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Story Title: Repercussions

Type of Story: Short/Medium Fic

Genre: Romance/Drama

Main Characters: Jack, Martha, Tasha and Robbie.

Spoilers: Beginning of August Spoilers

BTTB Rating: G

Summary: Re-write of Mumma Rose Returns storyline. Mumma Rose abducts the girls and the truth comes out about Jack and Tasha. Can Jack save them in time, and can he save his relationship?

Well, I got angry with the latest J&M stuff, so... I decided to write a fic about it! :D IT always helps sooth the mind.. lol. I am going on holiday later today, but I really wanted to get the fic out the way before it really takes a swing in the australian eps, so, I'm going to be posting the chapters over the next two weeks. DOn't worry, I've already wrote the fic, so all that is needed to be done is copy/paste.

Martha's out of hospital, and Jack and Tasha's feeligns are still mixed up. I'm sure y'all will understand as you get reading the fic. :)

I know this is a J&M and T&R fic, but, me being me has rambled quite alot about J&M. :P So, I guess it's mainly them, but, Tasha crops up quite a bit too. :P

The fic has.. *counts* 7 long chapters. Please comment!

Chapter 1

Jack reached down, searching for the sheets. His eyes still remained shut as his hands scanned around the bottom of the bed. Eventually, after a failed attempt of recovering the sheets, Jack opened his eyes and brought his head up in order to look down towards the covers. Jack gave out a light chuckle. The white bed sheets were entwined around Martha’s body, only leaving a small section to spare. Jack rolled over to his side, still gazing at Martha sleeping calmly beside him. Little things like this were the things Jack thought he’d never see again. For 3 whole weeks he was supplied with bed sheets. They were all his, no one could steal them away. However, he’d find himself awake in the morning with no covers laid on his body, just in a lump beside him as he hugged them tight. He’d feel the cool, soft material, dreaming of Martha’s skin, and as he’d hug it tightly, he’d picture Martha’s smile. An uncontrollable grin crept out from the corner of his mouth, rapidly affecting the rest of his face. He moved closer towards her sleeping body, and placed a warm arm over the top. Slipping his body closer he held her tightly, moving his head to rest beside her neck. ‘I can’t believe I doubted she was alive. I can’t believe I was ready to accept that she’d gone. I can’t believe…’ Jack’s eyes slammed shut with anger, trying to prevent the sentence from continuing in his brain. ‘I can’t believe I fell for her friend.’ He finished reluctantly.

“Can’t sleep too huh?” Martha giggled. Jack eye’s shot open in astonishment.

“I didn’t know you were awake.” He admitted.

“Well, I was actually getting off to sleep, but then you put your arm around me…” Martha said.

“Oh, sorry.” Jack apologized, bringing his arm away. Martha’s hand came crashing down to Jack’s, and she held it tightly.

“No, I loved it.” She smiled. “Well I did at first. You were obviously thinking of something bad because your grip got really tight.” She giggled, firmly pulling Jack’s hand further towards her. “So, what were you thinking about?” Martha asked inquisitively.

“Oh, um, nothing important. Just stuff.” Jack lied. Luckily for him, Martha couldn’t see his face.

“Stuff like.. Tasha and Robbie?” Martha asked, now turning over. Jack stopped at the name. Tasha. Why did he feel this way? Why did he have to spend so much time with her? She was Martha’s best friend, and Robbie was his. He was betraying her on so many levels. “I can’t believe they’ve split up.” Martha continued. “I mean, they were perfect! I didn’t see it coming. There isn’t really a reason, they just… ended it. Something about growing apart… but how can they grow apart in 3 weeks?” Martha shot up from the bed. “Do you think she’s met someone else?” Martha asked, shocked. “Robbie couldn’t have met anyone during their 3 weeks apart, unless he now has increasing feelings for Kim…” Martha chuckled. “Jack?” She said, nudging him.

“Oh…what…sorry.” Jack apologized, snapping out of his daydream. “Why do you think Tasha has feelings for someone else? Has she said anything?” Jack asked, worriedly.

“Nope. I don’t know what’s gone off, I’m just trying to think of what could have caused their break up.” She admitted. Jack sighed in relief, pulling her down.

“Stop being nosey.” He chuckled, “I’m sure whatever reason they have is valid, let’s just not interfere, hey?” Jack suggested.

“But… nosey is what I do best.” She grinned. “For you, I’ll stay out of it.” She agreed, shifting closer towards him.

“Good.” He smiled, rolling over and lying on his back.

“I love you.” She whispered, placing her head on his chest. Jack smiled as he brought his hand down onto her head, and gently fiddled with her hair.

“I love you too.” He smiled. “And I always will, no matter what happens.”


“What’s going off?” Jack asked groggily, walking into the lounge. After drifting back to sleep Martha had left Jack, and started to clean the house.

“Well, it’s a tip and I’d rather people not think we’re not going to be one of them lazy, scruffy young couples.” Martha said, lifting up the lamp so she could dust underneath. “Oh,” She exclaimed throwing the duster onto the kitchen table, “can you help me shift the sofa?” She asked. Jack looked confused.


“So I can hoover underneath. Duh.” She mocked.

“…who’s going to see underneath the sofa?” He laughed. Martha just shook her head and moved towards the other end of the settee.

“Are you going to shift it, or do I need to get a real man’s help?” She laughed. Jack gasped.

“That’s not the right way to act if you want help.” He said, walking off.

“Okay, okay!! I’m sorry.” She apologized, running over towards him. “Please, before people come?” She begged, resting her head on his chest as she gazed up. Jack smiled.

“I guess, seeing as though my wife is a weakling…” He teased. Martha hit him playfully.


Martha hoovered the last inch of the lounge and collapsed on the sofa.

“Nice work.” Jack smiled, walking in fully dressed.

“Thanks.” Martha said standing up. “It’s great, isn’t it?” She said proudly, admiring the room. Jack laughed, pretending to knock over a stack of magazines.

“You dare.” She warned, her arms crossed. He smiled cheekily.

“Are you expecting anyone?” He asked, moving away from the magazines and studying the immaculate house.

“Yea, Robbie.” Martha answered, leaning closer and wrapping her arms around Jack’s neck. “Is that a problem?” She asked, replying to his shocked reaction.

“Um… no. Not at all.” Jack lied. Inside, he was freaking out. Why would Robbie come? Why would he risk bumping into Jack, the man he hated the most? What was he going to do? A rush of worry flew through Jack’s body, but there was nothing he could do about the situation, it was too late. Robbie had just walked in.

Robbie looked at Jack, hatred present in his burning eyes. Jack’s eyes shot straight down, shame spread across his face. He felt so guilty whenever he saw Robbie; it reminded him of what he’d done to his best friend. Tasha and Robbie had split up because of Jack. He knew how much Robbie loved Tasha and could only assume what pain and hurt he had been inflicted with when he found out about Tasha and himself. Unfortunately for Tasha and Jack, Robbie had figured out what was going on, and when he questioned Tasha she couldn’t lie. It had been a couple of days since he found out, and Jack hadn’t seen him since. Jack could remember vividly those two days ago when Robbie stormed into the police station, shouting and threatening his “lying, betraying face.” All Jack could do was shove him into an interview room and try and calm him down. Jack’s bust lip and about 10 threats later, Robbie left the station, fuming. Jack had begged Robbie not to tell Martha, but Robbie had never given an answer. Jack had just hoped that if Robbie was going to tell Martha, he’d leave it a week or so, giving Jack plenty of time to get his head around the situation and really seek out what was going on in his heart. He’d actually calmed down this morning, he had just foolishly assumed that Robbie wasn’t going to tell Martha. How ridiculously stupid.

“What was the rush then? Why’d you need to see me?” Martha asked, letting go of Jack. Jack however didn’t let go. He held firmly onto her hand. “Awww,” Martha giggled, “Isn’t he cute?” She laughed, stepping back into his warm arms. Jack looked over at Robbie, pleading with his eyes for just one more day. Robbie glared back; his fierce, piercing eyes were overwhelming. He wasn’t going anywhere.

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Right, well as you know (if you read what I said before in a previous post as jackandmartha!!!) (Scroll up/Look back!) this isn't actually Nicole but jackandmartha!!!. Here's Chapter 2, hope you guys enjoy it! Please review, so that Nicole can read all your comments when she gets back! :)

Chapter 2

“I need to talk to you.” Robbie said, putting his hands in his pockets.

“Oh, sounds serious. Are you going to get all proper and normal on us Rob-man?” She laughed. Her laugh faded as she noticed the tension in the room. “What’s up?” She asked, slowly letting go of Jack and walking towards Robbie. “Is it to do with your break up with Tash?” Martha asked, putting a comforting arm around Robbie. He looked up at Jack, as if to say ‘good guess.’ Jack gulped. ‘This is it.’ He thought, his heart thumping from his chest.

“Yes, Martha I think you best sit down.” Robbie instructed, indicating to the sofa. Martha looked bemused.

“What? Why? Okay, now you’re scaring me.” Martha exclaimed.

“Please, just sit.” Robbie repeated. Martha reluctantly perched herself on the edge of the sofa. “Jack’s okay being here, isn’t he?” Martha asked. Robbie looked up towards him. Jack stood rigid near the kitchen, watching on as Martha slowly came closer to hearing the truth. He was trying to etch images of her loving face into the back of his mind, as he knew that, any moment now, the only looks he’d be getting from her would be ones of hatred and hurt.

“Yea, he can stay.” Robbie said calmly. Martha smiled, indicating for Jack to sit next to her. Slowly, Jack walked over and placed himself beside her. She placed her hand on his knee.

“You okay?” She asked. “You don’t look too good.” She commented.

“You know what, I'm not. I’d actually like a walk along the beach. I think a bit of fresh air would help. Maybe we can catch up with you later Rob?” Jack suggested, using Martha’s hand to lift her up from the sofa.

“Hang on Jack, Robbie wants to tell us something first. What’s the matter with you?” Martha asked, confused. “Why are you acting so weird?”

“I’m not acting weird.” Jack lied, collapsing on the sofa beside her. Martha sighed as she turned back around to Robbie.

“Sorry, what were you saying?” She asked. Robbie took a deep breath, preparing to hurt his friend. He knew that Martha would fall to pieces at what he was about to say, but he also knew that it would be much worse if she was kept in the dark about the whole situation, and then found out in a similar way that he did. Jack closed his eyes, waiting for Robbie to tell her. His hands were now saturated with the sweat that had been nervously excreted from his skin, and he was beginning to feel sick. A couple of seconds and the body that was sat beside him would most probably be at the other side of the room, or knowing Martha, attacking him.

“Tash-” Just at that moment, Tasha came swinging in through the door. The room froze. Tasha instantly recognized the tension in the room, and looked towards Jack, searching for an answer. It was obvious by Jack’s expression that something bad was going on, and it wasn’t hard to guess what.

“Hi.” Tasha said, nervously.

“Hey.” Martha replied. The room fell silent. Martha could only assume that it was because of the bad feelings between Tasha and Robbie. “Why don’t you and Tasha go out and get me some chocolate? I’ve ran out.” Martha suggested to Jack.

“What? Why?” Jack asked quickly.

“…because I’ve ran out.” Martha said smartly.

“Well, why don’t Robbie and Tasha go.” Jack suggested. Martha looked up at him, displaying “Duh” across her face. She grabbed his hand and pulled him upwards, leading him to their bedroom.

“Won’t be a minute guys, make yourselves at home. I just want to show Jack something.” Martha lied, rushing him to the bedroom. Jack managed to share a quick glance with Tasha before being caught out by Robbie’s glare.


“What’s going on?” Martha demanded.

“Nothing.” Jack lied, pushing his hands into his pockets.

“Okay then, you can go to the shops with Tasha whilst me and Robbie talk.” Martha finished, walking off back into the lounge. It’s not like Jack didn’t want to go to the shops with Tasha, inside he really wanted to spend some good quality time with her, but he also didn’t want Martha finding out about them.

“But…” Jack began, following her into the lounge.

“But what?” Martha snapped. Jack looked at Robbie.

