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A Girl Like Me

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Thanks for all your fab comments x x

Heres the next chapter

Chapter 5

“Hey Paul”, Martha smiled at him

“hey erm…”

“Oh it’s Martha” She stood up to shake his hand.

“I guess we’ll just leave you girls to it then” Mum said ushering Paul into the living room.

I could feel the tears welling up in my eyes at just the thought of him but I knew I had to hold them in until I was sure they had gone.

As Martha shut my bedroom door and came and sat next to me on the bed again I just let it all out. I could see the sadness in her eyes when I cried but I couldn’t help it. Before either of us had the chance to say anything she pulled her arms around me in a tight hug. I felt so relieved at just her presence. It was like I was no longer in this alone, I had somebody to talk to, somebody who would listen to me. I only hoped that Martha wouldn’t hate me for what I was about to tell her.

“Come on Mattie, don’t cry, everything’s going to be ok.”

“Its not though it’s all ruined, it could never be ok” I cried harder, soaking her shoulder.

“Hey, you’re making my shoulder all soggy, she laughed making me smile. I loved her for the way no matter what’s going on or how sad I’m feeling she always manages to cheer me up. A small smile crept across my face.

“Eh up” She laughed again, “Is that I smile I see?”

“Nope” I was laughing now, “You must be seeing things, there’s no smile here”

We both paused slightly before Martha spoke again, “Mattie, has it got something to do with Paul?” I winced at the sound of his name. “So it has. I saw the way you both looked at each other, what’s going on?”

“I….. he” I didn’t know how to explain what had happened. I couldn’t bring myself to say it but I knew I had to. “He used to come over all the time, he always said it was just fun but he wouldn’t stop when I told him I didn’t want it, I couldn’t stop him he was so heavy and I was too weak. When we moved to Summer Bay it was great because he wasn’t there but yesterday I saw him on the cliffs and he…..he did it again. I’m really sorry. Please don’t hate me I promise I couldn’t stop him.” I was sobbing again now while I watched her face for a sign of what she was thinking but she gave nothing away.

“Oh Mattie that’s horrible” She whispered to me softly “Why didn’t you tell me sooner? I can help”

“But that’s just it, no one can help me, I’m never going to get away from him, he’ll never stop and if I tell anyone they will hate me” She hugged me again.

“What makes you think they would hate you?”

“Because of what I’ve done, its all my fault, I caused it”.

At that she pulled away from the hug and looked deep into my eyes, “Now listen to me Mattie, you’ve done nothing wrong, no one could ever cause someone to this to them, never forget that ok? Its not your fault”

“But it is he said himself”

“What? He told you it was your fault?” I could feel her anger as she began to stand up.

“Please Martha, don’t say anything, I don’t want anyone to know I told you”

“But why Mattie? If you tell someone now it can all be over”

“I said NO! it can never be over I know it cant and you know too you’re just trying to make me feel better. Now please just go, I want to be alone”. I snapped at her. I was lying anyway, there was no way I wanted to be alone, alone with my thoughts, my thoughts of him.

Please read and review I allways like to know whos reading x :)

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Thanks everyone who commented x x :D

Heres the next chapter :)

Chapter 6

I walked out of my bedroom cautiously and quietly so no one could hear me, I crept down the stairs and poked my head around the living room door.

“Hello princess” Paul gave me that menacing smile again. I thought he had gone already.

“Um…. Mum… um can I go out for a bit?” I had to get out of the house,

“Of course sweet, you know you don’t need to ask. Where are you going?”

I didn’t want to say in front of Paul. What if he came to find me there?

“I think I might go to Cassie’s for a bit, we haven’t spoken in ages”

“You only saw her a couple of days ago” mum laughed, she was oblivious to the tension in the room.

“Bye then”

“Bye Princess” Just hearing his voice made me wince.

“See you later sweet, make sure your back in time for tea, Paul’s cooking”. I walked out of the front door, this was one night that was certainly going to be eventful.

As I walked down the footpath to the beach and smelt the salty sea air, I relaxed a bit. It always felt good to be here. No matter what was going on in my thoughts before, as I looked out to the beautiful beach, I felt all my worries wash away.

I must have sat there for hours before I felt a hand on my shoulder. I jumped up quickly and turned around to see Martha standing there.

“Oh Martha I thought you were….”


“Yeah sorry”

“Mattie please let me tell someone, he needs to be stopped, look what he’s done to you, you’re frightened even to just sit at the beach on your own”

“I can’t Martha, please I’ve trusted you don’t throw it back at me, I’ll tell people when I’m ready”

“Well ok if you’re sure but I hate seeing you so..” I watched her struggle to find the right word “Broken” she finished.

“Do you mind me sitting with you for a bit?” Martha asked, I could tell she only wanted to sit with me to make me less nervous but I was glad she had offered.

“No I’d actually like the company” We sat down on the damp sand in silence. Just knowing that she was sat there next to me made me feel better. I knew that Paul wouldn’t come near me when she was there.

“So..” Martha began breaking the silence, “What are you doing tonight? Do you want to come over to ours for a bit? We can have a girly night in and watch some DVD’s.” As she smiled sweetly at me I could tell this was all part of her plan to get my mind off Paul but I was actually glad she cared so much.

“Yeah, that would be nice” I smiled at her feeling relieved.

“Well what time do you want to come over? We can get a take away” At her mention of food I realised my mistake.

“Oh no, sorry Martha I can’t I told mum I’d be back for tea because.. um…” I felt so pathetic, why couldn’t I say his name? I was so angry for myself for making a show of myself in front of Martha. “Paul’s cooking tonight”.

“Oh” She paused slightly “Well maybe another night?”


We both smiled at each other even though I felt like screaming.

“You can come too if you want to” I blurted out without even thinking. I really did want her to go but I felt stupid asking her to.

“Are you sure your mum wouldn’t mind?”

“Yeah, you always come over anyway”

“Ok I’ll come as long as you’re sure she wont mind”

“Positive” I hugged Martha so tightly to show her how much I appreciated all what she did for me.

Please read and review x :)

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