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Mon 14 Aug 06 - " Death Stare City "

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " Death Stare City "

(Screened in Australia on Mon 14 Aug 06 - Episode # 4251)

Note –Due to various circumstances, this guide is less detailed than usual.

Throughout the ep, Luke was wary of how close Tilly & Dean are (and I mean that they are close in a friendly way).

Tilly & Dean both confront Luke about how he won’t give dean the time of day – and Luke also seems to be death staring Luke at every given opportunity.

Dean eventually decodes t bail back to the retreat – because of Luke’s obvious anxieties.

Speaking of the retreat, tilly contact Mel – and assed on the info (to the likes of Beth) that Vanessa is being transferred to another place, one that will given her that even more help she needs that the retreat can’t provide.

The manhunt for Mumma Rose begins – which roadblocks etc set up. Jack isn’t that keen on Robbie going with him an Lara to the cabin, but jack isn’t keen to fight that much - so Robbie goes with.

Meanwhile, Martha is crying out for help, and Tash is taken into another secluded house, and placed (still in chain ion its enclosed back patio).

Tash hears Mumma rose talking to her henchmen in the next room, which we get glimpses off – the room appears to have the making of a nursery – crib, teddy bears etc.

Jack & co can’t find any cluse at cabin – but jack insist to Robbie that forensics may have better luck.

Meanwhile, Martha sees a small V shaped piece of metal on floor of caravan, uses her feet to pick it up, she’s is able 6o pick the lock the bind her chains.

Martha runs out of the van into the bushes – and she is fortuitous enough to catch up with jack & co as they drive on the bush track that is taking them away form the cabin back to the station.

Irene & others, incl Alf, are talk in diner – when Irene gates a call. Form her reaction; it’s obviously the news about Martha’s escape.

Irene & co rush to the police station, where Robbie is get more & more frustrated.

Elsewhere, Mumma rose send her henchman away to get something at another place. As henchman drives off, Mumma rose suggest to Tash that no one can hear her screams – and then we see a great shot of just how isolated this place looks.

At the station, Lara gets a phone call about some way loud disturbing noises form a farm house.

When she & jack investigate, all they find is a rather loud TV – with a horror movie on, and jack thinks that this is the work of swatters (given the horror movie screaming, the scene was done well, as you could well and truly imagine that those were Tasha’s screams).

As jack & co exit the property they give way to a passing vehicle – that is driven by Mumma raised henchmen.

When he returns to the house that Mumma rose & Tash are in, Mumma rose is pleased when he hands her their plan B. she then approach Tash with a drink – but Tash is way sceptical, and knocks it to the floor.

At the station, Robbie is feeling losing it – he blames Martha for not doing more. The police that get a list of what was stolen for the pharmacy recently. It was a drug used to induce labour !!!!

Back at the farm house, Mumma rose tells Tash that they are going to do things that hard way – with a injection, but the petrified Tash tells Mumma rose that, if she is induced, both Tash & the bub will most likely DIE !!!! (end of ep)


Jack & Co race to save Tash – but there’s a BIG sting in this story’s tail

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Beth’s white button up shirt/aqua necklace combo

SILVER – Mumma Rose’s full-length red skirt

BRONZE – Irene’s maroon indigenous motifed cross over top

HONOURABLE MENTION – Tilly’s orange top

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