“Nothing.” He sighed, defeated. He slowly walked towards the door, his head heavily hanging downwards. He turned around, giving Martha a last look. He watched as she walked towards Robbie, and perched on the coffee table opposite him. She was so caring and so friendly. Martha looked up at Jack and gave a last smile, before her eyes fell back into Robbie’s. She rubbed Robbie’s knee, urging him to tell her. Jack couldn’t stand it anymore; he had to get out of there.


“I have no idea what’s up with Jack. He was acting strange, wasn’t he?” Martha asked. Robbie nodded.

“Yea, he was.” Robbie agreed.

“He’s been acting strange a lot at the moment actually.” Martha admitted. “He’s not his usual self.” She said. “I mean, when I was in hospital, he was really happy. But, now I’m out of hospital… I don’t know. He always seems so…distracted. I guess it’s weird for him, but it’s weird for me too! I was stuck in the bush for god sake!” Martha exclaimed. Robbie simply looked up to her; he didn’t know what to say. All he knew was with every word she spoke she was assuring him that he was doing the right thing. Robbie thought hard; he didn’t know how to begin! How would you tell your best friend their husband has feelings for someone else? It wasn’t the best conversation starter. Martha looked at Robbie’s puzzled face, and shook her head gently. “I’m being a cow!” Martha laughed. “I don’t mean to moan, he just confuses me that’s all! I know he loves me, and hell, I love him too. It’s never going to be completely normal between us; we live in Summer Bay after all! But all I know is I’d rather have a weird acting Jack, than no Jack at all.” Martha finished, smiling to herself. Robbie was speechless, how could one simple sentence change the dialogue for the remainder of his visit? He was so determined a few seconds ago that he would tell Martha the truth, but now, he wasn’t sure. ‘Martha should know the truth, but I know it’ll break her heart.’ Robbie’s head was spinning, unsure of what to do. “So, what did you want to talk about?” Martha said, interrupting his thoughts. Robbie took a deep breath in, snatching the last remaining seconds to make his decision.


“What are we going to do?” Tasha whined. “Martha’s going to hate me! I didn’t want to hurt her, or Rob. I didn’t want any of this to happen.” She cried.

“My marriage is over, isn’t it?” Jack mumbled quietly, looking at his sand filledhands. He gradually pulled them apart , forming a small gap in between. He watched as the sand fell through it, creating a small pile beneath. Tasha watched on with teary eyes. She hated to see Jack like this, even if it was about another woman. She put her arm around him, and leant on his shoulder.

“I’ll get you through it.” She snivelled. Jack’s head rested upon hers, relaxing his nervous body.

Jack and Tasha slowly walked from the beach, side by side. Normally, they’d be awkwardly smiling at one another, trying to deny their feelings, however on the account that they both knew each other’s feelings, and that their relationships with their spouses were doomed, they were acting very differently. There was pure silence, neither of them feeling any urge to speak to the other. They couldn’t get their beloved partners out of their head. Or ex-partners, should I say. Tasha finally decided to break the tension when they reached Jack’s road.

“Watch out for Martha, I wouldn’t be too surprised if she tries to hit you.” Tasha said jokingly. Jack chuckled.

“What, like Robbie?”

“I know! I’m was so surprised about that! Robbie wouldn’t normally hurt a fly. It’s only when he’s upset…” Tasha trailed off, thinking her own thoughts. Jack couldn’t bring himself to comfort her; he couldn’t offer any help at the moment.

“I don’t care if she hits me. I’d prefer her to give me a black eye than her crying. But she will be. Probably now, she’ll be sat in tears, hating my guts.” Jack said quietly, feeling sorry for himself. Another moment of silence crept amongst them as they walked up the drive.

“This is it.” Tasha mumbled under her breath. Jack held onto the handle, taking a deep breath before he even thought about applying force. “What’s that?” Tasha asked quickly. Jack stood silent, listening to the silence.

“I can’t hear-” He began, but was interrupted by yelling. Martha’s yelling to be exact.

“I’ll kill him!! Never mind you, I’ll actually strangle the mongrel!! And as for that tart, so called friend!” Martha screamed from within the house. Tasha and Jack looked at each other, both taking a scared gulp.


“I’m so sorry!” Jack exclaimed, running through the door.

“Me too Mac. Please, forgive us!” She pleaded, following Jack. Martha stood still and silent, looking confused.

“Wh-” She began, but Jack interrupted her.

“Just please, remember I love you!” Jack cried, he could feel the tears building up in his eyes. He was completely petrified of Martha leaving him; he wouldn’t know what he’d do if she went. Sure, he had Tasha, but they had yet to decide what was going to go on there.

“We’re really sorry Mac…” Tasha began to add, but noticed Robbie’s face.

“N-o!” He was mouthing out, “Shhh!” He continued, putting his fingers to his lips. Tasha looked up at Martha, taking in her confused appearance. ‘Oh’ Tasha realised.

“We’re really sorry Mac… we got the cheap chocolate.” Tasha finished, praying she’d understood Robbie properly. Robbie sighed, relieved that Tasha had clicked on. Both of them couldn’t help but smile, they could always understand one another, even without the ability to make a sound. Robbie gazed at Tasha, her beautiful features shone from that elegant body. No matter how much hurt he had received from her and Jack, he couldn’t help but fall in love with her every time he laid eyes on her. Tasha’s eyes twinkled at the sight of Robbie looking at her. Her heart was thumping and her stomach grew butterflies, it had been the first time since their break up that he was looking at her in such a loving way. She could see in his eyes that at this moment in time he wasn’t thinking of how much she’d betrayed him, he was thinking of good times and happy thoughts. Unfortunately, Robbie snapped out of his daydream and looked away, cursing himself for reminiscing about his love for Tasha.

“What?” Jack spun around to Tasha, confusion displayed on his face. Tasha looked towards Jack, disappointed at Robbie’s latest rejection.

“You know…” She said, shaking the chocolate up in front of his face. Jack was still as confused. Tasha sighed in frustration, and walked over behind Martha. “He’s forgotten already!” Tasha said laughing.

“Thank god you put up with him.” Robbie added, also trying to make a joke out of the situation. Jack stood there, slowly triggering onto the situation.

“It’s a good job you’re cute.” Martha smiled, pulling him by the shirt into a kiss. Immediately, Tasha looked away and accidentally into Robbie’s eyes. Robbie shook his head, and turned away, leaving a guilty feeling Tasha. Her feelings for Jack had again managed to hurt Robbie.

“So, what were you screaming at?” Jack asked curiously, after pulling away from Martha’s kiss. For a moment Martha looked confused, and then began to laugh.

“Oh, we were watching a soap on TV.” She giggled, pointing towards the television. “You know Tina Bishop, on ‘Harold Street’?” Martha spun around, asking Tasha. She nodded eagerly, waiting to hear some gossip on her favourite show. “Well, her and Dave Gorham have started an affair!!” Martha exclaimed.

“Oh my God, really?” Tasha gasped. Martha nodded.

“Mmhmm! Well, I guess it’s not really an affair as such, but it’s just as bad. They have feelings towards one another, and are doing this stupid ass smiling thing at each other. Tina’s husband has found out, and isn’t a happy bunny!” Martha laughed. “No one’s told Dave’s wife, which is a bit mean. She’ll totally flip her lid when she finds out! I know I would! I’ll be backing her up 100%!! That’s what I was screaming about.” Martha giggled. “I can’t get over it, how flippin’ stupid is it? I’m quite angry actually, how can they do it to me? Stupid writers…” Martha mumbled. The room fell silent, and of course Martha was only left to believe it was because of Tasha and Robbie. So, she tried to keep the conversation going. “Who do you blame, I think I blame them both. I mean, Jack, I’d honestly kill you.” Martha laughed. “And, I’d kill the girl. I can’t believe Tina though; she’s her BEST friend! I mean, common, that’s got to deserve a slap and a half!” Martha joked, but there was silence. “God you’re all so boring.” Martha moaned, jokingly. “Excuse me, just nipping to the loo.” She giggled, hopping off. Robbie looked to both Jack and Tasha, giving them a knowing look as he slowly stood up. He didn’t need to say anything, it was clear that Jack and Tasha had clicked onto the painful similarity between the soap and their situation. Martha’s reaction was what rang out to both of them though.


After a long silence, with both Jack and Tasha repeating Martha’s words in their minds, Jack spoke up.

“Thanks for not telling her.” Jack said quietly. Robbie let out a light chuckle.

“I didn’t do it for you. I did it for her. You heard her response, it’ll crush her. Not that you care.” Robbie remarked.

“Of course I care, that’s why I didn’t want you to tell her.” Jack explained.

“You care alright, about you and Tasha.” Robbie said. “You’re frightened she’ll find out and be mad at you two.”

“Yea, but we care more about her being hurt!” Tasha argued.

“If you did then you wouldn’t have got feelings for her husband when she was dying, would you?” Robbie growled. Tasha stood defeated, unable to say no more. “Just face it, she’s going to find out sooner or later, and she’ll still have exactly the same response. I think it’d be better hearing it from you, but if I have to tell her, I will.” Robbie said.

“Wha..what do you mean?” Jack stuttered.

“She deserves to know Jack. And soon. If you don’t tell her, I will.” Robbie finished, walking towards the door. “Tell Martha I’ll see her soon, just say I had something to do. You can come up with a more creative lie than me, you’re getting great at lying nowadays.” Robbie spat to both of them, before leaving the house. Jack and Tasha stood in silence.

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Well, here's the next chapter! Sorry if this chapter was a long time coming but I have to pan the updates out so that the last chapter is not posted when Nicole comes back! Enjoy and please review! :)

Chapter 3

“I wish you were going.” Martha moaned, wrapping her arms around Jack’s neck.

“You know I want to, but I can’t. When you get back I’ll have this arsonist behind bars.” Jack smiled.

“That’s my boy.” Martha giggled, leaning up for a kiss. Due to the recent fire in the school Jack had to go into work earlier than expected. With the arsonist still roaming the town and Jack being one of the main officers on the case, he was not allowed to take time off work. Fortunately, Martha had a back up plan – Tasha. After a bit of persuading Tasha had agreed to take up the offer on the girly weekend, and they were leaving today.

“I’ll miss you.” Jack whispered in her ear.

“I’ll miss you too.” She smiled. “I’ll ring you everyday.”

“Can’t wait.” He laughed, squeezing her tight. “You have fun, and when you’re back and I’ve locked up the crim, we’ll go on a honeymoon.” He said.

“Really?” Martha asked excitedly. Jack smiled and nodded.

“Yes.” He said, watching Martha’s face light up.

“I love you so much.” She exclaimed. Jack gazed in her eyes before leaning down into a passionate kiss.

“Sorry…” A small mumble came from behind. Jack drew away immediately, stepping backwards.

“Tash!” He exclaimed, surprised. She forced a smile and looked down towards her feet.

“Um, I’ll give you two guys a sec.” She murmured, beginning to close the door.

“No! No! We’re fine! Just saying goodbye.” Jack protested, walking towards Tasha. “Come in.” He ordered, opening the door.

“Thanks.” She smiled, staring into his eyes. She wasn’t sure if she’d miss Jack when she was away, but she knew that she would sure think about him. She needed to think about him, that was the plan. Her and Jack had decided that time apart was just what they needed to see if they can sort out their feelings. When Tasha returned they’d come to a decision about what to do.

“Am I interrupting something?” Martha asked, trying to sound as if she was joking. She’d watched the gaze pass between them for what seemed like the last hour. She felt almost threatened as she spent her time stood watching Jack and Tasha smile towards one another, deep in trance. At first she’d felt slightly offended at how Jack had jumped off her when Tasha entered, but now she felt upset. Why were they acting so… weird? Jack and Tasha both tore away, looking at the bemused Martha.

“Ha ha….” Tasha began, stalling for an explanation. “I’m just tired, the baby was kicking all last night.” She lied, rubbing her stomach.

