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Heartbreak High!

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So I was just thinking about Australian tv in general the other day, and was recalling how much I adored "Heart Break High" back in the day...yes it was a bit OTT at times but I loved the raw, chaotic nature of it, it was my pre-teen favourite show.

So does anybody know if it is at all available on DVD, VHS.....or if there are any eps floating about on the internet so I can revive my love for the show???

I am in such a nostalgic mood at the moment......any assistance in this matter would be greatly appreciated!

Cheers x

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Unfortunately I never even saw this show. Would love to though to see people like Ada Nicodemou and Danny Raco in their early career. I wish they would show repeats of shows like this, but repeats of old Aussie shows never seem to turn up on UK tv channels :(

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I just checked TJ Ramini's (the guy who plays Zain) imdb profile for you Izzy H, and it doens't seem as though he did ever appear in HBH, although he did move to OZ at age 19. Perhaps he had just a walk-on part and that is why he isn't credited??

Incedentially, he is from the same neck of North London as yours truly. Funny coincidence, i've never even heard of the guy!

Hmm, terrible shame that it isn't available on DVD-I'm sure there is demand for it. Checked the net a bit, couldn't find nowt, however I am not too good at locating that sort of thing.

Shame, as I am really missing it now! :(

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As I am quite bored, I thought I'd make a list of all the actors who have appeared in both Heartbreak High and Home and Away. Pointless, I know, but isnt everything? And it's funny because it is a long list:

Ada Nicodemou (Leah). Played Katerina in HBH

Danny Raco(Alex). Played Marc in HBH

Salvatore Coco(One of the Poulos brothers)???? (I think). Played Con in HBH

Nicholas Bishop (Peter). Played Louie in HBH

Ivar Kants (Barry). Played Mr Bordino in HBH

Andrew McFarlane (Ian Osbourne-Tasha's dad). Played Jeff Scheppers in HBH

Lara Cox (Bianca). Played Anita in HBH

John Gregg. (Rachel's dad). Played Mr Carson in HBH

Putu Winchester (Pongo, Sam's surfing mate). Played Dennis in HBH

Luke Jacobz (Uncredited extra). Played Zac in HBH

Simon Baker (James Healey) Played Mr Summers on HBH

Andrea Moor (A doctor who dealt with Flynn's malpractice case). Played Di Barnett on HBH

Australia is a small world isn't it? Feel free to add any I have forgotten.

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