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The Teenage Life

Guest Amir

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Well, you all voted that you wanted 'The Gang'. So here it is.

I changed the title to 'The Teenage Life', because I thought it described it more.

The first chapter is pretty short.


"What?!" Belle was begging Amanda to invite her friends over for a party. "Why not?!" Belle asked with a demanding tone.

"Because you will all cause nothing but trouble. And that's the last thing i need at this time." Amanda replied calmly.

"I hate you, you're just like Irene. A selfish loser." She ran off.

Lucas and Matilda were holding hands walking down the beach. Matilda seemed quiet. "Are you okay?" Lucas asked out of curiousity. Matilda nodded. "Then why are you so quiet?" Lucas asked. "Luke..I need to tell you something."


Belle goes to huge lengths to get what she wants.

What is Matlida's secret?

Aaron flirts with Cassie.

Drew's plan of destroying Ric backfires.

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