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Brad Armstrong

Guest Lauz

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Im liking him so far. HAHA i loved how when Sally opened the door the first thing she saw was his backside.

When did this happen?

I seem to have missed something, and the thing about the washing lady.

Edit: I've just realised I did miss a bit of the episode :P

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I think they actually look alike. They did a good job in matching them.

I agree completely with that! They did an excellent casting job in terms of appearance. I'm really liking Brad. I love the bond between him and Rachel and I think that it will continue to grow stronger in the next couple of weeks. I'm looking forward to more future storylines involving both of them. As for the Sally/Brad issue, I would really like to see them get together, but not for a few months. I think that they should just just concentrate on their friendship at this stage.

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