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Last Icon Maker Standing

Guest sevenpuddings

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Last Icon Maker Standing


- Icons submitted must follow the BttB rules concerning icons. They can be found here.

- Entries will be anonymous, and hosted at a separate photobucket account.

- Entries must be submitted by the subscribed date (which I will attempt to make suitable for everyone.)

- Each round you will vote off the icon you like LEAST, until we reach the Last Icon Maker Standing.

- When voting, reasons for disliking an icon cannot involve disliking the character/s or couple/s. We are judging the icon NOT the characters.

- Entries are to be PM’d to the host of each Challenge.

- Discussion about your entries, or using your entries anywhere else will result in disqualification.

- Brushes, textures and gradients are all allowed to be used unless specified in the challenge.

- Have fun, take constructive criticism in your stride and remember that we can always improve.


Should the winner of eachLIMS wish to host the next one they will be more than welcome to. If they don’t however, second place is allowed to host it. And so on and so fourth.

Any questions/problems please don’t hesitate to ask in the thread or PM me. Enjoy the contest :)

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