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A Different Life

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A/N: As always, sorry it sucks and reviews feed my muse

Chapter Three

New starts

“Your still on your own aren’t you?” Dalby, or apparently Ric now asked her after about twenty minutes of talking about next to nothing.

“Does it matter?” Belle asked him as she looked towards her feet hoping Ric would leave the question alone.

“Yeah, it kind of does” Ric told her.

“Some people are better off alone” Belle told him simply.

“You don’t believe that” Ric told her looking at her seriously.

“Don’t I?” Belle asked.

“How long are you staying here?” Ric asked her, changing the subject seemed like the best option.

“Not long” She shrugged. “I plan to be out of here as soon as possible”

“Why are you in such a hurry to leave?” Ric asked her, he was slightly wondering if he should have been insulted by her clear desire to get out of Summer Bay.

“Family” She said simply, he just nodded.

“I’m guessing you didn’t know they lived here?” Ric asked her.

“Nope it was a nasty little surprise” Belle said annoyance in her tone as she someone approaching them. “Oh look it’s my all to lovely step daddy!” Belle said with fake happiness in her tone.

“Dan Baker is your step father?” Ric asked her, shocked. Though suddenly a lot of things made sense, like why Belle was so reluctant to help Dan and Leah when they were in the bush.

“Yup, lucky little me huh?” Belle asked as she rolled her eyes as Dan approached them.

“So I should go” Ric said, as he walked away before anyone could protest.

“Subtle” Belle said as Ric walked away, she then turned her attention back to Dan. “So what exactly do you want now?”

“I want to talk to you Belle” Dan explained.

“Have you called my parents?” She asked.

“Yes” Dan told her simply.

“Then I have nothing to say to you” Belle told him as she turned slowly so she could away from him.

“I convinced them both that you should stay with me” Dan began to explain, as Belle turned around facing him again.

“What makes you think I want to stay with you?” She asked him in a cold tone.

“You only have a few choices, you can go back to your mother or your father, you can stay with me or you can take off again” Dan told her.

“Fine, I’ll stay with you” She sighed “but only because it’s the lesser of many evils”


Belle hated Dan. How the hell did he get her enrolled in school so quickly and lucky for her he apparently worked there so she couldn’t escape him ever. She had to keep reminding herself that living with Dan was the best option. Leah seemed cool though, and she did give her a part time job at the diner, V.J wasn’t bad either. He reminded her a lot of Ryan when he was little.

The Principal was mumbling something that she wasn’t listening to. She looked around the school as he lead her to some lockers with a two blond kids, a girl who looked like she spent way too much time tanning and Ric.

“This is Belle Vale, can one of you show her around?” The principal asked the group.

“I will” Ric said a little too quickly for the tan queen, Belle could see that from the glare that she was given. It was better then the look of the blond guy who seemed to be undressing her with his eyes.

“Thank you Mr. Dalby” The principal said before walking off.

“So uh, that’s Henry, Matilda and Cassie” Ric explained pointing to each one of them as he said their names.

“Maybe you should introduce yourself” Cassie suggested rolling her eyes.

“I know his name” Belle said simply. “Uh, tour?” She then said to Ric.

“Right” He nodded “We should start over here” Ric said pointing to the hall before walking there, Belle quickly followed.

“So much for leaving” Ric said.

“I always liked to contradict myself” Belle said with a shrug.

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Chapter Four


It had been a week since Belle agreed to live with Dan and Leah, things weren’t exactly going well. That wasn’t a shock though. She had pissed off Dan more then a few times, by skipping a class or two and talking back more then once. Belle just found it all so amusing, what did Dan expect from her? That she’d forget everything and they’d be a big happy family.

It really didn’t help that she was currently forced to sit through a family dinner with Peter, Dan, Leah and V.J. She for once had a reason for wanting to talk to Peter though. She just had to avoid puking and making a rude comment about all the stories Dan and Peter were telling about her and Ryan.

When Peter headed to the bathroom Belle stood up making an excuse about maths homework, for some reason the bought the story. She got up and headed to the bathroom, Peter was washing his hands as she approached him.

“Where did you send Andrew?” Belle asked simply as she stood next to Peter.

“What, who are you talking about?” Peter asked.

“Wow, you really did forget about your son” Belle said. “You know this family is amazing, I’m just glad that I’m only related by marriage”

“How do you know about him?” Peter asked trying to stay calm.

“Next time you confess your deep dark secret you should make sure the kids in the house are all asleep” Belle said simply.

“This doesn’t concern you Belle” Peter said.

“Actually, since he is technically my cousin it kind of does” Belle snapped at him.

“I know you like stirring up trouble Belle, but please leave this alone” Peter said.

“Wow, Andrew is lucky to have such an amazing daddy” Belle said before glaring at him once more before storming into her room


Ric hadn’t been able to get Belle out of his mind, he kept telling himself that it meant nothing, that he was with Cassie but he wasn’t exactly convincing himself. By the looks of the curious look he got from Henry as they sat at the diner.

“So how do you know her?” Henry asked Ric.

“Who?” Ric asked as he looked up from his lunch.

“Belle” Henry said. “Did you know her at your old school?” Henry asked

“Who says I know her?” Ric asked.

“Anyone with eyes can see that” Henry said.

“I don’t know her from my old school, I know her from when I was on the run” Ric said “She was out there with me.”

“So when you first got here and you were freaking out about someone who was out in the bush with you…”

“That was Belle” Ric said

“That’s good to know, I just thought you went crazy” Henry smirked.

“Nope” Ric sighed putting his fork down.

“And now she’s back, and you have a huge thing for her” Henry said.

“I don’t” Ric told him, “I’m with Cassie remember.

“Hey, no one is blaming you, Belle is extremely hot” Henry said with a grin

“She’s more like a sister ok” Ric told him, he knew there was no way in the world he would buy it.

“If I ever look at my sister the way you look at Belle, please slap some sense into me” Henry said.

“Funny” Ric said with a sigh. “When I first met Cassie she was amazing, gorgeous and crazy, but at the beginning there was like a wall between us, it was stopping us from trusting each other and we had to work through that and get past each others walls” Ric explained. “With Belle, the wall wasn’t there, it was like an instant connection we knew that we could trust each other”

“Ok, so you’re completely in love with her?” Henry asked with an amused smirk.

“No” Ric said “Belle and I, we were on our own for months, just depending on each other and when you go through something like that with someone it brings you even closer” Ric continued, he was sure that he was just making an idiot out of himself in front of his friend. “But Cassie and I have a bond too, we went through a lot together too” He let out a heavy sigh.

“Why do all the girls have a thing for you?” Henry asked with annoyance.


A/N: As always reviews always help feed the muse, good or bad *nods*

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I'm a late comer. I hope you're still planning to add to this fic because it's very good and very well constructed. I like this version of events much better than how it really went :D

Oh, except for the lack of Lucas, but it's okay, I understand. Henry's a fun brother-type figure to have around.

I like the use of Callan too. Very dark, and very appropriate to the characters.

Please update :D

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