“Yea, and I was just trying to stare her out.” Jack also lied, moving over to Martha. ‘I was just being paranoid.’ Martha thought to herself as she slipped her arm around Jack’s waist. Jack’s eyes shot up to Tasha as Martha’s hand touched his middle, watching as she uncomfortably stared.

“Well, see you then.” Jack shot out, pecking Martha on the cheek. Martha stood there, bewildered. It wasn’t paranoia, he was acting weird.

“See you…” She said slowly, hanging her bag on her shoulder. “I love you.” She said, as if she had to tell him. Jack just smiled and again pecked her cheek.

“Have fun.” He said, painfully aware that Tasha was in the room. He couldn’t have said “I love you too” when she was stood so close, it just didn’t feel right. ‘It’s alright, Martha won’t mind. She knows I love her.’ He thought as he walked her to the door. Martha spun around once more, looking up at Jack. She was hoping for the “I love you” that she had expected, but nothing. Not even another one of his pitiful kisses on the cheek. Call her stupid, but she expected Jack to show a bit more affection, after all she wasn’t going to see him over the weekend.

“Are you okay?” He asked, looking down confused at Martha’s pleading eyes.

“Yea. Just great.” Martha sighed, walking over and sitting in the driving seat of the car.

“Well, I’ll see you on Monday. I’ll have made my mind up by then.” Tasha said, walking closely to him. Jack smiled and nodded.

“Me too,” he said, putting his hands in his pockets. They stared at one another for a moment, awkwardness creeping over.

“Well… see you then.” She smiled, breaking the silence. She opened her arms and hugged him, surprising both of them. Jack stood rigid, shocked by the sudden movement. He lifted his arms and wrapped them around Tasha, resting his head against hers.

“See you Monday. Take care.” He said.


‘What are they doing?’ Martha thought to herself, staring at them from the car. Her fingers were drumming the steering wheel and her pulse was rising. She couldn’t stop looking, she couldn’t stop watching. Why did Jack look like he was enjoying it so much? He was smiling, he was so… happy. “Martha, stop it.” She scorned herself. “Your best friend, and your husband. Neither would do anything to you.” She said, trying to convince herself. “Come on people!!” She shouted, pipping the horn.


“I best go.” Tasha said, pulling away. “You don’t think she noticed, did you?” Tasha asked, unsure. Jack gave a quick glance at the smiling Martha.

“Nah, it was only a friendly hug – wasn’t it?” Jack asked. Tasha smiled as she pulled away.

“Yea…” She sighed, walking over to the car. “Bye”

“Bye!” Jack called, waving to both girls.


“Are you okay?” Tasha asked as they pulled up outside the deserted cabin. “You’ve been quiet the whole journey.” She said.

“I’m fine.” Martha lied, yanking the hand brake sharply upwards, locking the car into place.

“You’re not mad at me are you? Have I done anything to upset you?” Tasha asked, unconvinced. Martha sighed and looked at Tasha. She was being stupid and paranoid, again. Tasha was her best friend, how could she think such awful things? She wasn’t feeling confused or angry anymore, she felt guilty.

“I’m sorry, I’m just tired.” She lied. “I really am sorry, I’ll cheer up now.” Martha said with a smile. “Come on, you put the kettle on whilst I get our suitcases inside.” Martha told Tash, opening the door and getting out. Tasha got out and went inside, not before admiring the beautiful view. However, she obviously hadn’t given the peaceful surroundings too much attention as she didn’t notice the disturbance to the left of the cabin; Mumma Rose. She was knelt behind the bushes, watching as her prey walked inside, laughing and joking.


“Wow, it’s pitch black out there.” Tasha observed, looking out the window. Martha smiled as she walked to the window.

“Yea, it is. I’ve just rang Jack telling him we arrived safe, is there anyone you’d like to ring?” Martha offered, indicating to the phone. “Mobiles don’t work around here; no signal.” Martha frowned.

“I might ring Reeney later.” Tasha said, looking down at her hands. She’d normally have rung Robbie, but she doubted that he even gave a damn. Martha put her arm on Tasha’s back, sensing what she was thinking about.

“Oh, crap.” Martha cursed, hitting the worktop. “I’ve left my drink and medication on the bonnet of the Ute. I’ll be one minute.” She sighed, grabbing the torch. Martha walked out of the door and to the other end of her porch, where her belongings sat. She picked up her flask. “Hmm, still warm.” She said, surprised. Bringing it to her lips she finished off the contents, and walked back inside.


“I don’t feel too good.” Martha said, closing her eyes as she rested her head back on the sofa. Tasha sat up straight.

“Do you want a drink? Maybe something to eat?” Tasha asked. Martha waved her hand, signalling for Tasha to be quiet.

“Don’t talk about food.” She said, covering her mouth. “I’m just going to go outside, a bit of fresh air might do the trick.” She told her, getting up with a long sigh.

“But, it’s so dark. Do you want me to come with you?” Tasha offered.

“Nah, it’s alright. I’ve got the torch and it’s pretty secluded around here anyway. I’ll be fine. I won’t be longer than 15 minutes, I promise.” Martha said, leaving the cabin. Tasha rested back down against the back of the chair, reaching for the remote underneath her. She began to flick through the TV channels when it suddenly cut out. The cabin was plunged in darkness. Tasha looked around. “Martha?” She called out. After pressing the power button on the remote a few times, she leant over to the side of her, where she knew a table should be. On this table was the cabin phone. She picked the receiver up and held it against her ear. The phone line was dead. “Urgh, power cut.” She moaned, returning the receiver. She slowly stood up and walked through the room, relying on her memory to guide her way. She bumped in to the worktop and opened each draw in turn, feeling around for a torch. “Aha” She mumbled as she fumbled with the torch, trying to turn it on. With a flick of a switch a beam of light shone from it, bouncing off objects in the room. She held it with a tight grip and turned around to guide herself to the door. It was only now that she realised how great it was to have an electrician on holiday with you. She shone the beam through the open door, expecting her ray of light to hit some fir trees about 10 metres away. However, there was a much closer target that the beam had hit; a woman. “Martha?” Tasha asked. She guided the torch up the body, searching for the face. “Oh my God!” She gasped. Mumma Rose smiled.

“Hello Tasha.” She said, before lifting the large object in her hand.


“All done.” Mumma Rose smiled, tying an extra knot on the rope. She leant down towards the unconscious Tasha and rubbed her stomach, happily dreaming of what life would be like with her new grandchild. With a few footsteps outside, Mumma Rose’s dream was paused as the realisation of Martha’s existence hit her. She quickly shuffled to the other end of the room and behind the door, submerged in the darkness.

“God Tasha, I think I’m going to faint.” Martha said as she stumbled in. “Hey, why is it so dark?” She asked, looking around as she held her head. “Tasha?” She called out. Mumma Rose emerged from behind the door, and lifted the same large object. Martha spun around quickly and saw the moonlight reflect against the threatening object, and Mumma Rose’s face.

“Oh my God!” She screamed, diving out the way. Martha jumped at her, but it was no use, her weak and feeble body was easily defeated. Martha lay on the floor, unconscious just like her best friend.

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Okey dokey, sorry about the delay guys! Good thing though is that you will get anotehr update later tonight once I've proof read chapter 5! :) Please review for when Nicole gets back!

Chapter 4

Tasha winced as she hung her head, slowly opening her eyes. The last thing she could remember was – Mumma Rose. She looked around; she was no longer in the cabin. ‘Maybe it was all a dream?’ She thought, but this idea was soon demolished as she felt the rough rope around her wrists and legs. She was sat on a chair opposite Martha.

“Good morning. Have a nice sleep?” Martha said sarcastically.

“Martha, where are we?” Tasha asked.

“In a caravan, god knows where.” Martha sighed. “Look who’s made a return though.” She said, indicating behind her shoulder. Tasha looked on behind Martha, and there were both Mumma Rose and Guy sat on the bed, both quietly scheming. “Aren’t they cute?” Martha chuckled. Tasha looked at her for a moment, confused at how she could be so calm.

“Did they not knock you out too?” Tasha asked.

“Oh yes. Mumma Rose and that large stick of hers had some fun with me too. And I got drugged.” Martha said smugly. Tasha raised her eyebrows.

“Why aren’t you freaking out like me?” She asked. Martha sighed.

“I don’t know. I guess it’s just so unrealistic for me, and totally not a big deal. I mean, over the last weeks I’ve had a bit more to deal with than a CRAZY WOMAN’S PATHETIC ABDUCTION.” Martha said, raising her voice. Mumma Rose stood up and began to walk towards Martha.

“Martha!! Look what you’ve done!!” Tasha cried. Martha just rolled her eyes and looked up beside her at Mumma Rose’s angry face.

“Hey.” Martha smiled. Mumma Rose beamed an angry look down towards her.

“I suggest you stay quiet Martha.” She said calmly. Martha smiled.

“Okie dokie, but I was wondering if I could have a diet coke? I’m parched.” Martha enquired. Mumma Rose shook her head and wandered back to Guy, clearly trying to contain her anger towards Martha.

“Please Martha, stop it! She’s getting angry.” Tasha whispered. Martha giggled.

“You’re no fun.” She said, flopping her head over to the side. Tasha fidgeted and struggled, trying to get the ropes off her. But there was no use, she wasn’t going anywhere. Martha watched Tasha frantically trying to escape. “You do realise that you’re just wasting your energy.” Martha told her.

“Wasting? I’m trying to escape! That’s not wasting anything!!” Tasha whispered angrily as she continued struggling. Martha chuckled.

“So if you do manage to get free, you think Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb over there will let you go?” Martha asked rhetorically. Tasha sighed, resting her body in defeat. Martha had a point; Guy and Mumma Rose were only over there. If she should try and escape, she should wait until they had the right opportunity. Tasha looked down towards the ground, water filling in her eyes. “Are you okay?” Martha asked. Tasha shot her a look.

“What do you think?” She spat out, a tear running down her cheek.


“Robbie, are you alright love?” Beth asked, walking into his room. Robbie nodded slowly, forcing a smile.

“Yea, I’m great.” He mumbled, slamming down his remote control. Beth sighed as she sat next to him.

“Why don’t you go out and meet Kim? I just saw him at Noah’s, he’s got a free couple of hours and he said that he hadn’t caught up with you in a while.” Beth suggested.

“I’m fine.” Robbie said, picking up the remote control.

“But you’re not, hun.” Beth said softly.

“Fine!” Robbie snapped, throwing the remote beside him and getting up, storming out of the house. Beth was left in the room, startled.


“Well look on the bright side, we had a good night’s sleep.” Martha said with a smile. Tasha looked up at her through teary eyes. She couldn’t help but give out a slight giggle at Martha’s joke. A sigh of relief came from Martha as the smile crept on Tasha’s face. ‘Thank god.’ She thought. Tasha stared at Martha’s happy eyes. They were different from before, they really did seem happy. When she was cracking jokes before and winding Mumma Rose up she had a smile across her face and did genuinely seem happy, but now Tasha knew that she hadn’t been. It had all been an act, put up to make Tasha laugh. Now that Martha had succeeded, she showed true emotion in her eyes, true happiness for the first time since Mumma Rose’s attack. Tasha smiled to herself; she should have known - it was typical of her best friend. Mumma Rose walked over towards Tasha and Martha with two plates in her hands. She rested them on both of their laps, and began to turn back around.

“It’s quite difficult to eat without hands.” Martha commented, wriggling her wrists behind her back. Mumma Rose sighed and signalled for Guy to come over.

“Fine, but don’t try anything.” She warned as herself and Guy untied the ropes around their wrists. Martha and Tasha both eagerly began dipping in their food, starving from lack of substance. It was now 4pm in the afternoon, and the last time they’d eat was the following evening. Martha looked up at Tasha, watching her rapidly approaching an empty plate.

“You’re giving Tash more, aren’t you?” Martha asked. Mumma Rose shook her head.

“That’s all we’ve got for now until tomorrow.” She told them. “We need to make it last.” Martha looked at Tasha again, scoffing down her food. She looked so hungry, but after all, she had to feed two people. Martha looked down at her own plate. “Let her have this.” Martha said. “Please?” Mumma Rose sat shocked, Martha was actually being polite towards her.

