the right thing, go against my family, friends and everything I had known. See it may seem weird to most, but the way I rebelled in my teenage years was to be a geek. Everything and everyone around me was rebellious and crazy. So I studied, went to school everyday, and became an A-grade student, that way I’d get out of my hell-hole of a life, and not be like my parents.

But after school finished, I realized that I didn’t really want to be a Lawyer, or an Accountant, or a Doctor. Whilst everyone else was out going to schoolies and partying all summer, I found comfort in music, in listening to anything I could find and writing anything that came to mind. So I joined a band, then another, and another. Whether it was just that the band members got bored, or it just wasn’t right, I was having trouble finding people I could relate to. The guys were the 4th band that I’d joined, and it was only a few weeks ago, so we were just finding our feet. At the moment we were just doing cover songs, as I hadn’t shown them my songs yet, I was quite protective of my songs, I’ve never showed them to many people.

On stage I was transformed. But not only the way I looked, ditching the glasses and adopting full bad boy rock clothing. Everything was different when I sang, like nothing could stop me.

But enough about the singing, because that night wasn’t just a simple gig, That night became a lot more interesting when Ric Dalby, Belle Taylor and all their friends came into the pub.

I didn’t even know that they had come in, cause to be quiet honest with you I couldn’t see the people in the front row without glasses on, so you could forget about the people at the back, but they were watching me alright, and its amazing how much can change when people see you like that.

I wasn’t much of a drinker, but it was a bit of a tradition in the band that they all have a drink after the gigs, and unfortunately I drew the short straw and had to buy the first round of drinks. I bopped along to the DJ they know had playing, ordering the drinks and looking around to check out the people, I was only human after all. It was then that I had my second encounter with Belle Taylor, but this time I was the one in the box-seat.

Unfortunately, being the proud bastard I was, I decided it was my time to get a little revenge on her, something that I would later regret.

“Hi there” She purred as she leant against the bar next to me.

Now I say purred, because she reminded me of a cat, slinking up to me, leaning on the bar, brushing against me, full of pride, yet wanting my attention. No wonder dogs are mans best friend.

“Howdy there” I replied, I wanted to shut her down, but I didn’t want to seem like a total ass about it.

“That was quite some performance up there” she said.

I knew if I let her keep talking to me, she’d suck me in and I wouldn’t be able to reject her. I always was a sucker when it came to girls.

“Really? You think so, well isn’t that a change from this morning” I replied, nice and politely. Straight to the point though.

Belle seemed to be taken aback by it, and she seemed a little lost for words,Something that didn’t seem to happen a lot to her. Now it was time to make my exit.

“Well I better be off, wouldn’t want any of your friends see you hanging out with the nerd” And I promptly grabbed the drinks and headed back to my table.

Ok so maybe I was bit of an ass, and maybe it was a tad mean to do that when she hadn’t a chance to explain herself. But at that time all I I could think was that the scores were even 1-1. That soon changed.

I was on my way to make a pit stop; I’d only had a couple of drinks, and then switched to cokes, so I was hardly even tipsy. Now was my time to have my second encounter with Ric Dalby, and unlike with Belle, I definitely didn’t come out of this one well.

One minute I was walking to the bathroom, the next I felt a hand grabbing my shoulder and me hitting the ground, all of the in-between was a quick blur. As I sat on the ground now rubbing my throbbing jaw, I looked up to see Ric Dalby once again standing over me.

“What the hell did you do to her!” He grabbed me by the scruff of the neck and ripped me off the ground, I automatically pushed him away. I really didn’t want to fight him, he was a lot bigger than me, but I wasn’t going to back down either.

“Wow wow wow man, just chill out for a sec mate, put the fists of fury away” I gasped out as I tried to get a table between us. He was pissed, veins were popping out of his neck like crazy, whilst I was wondering what the hell was going on. I eventually found out a few months later that Belle had used some crocodile tears and some lame story to get Ric to come after me. Guess the score was 2 -1 that day.

Ric took another swing at me and this time I managed to avoid it, thanking god that even though I hadn’t been blessed with big biceps, I was at least fast enough to avoid them. Finally a few of Ric’s friends had arrived and grabbed onto him, whilst the band had huddled behind me.

I got the hell out of there as soon as possible, but not before I got a big smirk from a passing Belle, god she was a minx.

Unfortunately I decided to walk along the beach on my own to clear my head, and no one thought to keep an eye on Ric. So there I was, standing on the beach alone, nearly total darkness apart from a distant street lamp. With Ric Dalby Stalking towards me, Must admit I really did fear for my life.

Things are starting to move along now, I love the fact that he's a geeky rocker lol. Won't be able to do the next update for a few days.

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