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Wed 16 Aug 06 - " Ryan Gets To Sleep Over At Drew’s “

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " Ryan Gets To Sleep Over At Drew’s "(Screened in Australia on Wed 16 Aug 06 - Episode # 4253)

Note – This ep has no opening credits OR even a recap

LEAH’S – Leah & Dan talk to drew about him having to visit that police station today, as part of the conditions of drew being charged for the arsons.

Belle enters, and Leah & Dan are way surprised when drew & belle PASH.

DINER – Irene is way surprised when Leah tell her about drew/belle antics.

Irene is concerned that belle has moved on too quickly form Ric, whilst Leah is pleased that drew is now feeling like he belongs somewhere.

In the main part of the diner, colleen hands brad has take way meals, and she comments on Emily’s condition. Brad is taken aback that she knows – colleen says that Emily informed her.

DINER FLAT – brad enters, and talks to Emily about colleen knowing. Emily says that she doesn’t want to waste the remaining time she has hiding things., but brad is concerned that everyman & his dog will now speak to him about Emily’s plight (and he doesn’t want to have to deal with that)

NOAH’S – drew & belle are kissing and Alf suggests that they should perhaps be less affectionate in public.

As drew & bell sit down o the couch, Ric (complete with the sideburns that we’ve recently seen Mark Furze with on It Takes Two) enters the room, and sees that they are close. When drew walks away form belle, Ric wonders what she is up to, and belle insists that rice’s opinion is one the she doesn’t care about any more.

When drew returns to belle’s side, belle makes a sarcastic remark about how Ric was just helping his grandfather.

DINER FALT – brad is about to go to work when he is concerned form Emily – as she all but fainted when she stood up form her chair. Emily insists that she is OK.

As brad bails, sally enters, and after brad is gone, Emily talks to sally about how brad is reacting. Emily asked sally to talk to brad (given that she has been in his shoes – thank to Flynn – before). Sally is a little reluctant, but agrees.

SBH – Cassie seems to take much notice when she sees drew & bell kissing in the corridor. Drew wonders to belle if she will ask Amanda if he can stay the night. Belle says that she will DEF ask.

McADAM’S MANSION – belle approaches Amanda, and indeed wonders if drew can stay over. When I say ask though, belle pretty must rail roaded Amanda into agreeing (as you could see that Amanda didn’t want to be that strict guardian that Irene was to belle.

DINER – belle is talk to draw about him being able to stay over. Irene WAY takes offence – and muchly voces her opinion to both belle & drew (who think that Irene should mind own business

SBH – sally tries to talk to brad, but he soooo doesn’t want to discuss Emily (or his feelings). Brad insists that sally will NOT confirm any suggestions form studen6s about Emily’s health.

DINER – Amanda enters, and Irene has a go at her form the drew/bell stay over. They trade insults about the others youth (i.e. alcoholic Irene, Amanda’s young pregnancy).

LEAH’S – Dan & Leah are talk when there is knock at front door. It’s Irene – and the way concerned look on her face says it all.

McADAM’S MANSION – Amanda answer the door. It; Dan, who was a go at her for falling for belle’s suggestions that she is such a cool mum.

Dan insists that Amanda must set some boundaries, or bell could go off the rails.

SBH – sally is teach a history class, when belle & drew asks of rumours that they have heard about Emily. Cassie thinks that they should mind own business (understandable, given what Cassie went through with Flynn). Sally however confirms their suspicions – she tells the class that Emily has leukaemia, and, of course, brad just happen to walk by the classroom at this times.

He “suggests” sallying that she joins him in the corridors. And when she does brad has a go at her for telling the student when he told her not to.

McADAM’S MANSION – belle & drew are kissing as they enter. Amanda enters the room, and tells belle that she has had change of heart, and that drew CAN”T stay the night. Drew is annoyed and bails.

LEAH’S – drew enters, and he is frustrated about not being able to stay over at belle’s.

Drew’s “good boy” routine then kicks in, and he says that Leah & co’s concerns that belle is just over ric etc are V valid etc.

McADAM’S MANSION – Amanda tries to talk to bell further about her decision. Bell says that she thinks it’s ironic that Ryan gets to sleep over at Drew’s tonight (so I’m guessing that Ryan is staying the night at Leah’s).

Amanda then well & truly enforces her point of being strict on belle – she says that she doesn’t want belle to end up a young and pregnant like she was.

Belle goes into the lounge and answers her phone. It’s drew – who says that he will text her tonight as he still wants to sleep over.

DINER FLAT – brad enters, and Emily wonders about his day. Since brad isn’t forthcoming, Emily brings up the subject of his crash with sally, brad says that he doesn’t want t talk bout it, but Emily insists that they do.

LEAH’S – drew tells Leah & Dan that we is way tired about muchly studying today, but instead of go to vbed, he quietly sneak out of house.

McADAM’S MANSION – Amanda & belle say their final words about today’s events, before Amanda goes upstairs to bed.

Seconds later, belle gets a text msg, and she lets drew into the house. She insists that they should be V quiet.

DINER FLAT – it’s late at night and brad & Emily talk about her situation. Emily insists that most days now she feels more alive that ever, because of her imminent death, but brad still isn’t keen t deal yet, As they continue to talk, brad finally “breaks” and really tarts crying. Emily muchly hugs him. (end of ep)


Rachel WAY seems to think something is going on between Kimmy & Tara

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Amanda’s blue & white bikini top/black skirt combo

SILVER – Emily’s red dressing gown (with white silky top beneath

BRONZE – Emily’s white wool top/pink woollen jacket combo

HONOURABLE MENTIONS – Brad’s marron neck tie, Dan’s light blue & grey polo shirt, Colleen’s purple t shirt/blue (floral motif) button up shirt combo, Irene’s white (with pink floral motif) button up shirt, belle’s red singlet top, Amanda’s brown spaghetti top (with navy blue top beneath)

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