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From Girlfriend

Whats the typical Day for you?

1. Get up and rush to the set. I am usually running late!

2.Arrive, eat brekky and learn script

4. Drive home, put on heavy metal music and eat again

What would be your ideal day?

1. Sleep as long as possible

2. Eat until i feel sick

3. Enjoy some quality time with the couch!

Whats the best lesson you have learnt from home and away?

Your parents are older than you so they are usually smarter.

How would you go about showing someone you that your totally into them?

Cook them dinner, kick out my flatmate and then probably tell the girl I like her!

Whats it like sharing a place with Chris?

He is so organised. I'm sort of the sloppy housemate, but when he tells me to clean up, I do!

Were you nervous about singiong on live television?

My singing needs a lot of tweaking but I have always thought of my self as quite musical. It takes two had been great to further my singing.

Enjoy :)

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