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Thurs 17 Aug 06 - " Schemers “

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " Schemers “

(Screened in Australia on Thurs 17 Aug 06 - Episode # 4254)

Note – This ep had a recap but no opening credits

LEAH’S – Leah & Dan talk about how reasonable drew was (about not being able to stay over at belles last night). Dan the goes to wake Drew up (so they can go to the police station) but Drew’s bed appears to not have been slept in. Dan naturally thinks that drew is over at belle’s.

McADAMS MANSION – belle & drew sneak downstairs, but drew (quietly) falls over. Belle is thankful that (because of the couch) Amanda can’t see that drew is on the ground. Amanda comments that she had bad dreams about intruders in the house, but when Amanda goes tint kitchen, drew bails, but not before they kiss

LEAH’S – Dan is about to go to Amanda’s when drew returns, Dan is way annoyed, but drew insist that belle pleaded with him to come over.

Drew & Dan then R start to argue – but Leah enters the room and “suggests:” that they should head for the police station.

DINER FLAT –Rachel, Kimmy & brad talk about when Rachel was kidnapped.

Talk then turns to brad & Emily’s situation, and then kimmy /Rachel’s wedding plans. Brad thinks his small wedding is the way to go, but Rachel insist that she & kimmy will have a more traditional (BIG) wedding.

Rachel & kimmy agree to discuss the wedding arrangements further later this morn – as kimmy has a number of bookings (for personal training sessions) at work.

GYM – kimmy enters, and Tara is waiting for him. She says that she that the muscles I her shoulder are sore, so kimmy gets to work to help her.

POLICE STATION – McGrath is NOT please that drew & Dan are ½ hour late, and because drew is mouthing off, he tells drew that he now must report to the police TWICE a day now. Drew is way annoyed 0 as is Dan (at draw’s attitude).

LEAH’S – when drew & Dan enters, drew says that he thinks Dan & Leah are WAY gullible for buying his good boy act. Dan then grounds drew, and when drew tries to walk away in disgust, dang grab his arm. Drew responds by clenching his fist – ready o punch Dan, but Leah enters the room, and “suggests” that they break it up. Drew bails – whilst Dan tells Leah about what’s happened (Drew’s act, the police station etc)

McADAMS MANSION – Amanda is still wary of her bad dream. She is intrigued when “belle’s

phone rings – as it now as a heavy metal music ring tone (i.e. the phone is Drew’s, I think).

Dan enters – and realises that Amanda has NO idea about drew staying over

DINER – brad approaches sally. he sys sorry for hauling her over the coals in front of students yesterday, and tells her about the emotional chat that he had with Emily last night.

Rachel approaches sally just is brad bails for school. Sally & Rachel talk wedding (Rachel was a stack of magazines in her hand).

GYM – kimmy continues his personal training session with Tara. Rachel arrives at the doorway, and observes kimmy & Tara for a bit, before reminding him about their planned wedding chat.

McADAMS MANSION – Amanda is waiting impatient for belle. When belle arrives downstairs, Amanda is way annoyed at what’s happened. Belle think that she shouldn’t be grounded like drew is – and he is always in trouble, but this is her 1-st offence.

Amanda falls for belle’s reasoning – and belle WAY smiles as she is Amanda hug.

NOAH’S – Rachel takes offence at kimmy making jokes whilst they are supposed to be making plans for their wedding. Rachel also makes it clear that she is annoyed at kimy for being late to this meeting (and caring about work more than he care about her).

SBH – drew 7bel talk about what’s happened (drew grounded etc). Dan overhears belle gloating about the way she handles Amanda.

McADAMS MANSION – Dan arrives, and insists that Amanda NEEDS to be MUM to bell, and not her best friend, or belle will go completely off the rail.

HOSPITAL – kimmy enters and tries to apologise to Rachel, who admits that she is way concern bed about kimmy & Tara (partic in light of the kimmy & kit LOST affair.

They verbally fight a bit, before kimmy bails.

McADAMS MANSION – belle arrives, and Amanda tells her theta she IS well and truly grounded. Belle says that Amanda is as bad as Irene, but Amanda insists that she is NOT changing her mind.

DINER – colleen talks to kimmy about how joyous his upcoming wedding will be.

Tara enters, and she sits with (and starts talk to) kimmy. (Note – we also see Rachel in a stressed mood at the hospital).

McADAMS MANSION – Amanda offers to take belle clothes shopping. Amanda sys that this is OK, as belle will be with Amanda. Belle rejects the plan, so Amanda goes upstairs.

Moments later, Drew arrives at the door. He tells belle that he is thinking about leaving town – as the cops aren’t going to let up on him about the fires.

As drew & belle hug, you can see that belle has though of a plan.

GYM – its; late at night, and belle enters. He gathers some towels together, and slashes kerosene on them. She then starts a fire !!!! (end of ep)


Looks like Belle, Drew AND Kimmy (think Tara) are all in trouble with the law.

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Leah’s orange spaghetti strap top

SILVER – Tara’s light & dark blue sports top

BRONZE – Amanda’s V neck Singlet top/red sleeveless jacket combo

HONOURABLE MENTION – Rachel’s red V neck button up shirt, Drew’s maroon t shirt, Belle’s brown, shimmery dressing gown, Tara’s red tube top (with a white horizontal stripe down each side), Alf’s bright yellow button up shirt, Sally’s orange top/light grey (work) jacket combo

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