“But that means you’ll have nothing, Martha.” She pointed out. Martha shrugged.

“Well, seen as though you’ve failed to supply a pregnant woman with enough energy, then I guess I’ll have to.” Martha commented. “If you want to look after your grandchild then you’ll give her my food.” She told her. Mumma Rose looked towards Tasha. She knew Martha was right; Tasha needed a lot more food than she’d been given. She took the plate from Martha and gave it to Tasha.

“No.” Tasha declined. “Mac, you need this food too! You’ve eaten just as much as me!” Tasha argued.

“Exactly, and you’ve got two people to feed.” Martha said.

“No Mac, I’m not taking it. You need to eat!!” Tasha reasoned.

“Not as much as you do Tash. Your baby needs this, I don’t. Please, don’t make the baby suffer.” Martha said. Tasha sighed, when Martha put it like that she couldn’t say no. She knew Martha was right, she needed more food, but she hated to take it from Martha. She looked into Martha’s eyes for any chance of weakness, but Martha was firm about this, Tasha was having her food. With a sigh Tasha accepted the food and watched as Martha was tied back up again.

Every day this happened, Martha would take a couple of mouthfuls then pass her food to Tasha. Tasha would always try to argue, but it was hard to fight with three other people. Martha had managed to persuade Mumma Rose and Guy that it was very important for Tasha and that if she declined then she was putting her baby in danger, something which neither Mumma Rose or Guy were willing to let happen. For once, Martha was thankful for the crazy “chosen one” theory.


“Hello Alf.” Jack smiled, tidying up his desk.

“Hey Jack. Um, I can’t stay too long, I was just wondering how Martha was doing.” Alf said. “Has she made arrangements to stay longer or something?” He asked. Jack looked puzzled.

“I was going to ask you the same thing.” He said. “She hasn’t contacted me since she got there, I was hoping that maybe she’d just decided to ring you instead. Do you think she’s okay?” He asked worriedly. Alf chuckled.

“She should have been back three days ago, right?” Alf checked.

“Right.” Jack confirmed.

“Well, it’s only been 3 days extra. Maybe they decided to stay a whole week, you know what she’s like, she’s very ‘spur of the moment’ isn’t she?” Alf laughed. Jack nodded.

“Yea.” He smiled.

“She did take enough medication with her didn’t she?” Alf asked, Jack smiled.

“Yea, I made sure of that.” He laughed to himself, reminiscing his and Martha’s playful argument. “She’ll be alright…” Jack convinced himself, sitting back down to his desk. “I’ll ring you when she gets in contact, or when she gets back.” Jack smiled.

“Yea, I’ll tell Irene too. She’s been worried about Tasha, I told her not to worry but – women.” Alf sighed. Jack laughed.

“Yep.” He agreed. “Well, I best carry on with this, I’ve got some things to send off to the lab. Hopefully we’ll find out who is the arsonist tomorrow.” Jack smiled.

“That’s good news. Well, see you around Jack.” Alf said. Jack grabbed the box of evidence and stood up.


“Constable, we need you on a domestic case.” Jack’s sergeant said as he quickly walked through the main part of the station.

“But I need to just take these-” He began.

“Constable.” McGrath warned. Jack sighed and put the box back down, following his boss.


“We’re not going to get out of here alive, are we?” Martha muttered, staring at the floor. She had gone past the joke stage, she had gone past trying to keep a happy atmosphere – she was just too tired. Tasha looked up at her with tears in her eyes.

“Don’t say that Mac, someone will find us, it always turns out right in the end.” She said softly. Martha let out a small, pathetic laugh.

“That’s just it, all my luck must have run out. First my wedding - I came out alive. Then the helicopter crash – I survived that, just. And now this! Tasha, I’m not meant to live!” She cried.

“Yes you are! Don’t give up yet!” Tasha pleaded.

“I want Jack.” Martha mumbled as she cried. “I just want to see Jack one more time, I miss him so much…” Tasha looked on at Martha’s weak body bent over crying. The only reason why she was still sat on the chair was the rope around her wrists and feet, if she was not anchored with them then she’d be on the floor in a heap. “Tell him I love him when you see him, okay?” Martha asked. Tasha sighed.

“No, you can.” She said. Martha laughed.

“God you’re so like Robbie. You really think I’m going to see him? Tasha I’ve had 6 days with no food and no medication!” Martha pointed out.

“But you’ve done it before, in the bush you were out way longer than this!” Tasha argued.

“Yea but I wasn’t as weak as I am now. When we crashed I was in good health, but I came here on medication with strict orders to rest up. See how much stress is going on with both of us? You really think I’m going to get through this?” Martha asked. Tasha fell silent. ‘Oh God, she’s right.’ Tasha only had to look at her to see how frail her body was, how ill she looked. ‘This is my fault, I should never have accepted the food.’ Tasha thought to herself. As she looked up she saw Guy walk over with two plates in his hands, repeating the annual task for the day. Tasha looked on as Mumma Rose untied Martha’s hands and she took her few bites. Reluctantly, she signalled for the plate to be moved to Tasha with just a nod of the head. Tasha couldn’t do this, it was making Martha worse. Martha had to eat else she’d die.

“Mac, you really don’t look well. Keep it.” Tasha cried, looking at Martha slumped on the chair.

“I’m.. fine…” She lied.

“No you’re not Martha. You need to take your medication!” Tasha said.

“I know, but SHE won’t let me. You know that.” Martha said, giving Mumma Rose an evil look as she tried to sit up straight. Tasha watched on guiltily.

“I’m not taking your food. I don’t deserve it.” She began to cry. “Look at what I’ve done to you.”

“Hey, hey.” Martha soothed. “You have done nothing to me. It’s Mumma Rose! This isn’t your fault Tash. You just remember that!”

“Yes it is, if I ate my food and you ate yours, you wouldn’t be so weak.” Tasha cried.

“But you would.” Martha answered back. “Tasha, don’t beat yourself up about it, I’d be making you eat it if you said no, you know that.” Martha said smiling.

“See, I don’t deserve you. I’m a horrible, horrible friend. You’re giving your food up for me; you’re becoming all weak… for me. I don’t deserve it, not after what I’ve done.” Tasha said, her tears becoming more rapid. Martha looked at her, bemused.

“What do you mean?” She asked. Tasha steadied her breathing and looked at her unsuspecting best friend. She had to tell her, she deserved to know. She knew Martha would hate her, but she just hoped that it would mean Martha would start to eat her own food instead of being so selfless towards her.

“Me and Jack…” Tasha began. “When you were in the bush, we spent a lot of time together.” Martha’s face was turning paler and paler by the second, her ears were trying to close up as she feared what was coming next. “We’ve got feelings for each other Mac. I’m so sorry!” Tasha exclaimed. Martha sat in silence, taking it all in. “Please, talk to me Mac. Tell me what you’re thinking!!” She pleaded. Martha’s blank stare bore into Tasha’s guilty soul, she couldn’t stand it. “Please Mac!!” She begged. Martha cleared her throat.

“You want to know what I’m thinking?” Martha asked quietly. Tasha slowly nodded, snivelling. “I can’t believe I’ve been so stupid.” Martha said, turning away. “That’s why you and Rob have split up, isn’t it? He knew about this.” Martha asked.

“Yes” Tasha spoke softly. Martha nodded gently.

“No one told me. You’ve all been lying to me. YOU’VE BEEN LYING!!” She screamed.

“Martha, I’m so so sorry!!” Tasha cried hysterically. Martha shook her head.

“No, you’re not. If you were that sorry then you wouldn’t have let it happen in the first place. You and Jack wouldn’t have betrayed me.” She said quietly. She couldn’t believe it - Jack had betrayed her. He had feelings for Tasha, her best friend. How far did these feelings go? Had he ever kissed her or was that hug as far as they got? Did he think of her when they were together, did he long to be with Tash when only herself was around? Was he planning on leaving her for Tash? Martha’s heart was breaking at an unbelievable speed. She was finding it hard to breath, hard to come to terms with what she’d just been told. The Jack she’d been longing for and thinking of for days as she sat tied to a chair was a jerk. The beautiful memories that she kept replaying in her head were being destroyed, one by one. With each memory burned, ripped up, and ruined, a tear would roll down her cheek.

“So, take your food.” Tasha said quietly.

“No. Just eat it.” Martha snapped, looking away. Tasha sighed, had she just done that for nothing?

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Chapter 5

“Jack?” Alf called as he walked in the station. “It’s been 14 days, I’ve heard nothing, neither has Irene.” He said worriedly. Jack nodded.

“I know, she hasn’t rung at all.” He said as he ran his hand through his hair. “She hasn’t got enough medication to last her 14 days. She only took 7 days worth.” He told him. “And she would have rung me. She would have rung me if she was staying longer!” He told him. “What if she’s had an accident? What if she’s in hospital?!” Jack asked frantically.

“Hey hey, why don’t we just check out the cabin she was staying in?” Alf suggested, trying to calm Jack down. Jack nodded.

“Yea… yea we could do that.” Jack said, grabbing his keys. He walked up to the desk to Constable Fitzgerald. “I’m taking my break early.” Jack told her.

“Okay, but be back soon. I had to take the evidence yesterday to the lab after you left it here! The serge isn’t happy. If I were you I’d get cracking on the case and sort it out quickly before he flips his lid.” She warned. Jack hit his head.

“Ahh, I thought McGregor was going to sort it out for me.” Jack muttered. “Thanks Fitz.” He shouted as he left the station with Alf.

“Jack! Is it true? Has Tasha not come back?!” Robbie yelled, jogging through the car park. Jack nodded his head.

“No, her and Martha haven’t rung either. We’re going to the cabin now to see if they’re there.” He told him.

“Right, I’m coming.” Robbie said, opening Jack’s door and jumping in the back. He hated to spend time with Jack, but at the moment he was in the same boat as himself. Tasha was gone and so was Martha. They were both as worried about them as the other, and he knew that sticking with Jack would probably help him find them quicker.


“Here it is.” Jack said, pulling up.

“Awww, I bet she loved it.” Alf smiled, looking out the window.

“Yea, it’s great isn’t it?” Jack said, looking around as he jumped out the car. He’d only seen pictures of the place, so experiencing the beautiful outdoor smell and gorgeous location was something new. This was supposed to be for him and Martha, they were supposed to be enjoying this together. He stood still for a moment, his guilty conscience burning in his mind.

“There! It’s Martha’s Ute! They must still be here!!” Robbie exclaimed, running onto the porch and to the door. “Tash?” He called, racing inside the open door. “Oh my God!” He shrieked. Alf and Jack came jogging through, responding to his outburst.

“Oh my God.” They said in unison, both looking in horror at the mess that existed within. Slowly, they paced inside, taking a closer look at the broken objects around the door and the messy cabin.

“Martha’s a slob, but she’s not this bad.” Alf said, picking up a chair off the ground.

“What’s this?” Robbie asked, staring at the floor. “Is it…” Jack walked over to where Robbie was stood and looked at the same patch of red carpet.

“Blood.” He finished.


“Right, as soon as we get a signal tell me and I’ll pull over.” Jack told Robbie as he sped down the road. Robbie was in the back of the car, staring at Jack’s mobile. As there was no signal around the cabin and no power to the telephone, Jack, Alf and Robbie had left in search of a near by road or town, hoping that they’d get a good signal to ring the station. Suddenly, Jack’s phone began to ring. He swerved over to the side of the road and held his hand out to Robbie. “Looks like we have signal.” He mumbled to himself before taking and answering the phone. “Jack Holden.” He said.

“Hey Jack, its Fitz. We’ve got the ID for the pyromaniac, and you’ll never guess who it is.” She said. Jack sighed, looking at the steering wheel. He wasn’t really too bothered at the moment. He didn’t care about the arsonist; he cared about Martha.

“Listen, I’m a bit bu-” He began.

“Mumma Rose. You know, the leader of that cult Tasha Andrews was involved in a few months back?” She interrupted. Jack froze.

