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Some Moments Last Forever

Guest +~Nicole~+

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Previous scene: Rachel had just told Irene, Alf, Colleen, Tasha & Jack about the chopper never arriving.

Irene, Alf, Colleen, Tasha, Rachel & Jack are all still in Jack’s room.

Tasha: How could this happen? I thought they were going to be…. (She starts crying before she can get the rest of her sentence out)

Irene comforts Tasha as Rachel quickly scurries out the door.



Rachel is in the room where her mother died, she sits on the bed with her head in her hands.

Julie approaches the door.

Julie: Dr Armstrong, she calls with no reply.

Julie: Rachel, she calls again

Julie walks upto Rachel and puts her arm around her.

Rachel jumps with fright

Rachel: Oh!! Julie!! You frightened me.

Julie: Sorry, I just wanted to see if you were alright.

Rachel: Yeah, i'm fine.

Julie: It's ok to grieve you know....

Rachel: GRIEVE! Kim is not dead!... He will be back tonight with the others on the chopper.... How can you say he is dead, they've only been gone an hour and you're already putting them up for dead!

Julie: Rach.... I meant about your mother....

Rachel runs out of the hospital in a desperate bid to get away.



Rachel is sitting at her "thinking spot" on the beach. Beth and Tony are walking by.

Rachel is holding Kims name tag from the gym. She sits there running her fingers along 'Kim Hyde', tears running down her face.

Tony: Rachel, what's the matter?

Tony kneels beside Rachel. He notices the name tag in her hands.

Tony: Did you and Kim have a fight?

Rachel fights back the tears.

Rachel: You havent heard have you?

Beth: Heard what, love?

Rachel:.....The chopper. It never arrived.

Beth: What!?!?

Beths legs give way as she falls onto the sand.

Rachel: There was a storm,...they've lost all contact and.....

Rachel and Beth start crying uncontrolably.

Rachel:....They've disappeared off the radar.

Tony tries to fight back the tears as he comforts Rachel and Beth.



Leah and Dan's house. Rachel has just walked through the door.

Leah: Oh Rach! We've been so worried, are you alright!? Alf just phoned me and told me what happened.

Rachel: No, not really..... He was at the hospital all day you know.

Leah: Who Alf?

Rachel: No, Kim. He said I shouldn't have been there and he wanted to take me home, but I said no, I just pushed him away.

Rachel begins to cry again.

Leah: It's understandable Rach.

Rachel: No!, It's not. He is my fiancee and he loves me. He was just trying to be there for me and I just totally pushed him away.

Leah: Oh Rach.

Leah puts her arm around Rachel as she falls into her arms.

Leah: It's not your fault, you were doing what you thought was best.

Rachel: I just love him so much Leah,.....so much.

Leah: I know. You just let it all out.

They both lay there on the ground, Leah comforting Rachel as she cries uncontrolably.




Leah, Dan, and Rachels house.

Empty alcohol bottles are spread accross the floor.

Leah: You can't keep going on like this Rach. Alcohol isn't the answer. You haven't left the house in days.

Rachel: I have no reason to leave the house, I dont have a life worth living anymore. My life was Kim, so please...Don't tell me I do have a life, because I don't.

Leah looks confused and upset at what she has just heard.

(The phone rings, Dan answers it)

Dan: Dan Baker.....yep...Okay then, thank-you so much for that Alf, that's great news. We'll be there soon.

Leah: Who was that?

Dan: Oh, that was Alf. Search and rescue have the chopper and they're bringing them in as we speak.

Leah: Oh! Dan, that's great news. I better go let Rachel know what's happened.

Leah walks over to Rachels room. Rachel runs straight past her.

Rachel: Come on!... Let's go!



Hospital. Everyone is there waiting for their loved ones.

Ambulance Officer: Kim Hyde, 19 years old. Suspected Tibia fracture, deep laceration to the head and right leg. Complaining of

chest pain, but said it dulled after using the whistle.

Rachel: KIM!

She screams as she runs over to his trolley.

Kim: Rachel

She kisses him on the lips, then they hold hands.

Kim & Rachel: I'm so sorry.

They say in unicen, they both laugh.

Kim & Rachel: I love you.

They say with a smile before laughing again.

Kim shrieks in pain.

Doctor: Okay Rachel. We need you to step aside now. We need to asses Kims injuries.

Rachel: No, I'm not going anywhere. I'm not leaving him again.

Doctor: Rachel, we need you to step aside otherwise we cant asses him.

Kim: It's okay Rach.

Rachel: Alright.... I'll just be out here Kim.



Waiting room. The doctor walks in.

Rachel: Well.... How is he?

Doctor: We've had to stitch up all his wounds, he's had 2.5 of morphine, and we've run a few tests but from what I can see it's all clear. But he's not out of the woods yet. He'll have to stay in here for about 48 hours just so we can keep an eye on him.

Rachels face lights up as she takes in the news.

Rachel: Thankyou sooo much Dale.

Leah (To Rachel): Would you like me to give Barry a call and let him know what's happened?

Rachel: Oh yes, thanks.

Leah heads to pay phones.

Rachel: (To the doctor) Thank you so much Dale... You don't know how happy you just made me.

She kisses him on the cheek before running into Kims room.



Kims room.

Rachel: I was so worried.

Kim: It's alright, we're together now... That's all that matters.

Rachel: But I was so rude to you. You were there for me and I just pushed you away. I'm so sorry Kim.

