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You Can Run, But You Can Not Hide

Guest Martha_Jack

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Martha and Jack have been going out for 4 months.

Chapter 1

Martha woke up and looked at Jack whilst he slept. Just then Jack woke up, he saw Martha watching him and he smiled.

“Having fun?” smiled Jack.

“No. You? Why would it be fun looking at an ugly guy?” Martha started to laugh.

“Ha I am not that bad.” said Jack.

“Okay you do look hot.” Martha kissed Jack.

“Well thanks. You look good yourself.” Jack pulled her into a passionate kiss but was interrupted by a knock at his door. Jack stopped kissing Martha.

“What?” yelled Jack.

“Jack I need to talk to you about something, can you come out?” Lucas said.

“Okay, I'll be there in a minute.” Jack looked at Martha. “Sorry.” They both got out of bed, got dress, opened the door and they walked out together.

“Bye see you later.” Martha kissed Jack.

“Bye.” Jack turned to Lucas, “What do you want to talk about?” said Jack as he sat down next to him.

“Sorry I did not know Martha was with you. It is about this girl that I like...”

Lucas talked to Jack about it for an hour.


Martha went over to see Tasha and Robbie.

Martha knocked on the door.

“Knock, knock”

Tasha was sitting there when she heard someone at the door. She walked over to the door and opened it.

“Hey Martha, come in.” said Tasha with a smile.

“Hey, I wanted to know if you and Robbie wanted to come to the Diner with Jack and me tonight?” said Martha.

“Sounds like fun, sure we will be there.” said Tasha.

“Thanks, got to go. See you tonight at 6 pm” said Martha as she walked out.


At the Diner Martha was sitting with Tasha and Robbie at a table waiting for Jack.

“So once Jack gets here do you want to go to Noah’s bar and have some fun?” said Martha.

“Okay. I have not been out for a long time, what do you think?” said Tasha to Robbie.

“Yep, I know it has been like a month without fun, so it will be lots of fun.” said Robbie.

Martha’s phone rang. “Hey”

“Hey baby. Sorry I can not make it tonight as we are working on a big case.” said Jack.

“What? No! You said that you were going to be here because you have been working on that case all week. Today was the first time we have seen each other in what seems like ages and then your brother had to interrupt us. Fine! I will have fun without you.” and then she turned her phone off.

After Martha had finished on the phone Tasha looked at her. “Are you okay?”

“Yep. Jack can not come so we will have to have fun without him. Ready to go?” said Martha.

She put a smile on her face but on the inside she was really mad at Jack for not coming.

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