“Mumma Rose?” He repeated, finally. Alf and Robbie looked at one another, then at Jack. “Right, Fitz, we’ve got a missing person case on our hands. Two to be exact. Suspected abduction.” He began, piecing the clues together. Alf and Robbie sat helplessly, their hearts sinking with the word ‘abduction.’


“Martha, talk to me!!” Tasha begged. Martha remained silent, her eyes stuck on the window. Guy looked over, him and Mumma Rose had heard everything. He felt so bad for Martha, she didn’t deserve this. He’d never liked Jack, and now he disliked him even more. It was clear for anyone to see that Martha’s heart had been broken. He looked over at Mumma Rose, desperately trying to think of a plan.


“Right, we’ll take the evidence off to the lab now.” One of the many officers told Jack. The cabin and its surroundings were swarming with uniformed officers and forensics, with a bewildered Alf and Robbie in the centre. They were sat outside on the porch, both thinking about their beloved ones. Jack began to pack the evidence into a box when he came across something interesting. Martha’s medication. He studied it for a moment before carefully opening the clear plastic bag. He took out the bottle and unscrewed the lid, emptying the contents onto his hand. With his other hand he counted the tablets, one by one. “10, 11, 12.” He finished. With worry on his face he picked up another bag of evidence containing more of her medication, and ripped it open. He did exactly the same, unscrewing the lid and counting. As his worry grew he rummaged around for the final box, and carried out exactly the same ritual. He looked at his hand in horror at the different coloured tablets that lay on his palm. Slowly, he walked through the cabin and to Robbie and Alf, who recognized his face.

“What?” Robbie asked. Jack looked at them both, staring blankly.

“We found Martha’s medication…” He said.

“So she has missed it for a couple of days?” Alf asked, worriedly. Jack shook his head.

“There are 12 of each type of tablets left.” He told them slowly. Alf and Robbie looked confused.

“What does that mean?” They asked.

“She took 13 of each with her. She was to take the first of each when she got here, and then the second in the next morning and third in the evening. She’s supposed to take two a day.” Jack told them. “She’s only taken one. She’s only taken the first.” He said. “They must have been abducted before Martha’s second tablet. They’ve been gone for 13 days.” Jack told them slowly. Alf and Robbie stared to the ground.

“That’s not good, is it?” Robbie said slowly, but no one needed to answer.


“Are you sure you can handle them?” Mumma Rose checked. Guy nodded, walking her to the door.

“I’ll be fine, and you need to get the equipment anyway.” He told her. She nodded as she left the caravan. “I’ll be about 20 minutes.” She said. Guy smiled and nodded, shutting the door.

“Has Mummy left?” Martha said weakly. Guy stood by the window, looking through the gap. He watched as Mumma Rose’s car slowly backed away and out of view. He let out a sigh of relief before walking over to Martha and Tasha. “So, what are you going to do to us then? Or is it a secret?” Martha asked. Guy crouched down to their level.

“Well, we’ve been waiting for Tasha to go into labour, but it looks as if we’ll have to deliver the baby manually.” He sighed. Tasha’s eyes widened.

“What!? You can’t do that!! You’ll kill us!!” She screamed, trying to wriggle away.

“I’m a doctor, I can deliver the baby safely, but I’m afraid it would probably kill you.” Guy said regretfully. Tasha and Martha looked towards one another.

“You can’t kill her!!” Martha yelled, using all her energy she had to try and wriggle away. “I won’t let you!!” She screamed.

“Good, because I’ll need your help.” Guy said standing up. Martha stopped wriggling, and sat static looking up curiously at Guy.

“You’ve changed your tune.” She said, unconvinced. “What do you mean? What are you going to do? How do we know this isn’t a trick or something?” Martha queried.

“You’ll just have to trust me.” He said.

“Hang on, you’re sucked in by Mumma Rose. You believe that I’m the chosen one - you’re crazy! We can’t trust you!” Tasha exclaimed. Guy shook his head.

“No, I got counselling like everyone else, and like everyone else it worked. I know what she’s doing is wrong, which is why when she came to me a couple of months ago with her plan, I had to join.” Guy told them. Martha laughed.

“That makes sense.” She muttered sarcastically.

“It does.” He said. “If I hadn’t, then she’d have not only found a way to shut me up, but she’d have also kept asking people until she got an accomplice, then she’d carry out her plan. This way I can help you!” He explained.

“Oh…” Martha sighed understandingly.

“So, how are you going to do it?” Tasha asked. Guy sighed, sitting down and drumming his fingers on his chin.

“Well, I can’t leave no matter what. We don’t have a vehicle for one thing, and if Mumma Rose comes back I’m the only one strong enough to fight her off. Martha’s too weak to go, so Tasha you’re going to have to.” He told her, standing up and untying her hands.

“No, I’m not leaving Martha. You could be lying!” Tasha exclaimed.

“Which is the exact reason why you have to go.” Martha said, still refusing to make eye contact with Tasha.


“If he’s lying and Mumma Rose will come back, then at least you’ve got a chance to escape. If he’s not lying, then you can get out and get yourself some help. You don’t want to be here when Mumma Rose gets back Tash.” She said, finally looking up to her.

“But… you’re really not well Martha. You’re pale and weak… I need to look after you.” Tasha said. Martha sighed.

“What can you do when you’re stuck to a chair, or dead? If you don’t go now, you’ll die Tasha. You and your baby will die.” She said sternly.

“But what if you die?” Tasha cried. Martha spent a moment in silence.

“I won’t.” She said. “You go and get help, tell them about where we are.” She said. Guy finished untying her feet and helped her up.

“No, you can’t say anything!” He told her. Martha and Tasha both looked bewildered.

“Why not?” Tasha asked.

“If the police come Mumma Rose will get all edgy and panic, she will make rash decisions. However, if I catch her when she’s not expecting me, I’ll be able to over power her and then get help. Understood?” Guy said.

“But what if you don’t manage to control her? What if she gets in, finds me gone, and goes nutty?” Tasha asked.

“Well, if I haven’t made contact in two hours, then you can tell them where we are.” He said. “Please Tasha, I don’t know what Mumma Rose is capable of, and I’d rather not find out anytime soon.” He said, looking her in the eye. Tasha reluctantly nodded.

“Stay safe Martha! Don’t worry, you’ll be okay.” Tasha said, hugging her friend. Martha sat rigid.

“What are you doing?” She asked, trying to act as if the hug wasn’t comforting. Tasha pulled away.

“I thought we were friends again.” Tasha said quietly.

“Ha! Whatever gave you that idea!?” Martha laughed.

“Well… you’re being nice to me. You’re putting your life on the line for me.” Tasha said.

“No, I don’t know if you’ve forgotten but there’s a baby inside of you, a baby who didn’t betray me and who isn’t a tart.” Martha spat out and looked away. “Just go Tash.” She said. Tasha looked down at her hands with tears in her eyes.

“I’m really sorry Mac.” She said as she approached the caravan door. She turned around to Guy.

“Make sure you can’t be seen.” He told her, patting her on the back. “And don’t worry, I’ll take care of Martha.” He smiled. Tasha forced a quick smile and left, quickly walking into the bushes.

Guy spun around to face Martha who was looking down at the floor. He walked over to her and released her from the rope. “There we go-” He dived down to hold Martha up, who had fallen as the rope was pulled away. She lay on his shoulder, unable to keep her body tense. He carefully picked her up and shifted her towards the bed, laying her peacefully on the quilt. He moved her hair out of her face. “Are you okay?” He asked, grabbing a water bottle and helping her drink. Martha coughed and spluttered at first, but then the water began to sooth her dry throat. She smiled as he brought the bottle away.

“I never thought I’d need help having a drink when I was in the bush.” She laughed. Her laugh slowly faded as she closed her eyes, trying to stop the spinning. “Guy, I need my medication.” She said. “Please, please get it for me.” Tears began rolling down her face.

“I can’t.” He said regretfully, “but don’t worry, you’ll soon be on your way to the hospital.” He said with a smile, gripping her hand.


Tasha ran through the bush, breathing heavily as she rummaged through the leaves.

“Aarghh!” She screamed, falling and rolling on the floor. She clutched her leg in pain. She lifted her hand to find blood, and lots of it. It was pouring out of a large wound. She tried to stand up, but it was no use, she just couldn’t put any weight on her leg. She fell back down, this time with a rather large bump. “Aaargh!!” She screamed once more as she curled up on the floor in pain. Not only was her leg throbbing, but her stomach was too. She was in pure agony. Her belly felt like it was being squeezed. She looked down at her bump. “What have I done?” She cried.


Jack and Robbie sat on the porch, both staring out to the trees.

“You know what Martha said to me when she was out in the bush?” Robbie said, finally breaking the silence. Jack shrugged. “That she couldn’t stop thinking about you.” Robbie chuckled. “There she was, lost in the bush with no water or food, and she was worrying about you!” Jack fell silent and looked at Robbie. “Oh, and you know what else she said? Before she stopped breathing, she told me to tell you that she loved you. She was willing for those to be her last words, declaring her love to you!” Robbie told him, getting worked up. “And lets see, what were you doing whilst this was going on, whilst she was taking her last breath and thinking about you…” Robbie said, scratching his head. “Oh, I know. You were falling for my wife.” Robbie spat out angrily. “And you know what, she’ll be doing exactly the same thing again. She’ll be thinking of YOU, she’ll be wanting to see YOU, and you deserve none of it.” Robbie said angrily, standing up. “You know what I can’t decide on?” Robbie asked.

“What?” Jack finally spoke up.

“Whether it was a good decision on not telling her. At least she’s not dying hating you and feeling so much heartbreak, but instead she’s dying believing a lie.” He said.

“She’s not dying!!” Jack yelled, standing up. “And it’s not a lie, I love her so much! I never said I didn’t-” He began, but a sudden flashback stopped him mid-sentence.


“Well, see you then.” Jack shot out, pecking Martha on the cheek. Martha stood there, bemused. It wasn’t paranoia, he was acting weird.

“See you…” She said slowly, hanging her bag on her shoulder. “I love you.” She said, as if she had to tell him. Jack just smiled, and again pecked her cheek.

“Have fun.” He said, painfully aware that Tasha was in the room.

He never told her he loved her before she left. He had the perfect opportunity, and his stupid feelings for Tasha had gotten in the way. They were stupid feelings, stupid worthless feelings. Where were they now!? What part of him was urging for Tasha to be safe and in his arms? ‘None.’ He answered. ‘Where are my feelings?’ he thought to himself. He searched his head and heart, but nothing. Sure, he wanted her to be safe, but those feelings didn’t compare to the ones he felt for Martha. He wanted Tasha to be safe as much as he would any of his other friends. Other friends. She was just his friend! Sure, they’d created a bond – a good friend bond. They liked to hang around with each other. They got on, but there was no real need to be together. There was no intimate click like he had with Martha. He loved her so much, and he had very nearly ruined that. A smile began to grow on his face as he realised how stupid he’d been.

“Why are you smiling?” Robbie asked, breaking from his anger momentarily.

“Because I love Martha.” He smiled. “Me and Tasha, we’re just friends! How could I have been so stupid?” Jack laughed. Robbie’s anger grew.

“So, you just messed Tasha around? Wrecked my marriage for a bit of friendship?” He asked.

“Well, Tasha has probably realised the same. I doubt she feels anything stronger than friendship towards me, so you two are fine!” He cheered. Robbie laughed.

“How are we fine? We’ve split up Jack. It’s not a mess around; she told me she had feelings for someone else. Mistake or not, she hurt me.” Robbie said, turning around and leaving the porch. Jack sighed and stood up, following him down the steps.

“Wait, Rob. Don’t ruin what you’ve got with Tash-” Before Jack could say anymore they heard a scream. They both stood silent, looking around the land around them. “Wasn’t that-” Robbie began, but was interrupted by yet another scream. “That was Tash!!” Robbie yelled, running to the car. Jack ran down after him, jumping into the drivers seat. They drove off, being followed by a stream of police cars.

Next Chapter- Will they find Tash before it's too late? (Hopefully not) Will she tell Jack where Martha is? Are Guy's intentions genuine, or is he just trying to get his "true love"?