Kim kisses her on the lips as a single tear runs down her cheek.

Kim: You know, when we were stranded out there all I could think about was you. Like, not just would I ever see you again, would I ever kiss you again, be able to tell you I love you again, fall asleep and wake up next to you again.

Tears begin to roll down Kims cheeks.

Kim: I'm just so happy that i've been given a second chance. So, i've come to a conclusion, when I get out of this place we're going to find a celebrant and we're going to get married because I don't want to spend another day apart from you, ever again. You are my life and I love you so much.

Rachel sits there smiling.

Rachel: I feel the exact same way.

Rachel pulls something out of her jacket.

Kim starts laughing when he sees what the two ring boxes she has pulled out.

Rachel: I was so worried when you weren't here; I felt like there was something missing, like I wasn't complete. So, I got these so we can always be together.

Rachel pulls one of the rings out and puts it on Kims ring finger. Kim does the same for Rachel.

Rachel: So we have these just until we can be properly married.

Kim moves over and lifts the sheets.

Kim: Hop in.

Rachel gets in. They begin to kiss and hug.



The next morning.

Kim is lying awake, watching Rachel and stroking her hair.

Rachel wakes up.

Kim: Good morning Mrs. Hyde he says smiling.

Rachel smiles as she kisses him on the lips.

Rachel: Good morning Mr. Hyde.

Kim: How did you sleep?

Rachel: Alright, hospital beds are uncomfortable themselves, half is even worse... I'm not complaining though, I had great company.

Julie walks in.

Julie: Hi Kim, I just need to do your obs. Hi Rachel, Julie says with a smile.

Rachel: Hey Julie.

Julie: (To Rachel) There's a phonecall for you at the desk, It's Mr. Hyde.

Rachel: Oh okay, thankyou.

Kim: (To Rachel) Tell him I'm fine will you?

Rachel smiles as she turns to walk out the door.

Kim: Hey Mrs. Hyde.

Rachel turns with the biggest smile on her face as she remembers she's soon to be officially married to this man.

Kim: I love you.

Rachel: I love you too, Mr Hyde.



Rachel is at the desk talking to Barry.

Rachel: Ok Barry, I will. You take care of yourself, I'll let you know if anything changes okay. You too, bye.

Irene walks upto Rachel

Irene: How's Kim?

Rachel: He's ok, how are the others?

Irene: They're all fine, just a bit shaken up.

Rachel: Yeah I bet.

Irene: Is it alright if I see Kim?

Rachel: Sure, come on in.



Kims room.

Rachel and Irene are approaching the door.

Julie: Kim, you need to stay awake.

Rachel: What's wrong Julie?

Julie: His BP is dropping and he's not responding.

Rachel walks around to Kim's side of the bed.

Rachel: Kim, open your eyes babe. Come on.... Kim! Open your eyes.

Julie pushes the emergency button above Kims bed.

Doctors and nurses start rushing in.

Irene is standing there in shock as Tony walks past.

Tony: what's happening?

Doctor: (To Tony) Get them out of here.

Rachel: I'm not leaving! I am not leaving Kim again!

Doctor: Mr Holden. Take Dr. Armstrong and Ms. Roberts out of here now.

Tony: Come one Irene, just come out side with me.

Tony helps Irene out.

Tony comes back in and tries to take Rachel out.



Tony drags a hysterical Rachel out of the hospital room.

Rachel tries to run back in but Tony stops her. She falls to the ground crying; Tony comforts her. He gently kisses her on the forehead.

Tony: It's alright Rach, let it out... I'm here.



Half an hour later.

In the hospital room.

Doctor: How long's he been down for?

Julie: About 45 minutes.

The doctor goes to check Kims eyes.

Doctor: Pupils are fixed and dialated. I'm calling it... Time of death 8:36am.

The doctors step away from the bed, all looking upset.

Julie: Who's going to tell Rachel?

Doctor (Dale): I will....



The door to Kims room opens. Doctors and nurses begin to walk out looking upset.

Rachel and Tony run upto Dale.

Dale: I'm so sorry Rachel, we did all we could. He had a fat embolism which was blocking his artery.

Rachel: Nooooooooo!

Tony stands there looking shocked. He starts crying as Beth comes out to see what the comotion is all about.

Rachel runs to Kims room.

Beth: What's wrong Tony?

Tony: It's Kim.... He's.............. dead.

Beth: Dead?

She turns to a terrified Tony who has tears pouring down his face.

Tony: He was just fine before when I walked past... He was joking around with Rach about getting married when he gets out of here.

Beth hugs Tony as he breaks down in her arms.



Kims room.

Rachel is sitting on Kim begging him to open his eyes.

(Cyring) Rachel: Kim! Come one, open your eyes...... Baby, come on... Open your eyes!

She shakes Kim.

Rachel: Kim, open your eyes. You were just talking to me.... just open your eyes.

She falls on him and begins crying hysterically.

She gets angry and begins ripping off the cords attached to Kim.

Rachel: I love you Kim.

As they both lie there, Kim looking peaceful and Rachel lying on him kissing everywhere and crying hysterically, the picture slowly fades to black.

End of episode.

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Thanks guys.

I've been thinking about writing another part to it..... Dont know what will happen though :P.

EDIT: I have decided.... Well, as a favour to Traceve to continue :lol: . I'm not sure when it will be up but I have a few ideas so hopefully not as long as it took me to write it up, lol.

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