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Tues 15 Aug 06 - " Jack Holden – Drift King "

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " Jack Holden – Drift King "

(Screened in Australia on Tues 15 Aug 06 - Episode # 4252)

Note – Amazingly, this ep HAD opening credits

FARM HOUSE – Tash tries to convince mumma rose of the condition she has. Mumma rose brings Charity into the room, and charity concurs with tash about needing a C-section.

POLICE STATION – Robbie is way stressed, and the like of Beth & Tony try to calm him.

FARM HOUSE – Robbie isn’t there only one stressing, as charity tries to calm tash.

In t room, mumma rose & a henchman talk of the prophecy, but mumma rose insists that if tash needs a C-section then she will have one.

Mumma rose approach tash – and asks for the name of her physician. Tash tells her that it’s Dr Ridley.

Mumma rose tells her henchman to go to hospital and being Ridley here.

HOSPITAL – henchman enters, and asks nurse Julie where Dr Ridley is (under the pretence that wife is preggers). Nurse Julie says that Dr Ridley is busy at present, but will be taking a break soon.

As henchman waits, he hears Rachel &Dr Ridley talking about a pregnancy.

FARM HOUSE – charity is still trying to calm tash. Charity approach mumma rose for glass of water – but thinks it might be tainted, so mumma rose drinks some of the water herself, before charity takes some to tash.

The henchman returns – with RACHEL as his captive.

Tash AND Rachel can’t believe it when they see each other when Rachel is hauled inside.

POLICE STATION – Tilly tries to assure Robbie that things will be ok.

All the while, things still are way tense tween Luke & Tilly – so much so that Tony suggests to Beth that he should perhaps take them home (as there is no point of everyone be the at the station).

Tilly in partoic isn’t keen to go – but she is persuaded to.

FARM HOUSE – Rachel isn’t keen to perform the C section outside a hospital – but when mumma rose suggests on doing the procedure herself, Rachel aggress to do it- but she need to go to hospital to get all the equip she needs to perform the c section.

HOSPITAL – Rachel & henchman enter, and henchman “suggests” that Rachel tries no funny business.

After Rachel gets all the equip, she encounters nurse Julie, and wen questioned by said nurse, she says all the equip is for a patient.

Nurse Julie also wonders if Rachel is the person dealing with the henchman (rather than Dr Ridley), but Rachel says that she is not.

Nurse Julie then ask Rachel to sign for some things – which Rachel supposedly does (see below).

FARM HOUSE – tash goes on the verbal offensive against mumma rose (i.e. “how could you do this to me if you love me?”, and “I used to look up to you” etc.

Mumma rose calls charity into the room once more – to calm tash. Charity isn’t that keen to follow orders, but does so, for tashs’s sake.

Rachel and the henchman enter and Rachel begins to set up for the C-section.

Rachel “suggests” that mumma rise should help restrain tash, which tash fights, but Rachel then tries to make her move –she tries to use mumma rose’s close proximity to use the drug filled syringe on mumma arose, but it doesn’t work – mumma rose is alert enough, and Rachel inserts the drugs into tash.

Rachel tells all that they need to get tash to a hospital – as the syringe had WAY more sedative that tash can currently handle.

HOSPITAL – nurse Julie sees Dr Ridley, and wonders if she spoke to the henchman. Ridley has no idea what she is talking about.

Nurse Julie then just happens to look at the form that she ask Rachel to sign earlier – there’s a message instead – “send help to 55 Taylor road”

POLICE STATION – Beth ^& Alf about try to reassure Robbie, when the phone rings. It’s nurse Julie – with word about the help note.

FARM HOUSE – as Rachel tries all she can to help to waaay drug addled tash, we can hear sirens get closer.

Outside, 2 police cars (with drivers who are obviously fans of rallying, or drifting) fling the vehicles through the dirt road corners until they reach the house.

Inside, mumma rose & henchman try to escape, but they are captured by the police – whilst Rachel tells jack that tash needs to get to hospital.

HOSPITAL – tash is wheeled in, and Rachel ^ Dr Ridley go to work on her.

Robbie & Irene enters, and Rachel gives the update on tash’s condition.

All of a sudden, tash gets worse, Rachel ^& the medics need to use the “crash cart” ion her several times before tash is stable again.

POLICE STATION – jack ^ the office police enters, with mumma rose. Charity voices her disprove at mumma rose (also hoping that mumma rose will be locked up forever).

When jack takes mumma rose into interview room, he rads her the riot act, and makes it certain that he won’t allow her to harm tash again. Mumma rose doesn’t say a thing – she is MNUCVHLY way TOO quiet for my liking.

HOSPITAL – Rachel tells Irene & Robbie that tash is stable, but they won’t know the affects on the baby yet. Robbie enters tash’s room, ands she is worry that baby hasn’t kicked etc since the farmhouse.

Rachel & Dr Ridley performs in mini ultrasound – and all can hear that the bub still has V strong heartbeat.

Rachel tells tash &* co that tash will need to stay in hospital or rest of pregnancy, as she could go into labour at any time.

SOON AFTER – Martha and others have now joined Robbie &*Irene is tash’s room. Martha assures tash that there is NO WAY mumma rose can hurt her now,

POLICE STATION – in the cells, Mumma Rose smiles, and it’s WAAAAAAAY too knowing a smile for my liking. (end of ep)


Sounds like Amanda is being outplayed by Belle & Drew !!!

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Charity’s lacey white button up shirt

SILVER – Beth’s white shirt/aqua necklace combo

BRONZE – Rachel’s red top

HONOURABLE MENTION – Robbie’s red faced watch

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