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Jack and Martha's Return

Guest Willz

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Ten years since the horror explosion that killed 6 loved ones the one most romatic place ever in the world is the Greeks Island this will be based in the Island and Summer Bay and there will be heartbreaking twists when they return watch out guys there will not be very many people that live in summer bay ten years ago since Martha and Jack along with Bree and Kath who are 10 and 5

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Take your time love. You've posted plenty today. Take a break. Get you head around it and make an awesome chapter :)

Thanks I will I am going to get a drink of water to keep me up for while so I can write this Fic

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lol yeh water helps a lot doesnt it? I might get a glass as well. Havent had any water today :(

Yeh it dose I might go to bed as it is 11:20pm In NZ (where I live) so yeh um good night

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This is a very short one but I will see how it gose

Martha and Jack walk along the beach with Bree and Kath

Jack: Babe I just love you and this place sounds really a romantic place

Martha: It sure dose I wonder what we should get for Bree's birthday

Jack: Yeh I was wondering because we havn't been in touch since we left Summer Bay but Bree birthday over at Summer Bay

Martha: Do you reckon

Jack: Yeh It will be good to catch up with everyone especaily Beth and Tony

Bree: Mummy when can we see Grandad and Grandma

Martha: Um I don't know but me and Daddy though if we go to Aussie and Visit grandad and grandma

Bree: Yay I miss grandma

Kath: So do I

Um this is just a start but I am very tired I shouldn't be up this late but yeh chat to you tomorrow oh by the way jack4martha_forever what the is time where you live.

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