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This is NOT for Annie!

Chapter 6

Tasha lay crying on the floor. She was finding it difficult to breath.

“Come on…. Tash….” She said to herself, taking in a deep breath. “Do… it… for… Mac.” She said, crawling across the floor. She got a couple of metres until the same pain hit her again. “Aarrghhh!” She screamed. Her moist cheeks picked up dirt and grass as she rolled around in pain. “Robbie!” She cried, rubbing her belly. Suddenly, a humming sound could be heard. The sound of an engine. Tasha trembled with fear; she’d been so loud! Mumma Rose must have heard. She tried to move to the bushes, but it was no good, she was caught by more unbearable pain.

“Tash?” Robbie shouted, running through the bushes. “Oh my God, Tash!!” He yelled, spotting her on the floor.

“Rob?” She called, surprised. “Oh, Robbie!” She cried, spotting him running towards her. He fell next to her, cupping her face in his hands.

“Are you okay!?” He asked.

“I am now.” She smiled. “I didn’t think I’d see you again.” She snivelled. “I lov- Aarghhh!” She screamed again, clutching her bump. Robbie looked down; she was bleeding heavily from her leg.

“Tasha, your leg!” He exclaimed. “We need to get her to a hospital” He said over his shoulder to Jack. He was standing behind Robbie, watching as they reunited on the floor.

“Right.” He said, running back towards his car.


When he arrived Fitzgerald and Alf, who were stood next to his car in confusion, gave him a warm and friendly greeting.

“Where did you flamin’ go off to!?” Alf yelled angrily, but Jack ignored him.

“Lara, go out on the main road and ring for an ambulance.” He instructed Fitzgerald, before running back off to his friends. Alf stood there, frustrated at Jack’s ignorance.


“Where’s Martha?” Alf panted, arriving beside Jack, Tasha and Robbie.

“That’s exactly what I wanted to know.” Jack grunted angrily. “Come on Tash, please, just tell me where she is!” He begged, but Tasha looked away.

“Not yet.” She mumbled. Jack ran his hand through his hair.

“Please Tash!!” He pleaded. His eyes watered with frustration and panic. “Why won’t you tell me!?” He asked.

“Because I can’t.” She answered simply, looking away. Jack sighed angrily and looked down at the ground, tempted to kick it.

“Why not?” He asked, but Tasha maintained her stare at the ground.

“Because Guy said not to.” She told them.

“What? Guy from the farm?” Robbie asked. Tasha nodded. Jack groaned.

“Great, she’s with a maniac who adores her!!” He yelled to the trees.

“He’s not a maniac,” Tasha defended quickly, “he’s alright now, he’s helping us. He let me go.” She said.

“Probably just to get Martha on his own!” Jack shouted angrily. Tasha looked down at her hands, rubbing the dirt off her nails. “Oh come on Tash! Why won’t you tell me!? What if it was a plan eh? We all know that Guy fancied the pants off her as soon as he saw her, so this is a perfect opportunity to keep her! He’s probably taking her somewhere as we speak!!” Jack yelled.

“He told me that he’d sort it all out, and if we hear nothing from them in two hours, I should tell the police where they are.” She told him.

“Two hours? You know how far you can get in two hours Tash?” Jack shouted. “They’ll be long gone!” Tasha winced in agony as yet another pain came along.

“Aarrrggghhh” She let out, clutching her stomach.

“I can have you arrested for this! It’ll be seen as assisting her abduction!” Jack threatened.

“I don’t care.” Tasha said sternly, her raised voice somewhat helped with her pain. “I’m doing the right thing for her this time, she deserves it. I don’t want her getting hurt again. If I get arrested and sent to prison in doing what’s best for her, then so be it. I’ve done being selfish Jack. I was supposed to be her best friend, and I blew it. I don’t want her dying hating me.” She said, screaming slightly towards the end as yet another pain grew on her. Jack stopped pacing around the woodland and looked towards her.

“She knows?” He asked, quietly. Tasha nodded her head roughly as she breathed in and out heavily.

“I told her.” Tasha admitted. Jack sunk to the floor and rested against a tree, his legs up near his chest.

“How did she take it?” Jack asked.

“How do you think?” She said quietly. Jack looked down at the floor, staring at the tuffs of grass shooting from the soil.


“Wow, that’s unfortunate.” Guy chuckled. “And now the Tasha and Jack stuff? Geez, you’re unlucky Martha.” He joked. Martha forced a smile.

“I meant to apologize for using you before, for lying to you.” She said, changing the subject.

“It’s fine, you did what you had to do. Tasha was in danger, I can see that now, you were only doing what a good friend would.” He smiled. Martha sighed.

“Good friend…” Martha mumbled. “How could she do it to me?” Martha said, her voice crackling with the brimming tears. “I did everything for her when she got sapped in by the cult, I refused to give up! But when I get stranded in the bush, she makes moves on my husband!” Martha cried. “I actually feel sick when I think about it.” Guy sat on the edge of the bed, cradling her as he wrapped his arm around her shoulder.

“Can you forgive them?” He asked. Martha shrugged.

“I don’t know…” Martha’s head sank back down to his chest, a tear trickling from the corner of her eye softly landed on the light blue material in Guy’s shirt, seeping through and moistening his skin.


Tasha smiled at Robbie.

“Isn’t she cute?” She asked as she woke up. Robbie smiled.

“Yes, yes she is.” Robbie smiled, handing her to Tasha. The reason for Tasha’s annual screams was not because she’d injured the baby in her fall, it was because she was in labour. Soon after she’d arrived at the hospital she gave birth to her beautiful baby Ella, with Robbie by her side.

“I’m sorry, but we have to put her back in the nursery now.” A nurse said, curving her head around the door. Tasha reluctantly nodded as she passed her over.

“Careful, she’s really small.” Tasha said. Robbie and the nurse laughed.

“You can see her when you’re out of bed.” She smiled, leaving the room. Tasha sighed dreamily, thinking of her baby and Robbie.

“Did it all go okay?” Jack asked, walking in through the door. Robbie nodded.

“Yea, Ella’s been taken to the nursery.” He told Jack. Jack nodded, slipping his hands in his pockets.

“Please tell me where she is.” He pleaded.

“You mean Guy hasn’t got in touch?” Tasha asked worriedly. Jack shook his head.

“I told you.” He said. “I told you that he’d take her, and that’s just what he’s done! She’ll be out there with a loon, and she’ll be hating me.” Jack said. “I need to help her. What if she dies Tash? I’m not losing her again.” Jack said worriedly. Tasha stayed quiet, staring at the bottom of the bed.

“How long has it been?” She asked. Robbie looked at the wall clock, adding together the times.

“4 hours.” He answered simply.

“What!? 4 hours!? Why aren’t you out there looking for them!?” Tasha screeched.

“Because we don’t know where they are! You’ve been in labour for the last 3 and a half hours!!” Jack replied, matching her volume. “Now are you going to tell me, or do you want to help Guy out even more?” He asked.

“In a caravan in the woods. I was walking east of it for about 30 minutes before you found me.” She told him. Jack nodded, quick stepping out the door.

“Not that she’ll be there.” He mumbled angrily as he ran down the hall.

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Thanks to Krystal for Proof reading. (And xGlowingAngelsx :))

Chapter 7

“Martha!?” Jack yelled, jumping out of the car. He ran to the front of the caravan, his gun poised in front of him. With a sharp, quick kick the door flew open, nearly being knocked off its hinges. He stepped in, his eyes flickering around the small room. His worry must have momentarily blinded him, as he failed to notice both Guy and Martha lying on the bed.

“You took your time.” Guy mumbled, gently taking his arms from around the unconscious Martha. Jack was stiff, staring at Guy and his wife as Guy slowly disentangled his body from hers. With a pound of the heart his breath flowed back along with his mind, and his fist came raging upwards. He grabbed Guy’s collar and pulled him round, shoving him to the fridge. His face beamed with anger.

“What have you done to her!?” He yelled. Guy’s face stayed motionless as he stood in silence. “If you’ve put one finger on her, I swear I’ll-” He threatened, nearing his face to Guy’s.

“You’ll what? Go off and fall for another one of Martha’s friends?” Guy snapped. Jack stared into his eyes, fuming.

“If you’ve left one scratch, one bruise-”

“Don’t worry, I don’t leave bruises.” Guy said smartly. Jack pushed him towards the fridge once more, banging Guy’s head.

“Jack! Guy! Stop it!” Martha ordered from behind. Jack and Guy both looked over at Martha, forgetting the situation they were currently in. Jack’s hands dropped from Guy’s chin, and he rushed towards her.

“Thank god you’re okay.” Jack said, kneeling on the bed beside her as he caressed her hair. Guy walked up to the bed, standing behind Jack.

“I was boring you that much, you fell unconscious.” Guy joked, relieved that Martha seemed to be okay. Jack looked around, confused. “I didn’t touch her you idiot.” Guy sighed, answering his question. “I was helping out, just like Tasha told you.” Jack nodded, looking down ashamed.

“Well, I owe you an apology mate. And a thanks.” Jack said reluctantly, staring at the ground. Guy smiled.

“Thanks.” He said. “How are you Martha?”

“Never been better.” She smiled sarcastically. Jack laughed.

“I thought I’d lost you all over again.” He cried, leaning down to give her a kiss. But to his shock, she rolled her head to the side, avoiding his lips. “Martha?” Jack asked, hurt and dejected.

“What!?” She snapped. “Don’t play innocent with me.” She warned. Jack again looked down to the ground.

“I’m sorry Martha.” He said. Martha looked over towards Guy, pain in her eyes. She hated doing this, and Guy understood that. After their talk earlier, she felt as if he was part of their current marriage crisis, and she was now looking to him for help.

“Have you found Mumma Rose then?” Guy asked, changing the subject.

“No. When did she leave here?” Jack asked, standing up from the bed.

“Just before Tasha did.” Guy told him. Jack looked confused. “She never came back, hence why we’ve been here for over 4 hours.” Guy told him.

“Yea, sorry about that, Tasha wouldn’t tell us where you were, and then she went into labour. I only just got told.” He apologized.

“She’s had the baby?” Martha smiled. “Are they both okay?” She asked. Jack nodded.

“Yea. They’re fine. Named her Ella.” He told her.

“Awww.” Martha smiled, shocking herself for how happy she was for Tasha.

“She’s had the baby then?” Guy asked slowly, triggering his own thoughts. Jack nodded.

“Yea…” He confirmed.

“That’s where Mumma Rose will have gone!!” Guy exclaimed. “She must have realised I let her go, and followed Tasha to the hospital. Now the baby’s born she’ll be able to do a quick swipe!” He told them.

“Oh my God!” Martha gasped.

“You stay here with Martha, I’ll go back to the hospital. I’ll call you an ambulance.” Jack shouted as he hurried out the door. “Take care of her Guy!” He added, before slamming his car door shut.


Alf walked up to the glass and gazed through at the rows of babies. He smiled as he watched them sleep innocently, giving the occasional cough. He counted the second row down, and 4th along with his finger pressing the glass.

“Ahh, there she is.” He smiled. “Little Ella.” He watched for a moment at the peacefully sleeping child, until he was distracted. His distraction wasn’t a big commotion or a loud noise; it was a silent, normal looking woman. The only reason for this kind looking lady to distract Alf was that she looked painfully familiar. He stared at her clothes, her wool shawl and flowery dress. Then, he looked at her face. He studied it, trying to put a name to his ‘old friend’s’ features. “Where have I seen her before?” He asked himself aloud. It was not until she stepped nearer to Ella’s cot when Alf realised. “Struth, that’s Mumma Rose!” He exclaimed. He spun around, darting for the nearest person. It was a middle aged scruffy looking man, who was leant against a wall, indulging himself with a hot dog. “That woman is going to steal a baby!!” Alf shouted hysterically at the man, waving his hand to the nursery. The man stood still, looking into Alf’s eyes blankly as he took another bite of his hot dog sausage.

