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BttB Last Icon Maker Standing

NOTE: I have decided that, for the sake of keeping things interesting, each round two sets of avatars will be voted off. This is so we don't have to have 12 rounds, and so the voters remain to stay interested. I just want this to work and I can't see people sticking around for 12 rounds when 6 is a much better number.

Rules for voting:

- Vote for the two sets of avatars you like the least.

- You must explain why you like them the least as opposed to others.

- You cannot simply write ‘I liked these more.’ Give the artist constructive criticism.

- Comment on such things as colouring, brushes, textures, cropping, font and the general over all style of the avatars, as opposed to the characters in them.

- You cannot vote for a set of avatars because you dislike the characters in them. This contest is about the avatars NOT the characters. If this is done, I will null your vote, and you will not be able to vote for the rest of the rounds.

- If you really love a particular set, tell the artists. They may be anonymous but they can still see the comments.

- Be fair while you are being critical. We all love ideas on improving, but remember each artist has their own style, and it’s not your right to tear it down because its not the style you would use.

- Each round will be open for two days. If you don’t cast your vote, it cannot be cast until the next round. This way the contest should be over without anyone getting bored and the next challenge can begin.

- All avatars are to remain anonymous until the end of the contest. I will post them all at the end, but please, I’d like them to remain anonymous until the end of the contest.

Challenge One, Round One.

1. Eliminated

2. 2-1.jpg2-2.jpg2-3.jpg

3. Eliminated

4. Eliminated

5. Eliminated

6. Eliminated

7. Eliminated

8. Eliminated

9. 9-1.png9-2.png9-3.png

10. Eliminated

11. Eliminated

12. Eliminated

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3- I think in the C&R one, it looks too dark, it's nice, but they are just a bit too dark.

5- You can't really see Irene and Barry's faces in the and, and in the 3rd, I don't like how the cross is in Belle's forhead. Looks kinda weird like that!

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I shall vote for:

5- I like the first one. But the other two, I'm not too sure on the colouring. And I don't really like the brushes used for them. Also in the second one, you can barely see Irene or Barry and you can see the writing of the credits.

6- I'm not really sure on any of them. But they all just look boring. There could have been a few more things added to them. I don't like how the brushes are covering their faces on the second one.

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3 - I think that the Cassie and Ric one and the ocean one are to dark and I don't like the white dots/text on the 1st one as I can't see what it is meant to be.

5 - I love the first one but I think the 2nd one is overcrowded as we can't see much of Irene's or Barry's faces because of the brushes for me its just a bit to much in your face, I also don't like how the cross appears on Belle's forehead in the third one.

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12. - I think that the creator has gone overboard with the brushes/text especially in the first one. In the second and third the faces of the icon subjects seem to be blurry.

5. - The first icon is brilliant, however the other two aren't as good. The colouring in the second is far too dark - Belle looks like she has orange skin and the 'spikey' boarder is a little over the top and takes away from the actual subject of the avatar making it hard to see. In the third avatar, I don't like the boarder and I don't think the text/brush really matches that picture. Personally, I also don't like text/brushes on Belle's face

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3 - The first one of this set is really dark and dull, and personally it is too dark for my liking i don't think the red spot goes with the avatar and nor does the white line brush in my opinion it would be better without the added features i.e the red spot and the dotted lines.

5 - I don't mind the first one, but as we are voting for a set here i don't like the other two. In the second one you can not only see the barry and irenes faces but the white spike things coming out of the sides of the avatar does not suit the image what so ever. I think the artist must like having like a border because they have done it again with the third one. Like Tess said, i don't like the cross on the forehead maybe the artist likes using brushes but i don't think they suit the avatars in this case.

On a more positive note, :) I love number 2 and 11.

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7- Basically look like caps, IMO.

12- Beth looks like she's out of Toy Story. She looks so 3D animated. And the writing bugs me. Too loopy.

Are we allowed to use the av's before this is over? Because I shotgun the Zoe's a psycho one. :P

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#1 - The first avatar seems a little dark around the wave. I would've like to have seen a more blue wave. The middle avatar is just too pink for me. The characters seem washed out by the colouring of the picture. There was also a brush used that goes up the side maybe that almost covers Ric & Cassie. The third however I really liked, the picture was nice and the colouring gave it a nice effect.

#5 - Loved the first one. Beautiful way to capture a wave. Its lovely. However the second avatar just seems way to burnt out. The boader brush is too overpowering as is the colouring. The picture captured is cropped very nicely in the third however I feel as though the text brush could have been placed in a different position to give the avatar a nicer finish.

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