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A Different Life

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A Different Life

Type of story: long fiction

Rating: Currently T. may change later

Main Characters: Belle, Dan, Ric

Genre: A mixture

Warnings: some unpleasant themes later

Is Story being proof read: Sadly No

Summary: AU Belle never got kidnapped at birth, but her life with her real mother was far from ideal.

Chapter One

A different Life

Belle spent most of her life with Dan Baker as her step-father, she always made it clear that she wanted her ‘real daddy’ back again. Though having Dan as a step-father did have a few perks, like her little brother Ryan. Sure she played games with him and messed with him since he was born but she still loved him.

She didn’t get to see her real father much though, he was in Australia and she only got to see him once a year, as she got older she had less reasons to want to see him. When she finally started to accept Dan as her step-father everything began to fall apart. They thought she didn’t know what was going on, but they screamed loudly and she always heard. Even when Ryan didn’t, in fact she made sure Ryan didn’t, she was his big sister and she had to protect him.

She knew about the gambling, she knew about her mothers affairs, she knew about the fight between Dan and Peter, she knew it was because Peter slept with her mother. She knew about everything her mother did, she knew about the photos. She also knew Peter’s secrets, like Andrew Curtis.

By the time she was fourteen Dan was gone, so was Peter. Ryan was so sad, she was too because she didn’t want to be left with her mother. She always got jealous of her friends and their perfect mothers, mothers that didn’t sleep with their uncles, who didn’t lie and cheat and play games. She wanted to leave, but she couldn’t.

That was until the fire of course, Belle knew it was her that set it. She knew she had to leave but she couldn’t take Ryan with her. Her plan was simple. She wasn’t going to Australia in a month to visit her father, she was going just in time for her 16th birthday, she wasn’t going to visit her father though., she was going to get as far away from her life as possible.

Her plan was perfect, thankfully her father was as self absorbed as her mother and he was running late. It gave her the perfect time to find a place away from everyone she knew. She had been in the city for a few nights before she met a guy who was running too. His name was Dalby.

His story almost made her miss her mother and father, almost. Dalby seemed to think her parents where just as bad as his father. She really didn’t know why anyone would think that. They spent almost a month trying to survive in the city together, that was until one night at a party they went too. Dalby’s friend Callan had always given her the creeps yet she still took the drink from him. Belle didn’t even want to think of what happened that night. She didn’t want to tell Dalby either.

She left again, this time she decided it was safer to hide in the middle of nowhere. She was only on her own for a few weeks before Dalby found her. It was odd that she had someone to try and protect her, she was always on her own. She was always the one protecting people.

They were out there for maybe a second month when they ran into two crash survivors, she knew one of them very well. It was her ex step-father. She forced Dalby to deal with them and they apparently dragged him to the hospital. She knew he would come back to find her, so she bolted once again. It seemed to be what she did best now.

She did her best on her own for almost two months, getting whatever food she could anyway she could. She travelled into a small town one day in an attempt to get any type of food. She knew she heard of the name ‘Summer Bay’ before but she was couldn’t focus on anything but food at that moment.

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Really good, is Dan and Peter coming back?

thanks to both of you and Dan and Peter have a big part in the story :wink:

Hey, this is really great!! I'm loving it heaps! Yay!!!!! Dan and Peter! More of them please! Can't wait for the next update!

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A/N: Ahh ok its not longer, and its not good either, lol but yeah *nods*

Chapter Two

A Small World

Belle was starving, she couldn’t even remember the last time she ate and she was sure she was only a few hours away from having hallucinations of giant dancing hamburgers. God, what she wouldn’t do for a hamburger. She glared slightly at all the people stuffing their faces with food.

She needed to get her hands on some money, or she really would see those damn dancing hamburgers. She walked to a parking lot before walking to one that had been left unlocked and had a handbag sitting on the passenger seat. She grinned before opening the door and reaching for the bag.

“Hey!” A familiar voice said. “What are you doing?” The voice asked before she looked up at her ex-uncle.

“Hey uncle Pete” She said in a cold tone.


“Let go of me” Belle hissed as Peter lead her to Dan’s lovely new house.

“If I do that how quickly are you going to run?” Peter asked her seriously.

“How about you get a stop watch and time me?” She said. Peter just ignored the question as he opened the door making sure Belle followed. Dan was sitting on a chair impatiently waiting on the phone. When he saw her he sighed hanging up the phone and standing up.

“Thanks Peter” Dan said giving him a small smile before Peter nodded before heading back out, sensing that Belle and Dan needed to talk.

“You guys are buddies now?” Belle said with an eye roll.

“You know your mum is worried sick about you” Dan said

“Wow, I’m surprised she noticed I was missing” Belle said. “I would of thought she would be too busy with her latest slam piece”

“Belle” Dan said with a frustrated sigh. “Why did you runaway?”

“Why did you?” Belle replied.

“I didn’t runaway” Dan said “I moved on”

“Really, is that what you tell yourself when you feel guilty about leaving Ryan?” She snapped.

“I didn’t leave Ryan, my door is always open to him” Dan said with a pause. “and to you”

“That’s a load of crap” Belle told him, she hated it when Dan did this. Used his counsellor skills to play on her vulnerability. She of course had quickly learnt to fight back. “Nice place, does it mean that you finally learnt to gamble well?”

“Can we not play your games right now, Belle” Dan said.

“You started it” She told him. Dan was about to respond when the phone rang. He sighed heavily as he went to answer it.

“Are you going to tell me why you ran Belle?” He asked her, changing the subject.

“I guess it might have something to do with the fact that my mother is a whore and my father is a drunken p***k, though I guess he’s better off then my ex-step father who was a gambling addict or his brother who…” Belle continued before she was cut off by a third voice.

“We’re home!” The woman said as she walked in with shopping bags and a little boy. She looked at Belle confused, though at that point Belle had already grabbed her bag and then quickly bolted out of the door.

“What’s going on?” She heard the women ask before she left completely.


She hated the fact that it was such a goddamn small world, the last thing in the world she wanted was to ever see Dan or Peter again. Of course she never got what she wanted or needed.

“Belle?” She heard a voice say, she let out a frustrated sigh before looking up, this time she smiled though.

“Dalby” She responded, yep its was a small world.

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