“Get a grip old man. The Psych’s ward’s upstairs.” He said, before rudely brushing past him. Alf stood staring at empty space, angry and frustrated. He spun back around to see Mumma Rose successfully getting away with baby Ella in her arms. Alf began to panic, looking around the corridors for any sign of help. Just as he was about to try another hospital visitor, the police came barging in.

“Mumma Rose is trying to steal Tasha’s baby!!” Alf cried, jogging up to them.

“Where is she?” Fitzgerald asked. Alf pointed to the nursery, his finger leading the way to hopefully an arrest. Fitzgerald and three other uniformed officers ran down the hall.


“What’s going on?” Robbie asked, wheeling Tasha out of her hospital room. Alf turned around, thinking of what to say.

“Um…” He paused.

“Where’s your baby!?” Jack stormed in, swinging the double doors behind him.

“What?” Tasha asked.

“Where’s Ella, Tash!?” Jack asked.

“Um, she’s in the nursery.” Robbie informed him. “Why, what’s going on?”

“Have you seen Mumma Rose?” Jack asked, ignoring Robbie.

“Yes. She went that way. The police are following her.” Alf said, pointing to where Fitzgerald had just disappeared around the corner. Jack nodded and ran in the same direction, out of visibility just as Fitzgerald had previously done.

“What’s going on!?” Robbie shouted to Alf, frustrated.

“Mumma Rose has got Ella.” Alf said quietly. Tasha and Robbie looked at him in shock.

“..What?” Tasha asked, tears in her eyes.


Jack leapt down the corridors, following the distant sound of Fitzgerald and his colleagues’ orders.

“You’re under arrest Florence.” Fitzgerald said, tightening the handcuffs. Mumma Rose looked down at her feet in defeat.

“Don’t think this is the last of me. You can’t take me away from my granddaughter!! I will get the chosen one!!” She screamed as she struggled.

“Settle down!” Jack snapped. “Not only are you going to prison for a heck of a long time with an abduction charge, we’re going to get an A.V.O against you, ordering you to stay away from Tasha, Martha and Ella. You’re going no where near them.” He said sternly. “And if I find out that after you’re lengthy jail sentence you step on the same earth as any of them, I’m going to send you right back.” He threatened. Mumma Rose laughed.

“We’ll see…” She smiled. Jack shook his head.

“Take this deluded woman out of here.” He muttered, taking a breath to review his hectic day.


Jack stepped in the hospital room, his arms tightly stuck to his side with his hands clenched in his pockets.

“You said you wanted a fortnight off but there are easier ways of going around it…” Jack joked, but Martha didn’t respond. She didn’t even acknowledge he was there, she just maintained her stare at the wall opposite her. “Martha?” He called, walking over to her bed and gripping her hand. She pulled away.

“Get off.” She growled. “Get off, and get out. Get out of my sight now Jack!” She ordered through gritted teeth. Jack looked hurt.

“Martha?” He reached out and put his hand on her leg, but she quickly pulled it away.

“Don’t you dare even think of touching me! Jerk!” She yelled. Jack stood shocked.

“Come on Martha, let’s talk about this properly.” He suggested, but Martha didn’t answer, she just continued to stare at the wall. “Martha?” He repeated. Martha’s eyes flicked towards him, red and furious.

“When were you going to tell me?” She asked. “About you and Tash.” She added. Jack stood still, his eyes narrowing onto her face.

“I’m sorry. I was going to tell you.” Jack said.

“When Jack? When you were leaving me? When she was outside waiting in the car? Or when I walked in on you two?!” Martha shouted. Jack shook his head.

“No, no Martha, I wouldn’t do that to you.” He said, giving another attempt of grabbing her hand.

“Save it for someone who cares Jack.” She snapped. “Get out.” She ordered. Jack shook his head.

“I’m not leaving you-”

“Get out Jack!” She screamed. Jack stepped back slowly, taking his orders. He walked to the door; each heavy movement of his feet was a task. He took a last look before exiting the room.

“Are you okay?” Tony asked as Jack walked past him, he’d heard shouting in the room, and it didn’t take a genius to work out they’d had a fight by Jack’s face. “Jack!?” Tony called as Jack walked straight down the corridor, no sign on his face that he’d acknowledged Tony’s voice.

“Leave him.” Beth advised, putting her hand on Tony’s chest. “He’s a big boy now, he’s just had a fall out with his wife. I know you mean well but I don’t think he’ll appreciate you interfering.” She said. Tony nodded.

“Yea, I guess you’re right.” He sighed. “Ric, Alf, are you going to go in next? I have a feeling that she’ll want you there.” He said. Alf and Ric nodded.

“I think she’ll probably like to see you guys too.” Ric smiled to Lucas and Tony.

Next Time : Both relationships reach their result - can they all work through it?

The clever ones of you may have realised that it's going to exceed the promised 7 chapters. Sorry.. it won't be alot more. I think 2 more chapters. :)

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Right, I've finished the fic (on the comp) *yey* but one slight problem has arisen.

It's piggin' long! lol. I knew it was long but.. geez louise!! 10 pages. 10 pages!! 10 pages of flippin' Times New Roman size 12 font! It's just crazy. lol. And the problem is.. I don't know whether to have big chapters, or just lots of chapters... :S And, seen as though I resolve the Tasha/Robbie-ness in this chapter... they don't come up again. lol. Oh well.. J/M are more important. :P Lol.

So, sorry guys! There's a lot of reading coming your way! lol.

Maybe it'll be an 11 chapter fic. *blushes* You're all going to pick on my rambling now aren't you... :( I deserve it. lol. It's mainly dialogue, so it looks bigger than it is. I have to press enter after everytime one of them talks... *huff* I've cut this fic down... so there'll be plenty of dialogue in the next chapters! :D

Chapter 8

“Isn’t she beautiful?” Tasha smiled, drawing herself out of her loving gaze with Robbie. Robbie grinned, looking down at Ella.

“Yea.. she is.” He sighed. “Are you alright now? I bet it was all a bit scary.” Robbie commented.

“Yea.. I’m fine now. Thanks to you.” Tasha said, her heart fluttering for the world to see. Robbie looked away awkwardly.

“Sorry Tash, this doesn’t change anything that’s happened.” He apologized, standing up as he gently placed Ella back in her cot.

“Please Rob. Don’t end it. I love you.” Tasha pleaded. Robbie shook his head.

“Sorry, it’s the final straw. I can’t keep doing this. First Jonah, and now Jack. I don’t know how much of this heartbreak I can take, and I don’t want to find out.” Robbie told her, making his way to the door. Tasha sat upright sharply.

“Rob. Stay. Please. I promise, I won’t hurt you again!” She begged. Robbie shook his head.

“You never intend to hurt me Tash, but you always do. I’m sorry, and I hate to be selfish especially when it comes to you, but I can’t do it anymore. I’ll always be here as a friend and for someone to help out with Ella, but nothing more. It’s over Tash.” Robbie said.

“Please….” Tasha cried. Robbie gave her a last look, his eyes filled with tears. He didn’t want to do this, he didn’t want to walk away from her; but he knew he had to. He slowly shook his head and walked through the door, leaving Tasha sobbing into her hands.


*Nicole’s “accent”* - “A week after the rescue…”

Martha inserted her key and twisted to the right, listening for the two clicks that followed. She pushed the door open and carried her bags in, placing them on the sofa. Slowly she unzipped them, almost forcing herself to do so. She lightly looked around the room, but then her eyes fixated on a certain object. She found herself staring at the picture on the work top counter. She walked over towards it, picking it up with her left hand. She looked down at it dimly, hoping that she’d feel nothing when she looked at his face.

“Pfft…” She groaned as she put up the act, but the more she looked at his face, and her gleaming smile beside it, the more she felt her heart sink. Deep inside she knew that this wasn’t right, this was never supposed to happen, but she didn’t see any other option. She was so angry with Jack, he shouldn’t have hurt her like this and he wasn’t getting away without any punishment. She took one last look at their happy moment, and slammed the frame face down onto the kitchen bench. Swinging her head around to the lounge, she looked around for what she came for.


Jack walked in, throwing his jacket on the sofa and making a beeline for the fridge. This had been his routine everyday recently, after picking up all the extra shifts at work of course. Today Martha was allowed to go home, so he’d booked a few days off. It was hard to get through to her at the hospital, he’d tried the day after the whole ordeal, but it was too heartbreaking to see her cry. So, he picked up some over-time to keep his mind off her during the day, and then drank himself to sleep at night. But even though the plan seemed full of very logical thoughts, it never went according to plan. For a man in love, extra-shifts and alcohol in the system does nothing. He was missing Martha like crazy. ‘I’ll go see her tomorrow. Maybe I can get her a present… Flowers?’ He pondered as he placed his fingers on the fridge handle. “Chocolates.” He confirmed aloud before opening the door. He stuck his hand in; feeling around for the smooth can surface. His hand wafted through the cool, icy air for a few seconds, not coming into contact with any object remotely like beer. He ducked down, looking into the fridge. “I can’t have drank them already! I’m sure I had 3 left…” He muttered to himself, staring to the back of the fridge. He shut the door and turned to lean on the bench. His mind puzzled. He let out a sigh, staring down to his hands. He noticed the frame that lay beside his left hand, faced down on the granite. He picked it up inquisitively, wondering why it wasn’t in its usual upright position. Those thoughts had disappeared however as his mind submerged into a daydream, reminiscing happy memories of Martha and himself. He stared at her smile, her eyes glistening full of happiness. His lips couldn’t help but show a little smile, creeping from the corner of his mouth. The happy moment was crashed however, with hi-jacking memories of the previous week. The look of hatred that was apparent on her face every time they spoke, the painful tears that had been weakly hidden in her cheeks as she tried to pretend that she didn’t care. He put the photo back down and rubbed his face with his left hand. ‘Why is this such a mess?’ He thought to himself, walking over to the sofa and grabbing his jacket. He moved to the coat hangers in the corridor, his objective was to return the jacket to its rightful place. As he hung it up beside his second coat, he noticed the following pegs unoccupied. His eyes squinted as he thought back to that morning. “Where have Martha’s jackets gone?” He asked aloud, recognizing the missing garments. He thought for a moment, and then spun around to the space near the door. Her shoe’s had been laid in the small space behind the sofa since she left for her and Tasha’s trip; but now they’d disappeared. There was nothing magical about their disappearance, he hadn’t returned them to the wardrobe himself, they’d been taken. He looked around the room, instantly noticing a lack of Martha’s decorations. “No.” He muttered, walking through to his room. He swung his wardrobe door open, his eyes half closed as he feared the worst. However, even with 50% vision, the half empty wardrobe was obvious. He pulled the draws open, each consecutive draw as empty as the last. He fell back on the bed, breathing heavily as he tried to cope with what had happened. ‘She’s left me?’ he thought, running his hand through his hair. He could feel his eyes burning with tears; a solemn tear began to crackle through the corner of his eye. “This can’t be happening…” He mumbled, “This isn’t happening!!” He exclaimed, roughly rubbing away the lonesome tear. He jumped up, jogging out his room and through the hall, grabbing his jacket on the way out.


Next Chapter(s) - Is this the end? Will Martha give Jack a good old slap, or another chance? Or has Martha actually travelled further than the assumed Fletcher residence? Is she gone.. forever!?

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Right.. I've sorted out how many chapters are left! :D

Technically 3, but I'm going to say 2. (because it makes me look better)

This next one is Chapter 9

Then the following Chapter 10 part 1 and then the next one will obviously be part 2. This is because they're both about the same thing.. I just rambled like hell. lol. I might split a bit off the end of Part 2... but I'm not sure. It'd just be to tease you all really. :P

Oh yes, and apologies about the writing. I can't get it proof read, so I'm relying on Nicole-ness. (Something that should never be done. lol)

Chapter 9

Martha sat on her bed cross-legged, snivelling as she picked through her clothes. She looked down at the garment that lay on her right, refusing to touch it. After a few seconds, she glanced away, acting as if it didn’t exist, and continued unpacking her bags. That was until there was a disturbance from behind.

