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Tues 8 Aug 06 - Walking In Tilly’s, Kane’s OR Selina’s Shoes

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

" Walking In Tilly’s, Kane’s OR Selina’s Shoes "

(Screened in Australia on Tues 8 Aug 06 - Episode # 4242)

Note –Due to various circumstances, this guide is less detailed than usual.

Tash runs into the cabin and grabs that phone =- but sees that wires are cut.

Mumma rose confronts Tash at door – but Tash is able to get past her. Tash then runs as fats as she can into the bushland (often hold her stomach with one, or both, hands.

As Tash hides in the bush, Martha returns to the cabin. She looks for Tash – but isn’t stressed that she not find.

Soon after, Tash returns to cabin – and tells Martha about Mumma rose. They decide ro try to go to the Ute and escape, but when Martha tries to start the car, it doesn’t.

When she tries to open the bonnet and fix, Mumma rose captures Tash.

Later, Tash &, Martha are chained in a caravan – which is hooked out to a Ute (not Martha’s).

Tash is really stressing – but Martha, like jack when Robbie & co were LOST, is able to calm Tash.

Martha then makes a concerted attempt to break free – as her chains are attached to a drawer handle. Martha breaks the handle form the drawer – just as Mumma rose enters.

Later, Mumma raised returns to the van – she suggests marttha and partic Tash should eat that food she gives them. Mumma rose says that she is look fwd to begin a new life with her new family (Tash & bub)

Drew is pleased that Dan believes that he isn’t the pyro. Dan wonders if drew has enemies – which leads drew tho confront rich at Noah’s.

Belle breaks them up – and assures drew that this (set up drew) isn’t ric;’s style.

When drew bails, belle tells rich what she told drew. Belle is pleased that ric cares for her – but ric says that that was never the issue.

When ric walks away, belle quietly smiles to herself.

When drew talks to Dan, Dan thinks that this farming might be someone whop has a grudge against peter.

Ric is in the gym when a frantic belle enters – she says that she has been mugged – whoever it was took her I-pod.

Ric is way concerned – which belle loves, and when they rtn to belle’ [places, belle insists that she doesn’t want to worry Amanda etc by telling them what happen.

Belle is (quietly) wonderfully happy when ric says that she can call on him any time.

Soon after, Irene arrives - and Belle is wearing I-pod btw. Irene is flustered when belle says that she not wok at diner anymore -= as gets allowance form Amanda. Belle adds that they will see each other “around”.

Irene enters the diner – and tells Leah of her belle frustration.

On the back patio at Leah place, drew talks to Dan – he is worried, despite being a troublesome person over the years, that he might go to jail form a crime he didn’t commit. Dan tries to console him.

Ric is talk to Irene is the diner =- and he mentions that bell has mugged. When he mentions the I-pod was stolen, Irene tells him that belle has seen belle with I=pod not long ago.

Belle (look like she just been swimming) answers the phone – it’s ric, and he is on the warpath.

Mid conversation, a bee stings belle (she seem to be a magnet – after snake bite whilst LOST). Ric doesn’t believe belle – thinks its just another act.

When ric hang up phone, belle gasps for air (end of ep)


What’s Emily’s secret?

Who gets married?

The battle to save belle …. AND

Who does drew kiss (look like belle to me) ?

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Irene’s pink t shirt/red button up shirt

SILVER – Belle’s mostly red bikini top/red skirt (or towel) combo

BRONZE – Belle’s sheepskin sleeveless jacket

HONOURABLE MENTIONS – Mumma Rose’s black (with floral motif at the bottom) dress – that I thought, in previous ep, was a top; Drew’s maroon polo shirt

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