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Jodi acting up and far from home

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Acting up far from home

August 01, 2006 12:00

Article from: The Daily Telegraph


SHE took home a Logie for her work on Home and Away earlier this year but after an award-winning performance at a Sydney nightclub at the weekend, Jodi Gordon was having trouble remembering just where home was.

After a long night in which one witness said lipstick was scrawled on a mirror, a painting pulled from a wall and Gordon was sick in the ladies toilets, the soap star apparently had trouble remembering her address when finally put in a taxi about 4.30am on Saturday morning.

"She was violently ill and shaking a lot -- it was pretty grim," a patron at the Darlinghurst nightclub said yesterday.

"I wiped all the sick from her face and she hardly noticed -- she was totally out of it."

Gordon was one of the runway stars of the Red Cross fashion extravaganza Red Rocks on Friday night and was still dressed in her catwalk sass&bide outfit at the after party when the incident occurred.

"I was just at the bar and some guy was hassling her about Home and Away and I sort of helped her out.

"She asked me to buy her a champagne and I found her in the toilets. It was a total mess."

"There was a big painting covering the basin and and another painting was taken off the wall and [was] on the floor and there was red lipstick scribbled everywhere.

"After I fixed her up I suggested she go home but she flatly refused."

Gordon eventually left the Oxford St club at 4.30am where witnesses said she yelled "Where's the party?" out the window.

A Channel 7 spokeswoman said she knew her address but was confused about the name of the hotel where she had earlier left her belongings.

Following several different explanations, the network would last night only confirm she had been at the club.

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Following several different explantions, the network would last night only confirm she had been at the club.

Ha Ha - they gave up trying to defend her.

She must have been paralytic. What was she drinking?

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Jodi's young she's allowed to go out and enjoy herself like everyone else. I hate when the media make soapies out to be drunken hellraisers....its just the same as what everyone else in their twenties is doing. I know I am!!

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