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Chris could be in Dancing new wave

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Chris could be in Dancing new wave


21 August 2006

WHAT does a soap star do after three years on Home and Away?

For Chris Hemsworth (right), a former Phillip Island local, the answer is head to Los Angeles . . . but perhaps complete a stint on Dancing with the Stars first.

Hemsworth, 23, was coy when asked by the The Eye about DWTS, but confirmed he had been approached late last week and it's something he wouldn't mind having a crack at.

"It would be good to do something different like that," he said.

"After three years on the show, it's great, but I'm definitely looking at other interests.

"In the long term, it's film is where I want to be."

Hemsworth will leave Home and Away in the first half of next year, when his contract runs out.

Recently single from fellow Home and Away actor Isabel Lucas, Hemsworth tries to get home to Phillip Island to visit his family as much as possible and engage in his passion for surfing.

Network cross promotion prevails tonight as Hemsworth presents a story on Phillip Island, taking a camera crew and filming a trip back home for The Great Outdoors.

Perhaps Lucas can join him on The Great Outdoors -- it was her last day on the Home and Away set on Friday.

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I was right, Isabel left on Friday. Hmm so obviously Kim's exit is just temporary, probably until Tara tells the truth or the charges are dropped. Hmmm so it sounds like he will be doing Dancing. Funny, I thought he wouldn't be interested. I just get the feeling that he doesn't like all the attention and interviews etc. He would get a lot of votes I suspect. If he does do Dancing, at least he would be in Melbourne where I think he was from, more often.

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