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12 things about Isabel Lucas

Guest Stuart2006

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*All credit is thanks to Soaplife Issue 125 Page 42*

1. The home and away actress has an on-off relationship with co-star Chris Hemsworth(Kim)-And the word is they're on again!

2.In 2004 she won a logie award (austrailian BAFTA) as the year's most popular new talent. I feel very blessed,fortunate,overwelmed and greatful to so many people as i see it as a team effort.

3. Isabel is an ambassador for world vision,Helping to raise awareness for children in developing countries. She alsosponsors a 10-year-old Zambian girl.

4. She was spotted in north queensland by a Sydney theatrial agent and auditioned for the role of Kit Hunter before Tasha Andrews was created just for her. I met my agent under a mango tree! Isabel laughs.

5. When she joined Home and away her co-stars made her feel at home. They showedme around sidney so that helped me settle in.

6. The young actress is a fan of London. I went to notting hill and the beautiful Hyde Park and also Brighton too.

7. Her favorite films are .....Amelle and the man from Snowy River. My favourite stars are Cate Blanchett,Audrey Tautou and Scarlett Johansson.

8.Isabel has a favourite Home and away co-star- I enjoy working with Lyn Collingwood who plays colleen..she's really funny.

9.She's a keen music fan. I like a whole variety of music-Jack johnson,Tracey Chapman,India.Arie,Ben Harper and Lauryn Hill.

10. Isabel won't be popping up in Bigbrother any time soon ... I always talk about the idea with friends but i like to have my privacy and sometimes i feel overexposed with this job as it is.

11.But we could see her turning up in albert street,Trying to shake up life in walford. I would really like to appear in eastenders.She stays.

12.Bilingual isabel is fluent in swiss. I chose to learn it becuase my mums from switserland and she spoke to me in swiss when i was a child.

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