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It takes a gentleman

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It takes a gentleman

The Courier-Mail

2 August 2006

MARK Furze needed more than a show tune to save him from being the final contestant axed from It Takes Two on Sunday night.

The Home and Away star and his professional partner Rachael Beck performed Beauty and the Beast and Can't Take My Eyes Of You and received a total score of 64 from the judges.

Ryan and Sebastian finished lower on the ranking, with a score of 61 after their two performances, but the viewer vote saved the swimmer and sent her to the grand final.

"I am so glad I took this on, I have learnt more in the last nine weeks that I have in my entire life," Furze said after the show.

"In Rachael I have a friend for life. She has taught me so much and being able to sing with Rach every week has just been a pleasure."

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