“Martha…” Jack began, peeking his head through the gap in the door. Martha wiped her eyes and spun around, a fierce anger present in her face.

“Get out.” She ordered through gritted teeth. Jack put his left hand up in defence and continued walking into the room.

“Listen, we need to talk.” He said softly, shutting the door behind him. Martha laughed.

“What makes you think I want to listen to anything you have to say?” She asked. Jack sighed, sitting down on the side of the bed.

“Martha, I’m so sorry. Please don’t let this be it. Take me back, I won’t hurt you again.” Jack promised, reaching out for her hand. Martha moved it away, staring in disbelief at the man before her.

“Did you seriously think that’d work?” She laughed. “Oh yes Jack, of course, let me grab my coat…” She mocked. “Jack, a few “I’m sorry” ’s aren’t going to do anything! They’re not going to take back what you did.” She told him.

“I know they’re not, but that’s all I can do. All I can do is apologize and hope you can forgive me. If I could take back the last few weeks I would, I honestly would.” Jack said.

“But… you can’t. So why are you here?” She asked. Jack sighed, staring down at the bed. He knew he had to be careful with whatever he said. He couldn’t rely on normal quick thinking and honesty at this moment, because if he worded one thing wrong Martha would twist it and make everything worse. Not because she was mean, because she was hurting. “Ooh… you want another friend? Let me see… you’ve had Tasha… what about Rachel?” Martha suggested. Jack rolled his eyes.

“Martha, common, lets not start that topic…” He began. Martha tilted her head.

“Why not? This is what this is all about, isn’t it? Or have you betrayed me in another way?” She asked. Jack shook his head.

“Martha, stop-”

“By the way I meant to ask you, how did you cope with me and Tasha away with Mumma Rose? I mean you must have been pretty lonely. Or will I be expecting a guilty confession by Rachel anytime soon?” Martha asked.

“You know you’re making it worse…” Jack sighed.

“Making WHAT worse? What’s left Jack? What are we talking about now?” Martha asked, her volume ascending.

“Us. We can work through this Martha…”

“No we can’t.” Martha interrupted abruptly. Jack sat in shock.

“You mean you’re going to just end it?” He asked, swallowing hard. Martha shrugged.

“Yea… Why not?” She agreed, acting as if she wasn’t bothered. Jack grabbed her hand, managing to capture it this time.

“Because we’re good together. We’re great together! We’re meant to be together.” Jack said, staring into her eyes. “Because I love you, and I know you love me.” He finished softly. Martha melted, her heart sinking as tears flowed to her eyes. She hated doing this. He was right - they were meant to be together. She could see how much he loved her, and how much she was hurting him with her stubbornness and reluctance to sit down and work things out, but she just couldn’t stop.

“Yet you can replace me in a fortnight?” Martha asked, clearing her throat and ripping her hand away from his. Jack looked away, frustrated.

“I didn’t replace you…”

“That’s exactly what you did, Jack!” Martha exclaimed. “You thought I was dead, and you replaced me. Fair enough if I had died I would have wanted you to be happy, but you could have at least waited until my side of the bed was cold before heating it back up again!” She shouted angrily.

“What do you think we did Martha!? I wouldn’t do anything like that! I barely touched her! We did NOTHING Martha! I wouldn’t do that to you.” Jack fought, shocked from her accusation.

“But you’d have feelings for my best friend?” Martha asked, raising her eyebrows. Jack sighed angrily.

“Listen, I’m sorry. I truly am. But remember that nothing happened! It was just a bit of confusion over friendship – that’s all. We had no feelings towards one another, just a close friendship bond. You don’t need to be so angry and upset Martha, because we did nothing!” Jack reasoned. Martha shook her head, standing up from the bed. She placed her hands on her hips, trying to come to terms with what he’d just said, hoping that she’d heard wrong.

“You’re kidding me, aren’t you?” She asked. Jack knelt on the bed.

“No, I’m not. You don’t need to be angry, because nothing happened.” Jack told her. Martha looked away, shaking her head.

“You jerk.” She muttered. Her head spun around to the confused Jack. “You complete utter jerk!” She exclaimed. “Don’t you dare tell me how to feel!” She shouted. “You have no idea Jack, you have no idea what it’s like!” She yelled. “No idea what it’s like to hear from your best friend that she has feelings for your husband, the man you love more than anyone else, and that those feelings are reciprocated!” She screamed. “You have no idea what it’s like to have questions running through your head about just how deep those feelings go. Whether it’s friendship, lust or love. You have no idea how many tears I’ve shed because of you. Because you couldn’t work out what you feel, because you couldn’t decide if you’d developed feelings for someone else or not!!” Her finger was now pointing threateningly towards him, and tears gushed down her face. “You have no idea.” She cried weakly, shaking before him.

Jack looked up at her, the mess he’d created. He’d never seen her so hysterical, so angry, so hurt. He wanted to wrap her up in his arms and comfort her, but the looks she dished out were constant reminders that if he went anywhere near, he’d have bigger things concerning him.

“I’m sorry.” He muttered, ashamed. Martha shrugged, wiping away her tears.

“Me too.” She snivelled. “But apologies don’t change what happened.” She stated. Jack nodded, staring down at the garment that lay down on the bed. A small smile appeared on his face.

“I thought the first thing you’d do is get some new pajamas…” He muttered jokingly, indicating to his shirt on the bed. Martha reluctantly smiled, wiping away another tear.

“You’re just jealous because it looks better on me.” She half-smiled. Jack laughed, raising his hands in defeat.

“Fine, you got me.” He chuckled, looking back up at Martha. “Then again, you look great in anything.” He complimented. Martha glanced towards him, into his brown eyes. She was weakening with every second she spent in their gaze. A few moments later, the chime of the clock downstairs broke their moment, leading Martha to look out the window. “What are we going to do?” Jack asked softly. Martha shrugged.

“I don’t know.” She answered honestly, maintaining her stare to the dark sky outside. Jack looked to the window, then back at her. He didn’t want to push anything just yet, even though inside he was desperate to keep persuading her on giving them another chance. He knew that if he played it cool and subtle and just cared for her at the moment, rather then getting her worked up, he’d be doing what was best.

“What about a walk?” Jack suggested. Martha spun around.

“If you think I’m going to forgive you with one stupid little walk-” She began angrily.

“It’s just a walk Martha. A bit of fresh air will help us both. I for one am not feeling pretty happy at the moment, and I’m in the mood for some star gazing.” He smiled.

Next Chapter (yes, part 1 and 2!) - Martha cools down a bit.. looks like there ain't going to be a slap guys! :( Martha tells Jack her true (and rather odd) feelings about it all. Jack explains.

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Chapter 10 part 1 - Stalling

“How was the Mumma Rose stuff then? Did you behave?” Jack asked jokingly. He and Martha had set off from Sally’s house about 5 minutes ago, but since then only the sea had spoken.

“It was alright… but we weren’t allowed to stay up too late.” Martha smiled. Jack gasped.

“And it wasn’t even a school night!” He joked. Martha giggled as she stared up to the stars.

“I couldn’t stop thinking about you, you know.” She said honestly, turning to face him. Jack nodded.

“I know… I bet the word ‘jerk’ came up many times.” He sighed. Martha shook her head.

“I mean before Tasha told me.” She said softly. Jack’s breath got caught, intrigued by her honesty.

“Oh..” He muttered.

“I was expecting you to come running in, guns blazing, and with that stupid cop talk you do so well.” She grinned. “I felt bad about leaving you again. I knew how much pain you’d gone through… well, I guess if I’d have known about Tash then I wouldn’t have beaten myself up about it. You were fine and dandy when I was away…” Martha finished, looking away. When she’d taken the previous breath she hadn’t expected to be ending the sentence like she had, but she couldn’t seem to help it. The anger and stubbornness was taking over, unwilling to even consider forgiveness. Jack sighed, staring at the back of the head that he’d been presented with. He hated this, he hated that they couldn’t talk and laugh, when that’s all he wanted to do! He knew that she did too, but the hurt of what he’d done turned his jokes sour and pathetic.

“Even though my friendship with Tash helped, it didn’t take away the pain of losing you.” Jack told her. “You should have seen me, I was a mess. You’d have been taking the mick right now if you had been there.” Jack chuckled. “I was an idiot half the time. I left hospital, people were looking for me.” Jack told her.

“What? Are you serious?” Martha asked, shocked. Jack nodded.

“Yup, I was an idiot.” He laughed. “I didn’t think I could live without you, so I just gave up. It didn’t help seeing petals all over the living room.” Jack added with a smirk. Martha blushed.

“Yea… that was my surprise.” She admitted. “Cheesey I know but…”

“It would have been wonderful.” Jack smiled. “Shame it was wasted on a mopey idiot.” He laughed. Martha smiled up at him. “I just couldn’t imagine my life without you Martha, I didn’t want to carry on.”

“So you were going to stop your medication, because you thought I was dead?” Martha asked.

“Initially yes. But then Dad came and talked to me, so I said I’d have the medication sent to our house.” Jack told her.

“But didn’t the doctors say that you were to take it in the hospital, to avoid getting an infection?”

“Yea… that’s when my stupidity came in.” Jack laughed. “I just felt close to you there… but these past few days I’ve come to realise that even if I had stayed and taken the medicine, I’d still have been as lonely.” He sighed. “The house is so empty, even with the pictures of you filling the place. I just want you back, it’s not the same place without you.” Jack admitted. Martha smiled at him, losing herself in his eyes. After a few moments and the return of her stubborn thoughts, she looked away.

“I bet you’re kicking yourself for messing it all up then.” She snapped. Jack sighed, looking down at his feet.

“Yea… I am.” He muttered.


“Have you seen Tasha lately?” Martha asked, breaking the silence. Jack shrugged.

“Not since the hospital. But I’ve heard about her and Robbie. Do you know how they’re holding up?” Jack asked.

“I’ve seen Robbie, and he looks like a mess. He tries to act like he doesn’t care, but I can see right through it. He puts up a front, hoping to send me off his scent. Using snappy comments about Tasha, not letting himself get even close to forgiving her. But it’s obvious he wants to, he just doesn’t want to admit it.” Martha sighed.

“I know someone just like that.” Jack said, his eyebrows rising with his implication. Martha’s mouth opened, ready to launch her defence. But she couldn’t, he was right; she was doing the exact same as Robbie. She looked down at the floor, kicking the sand up with her feet. Jack smiled at his win, sliding his hands in his pockets with glee.

“I can see your stupid smug smile.” Martha muttered, causing Jack’s face to drop.

“What smile?” He asked innocently. Martha giggled, gently elbowing him in the stomach.

“You’re so funny…” She laughed sarcastically. Jack grinned.

“I know, I know.” He joked. Martha shook her head as a gentle laugh escaped her throat. Jack watched her, wafting her hair out of her eyes as she looked out onto the sea. She looked so beautiful.

“What are you thinking?” He asked softly. Martha looked towards him, flaring her nostrils as her face began to grow red.

“You don’t want to know what I’m thinking.” She assured him. Jack nodded, looking away uncomfortably. “It involves a rather large hammer and a pair of tweezers…” She muttered. Jack laughed.

“You’re just not nice.” He scrunched his face up.

“Careful, I can get my hands on the equipment.” She warned. Jack raised his hands in defence.

“Fine, fine…” He laughed. “Sorry.” Martha grinned.

“Ooh…control.” She exclaimed, rubbing her hands together jokingly.


“Right, I can’t do this anymore.” Jack said, coming to a halt. Martha shrugged.

“Do what?” She asked. Jack opened his arms, waving them in the air.

“This! Avoiding the inevitable conversation!” Jack exclaimed.

“Oh…” Martha mumbled, looking back out to sea uncomfortably. “But what if you don’t like the end decision?” She asked. Jack sighed.

“I don’t know. But, I need to know. I hate being in this relationship limbo, not knowing what’s going on. This last week has been hell! The guys at work think I’m going loony!” Jack exclaimed. Martha nodded.

“Yea… I think the nurses were considering sending me to the Psych ward.” She agreed. Jack smiled. He opened his hand and gestured to the sand behind her, motioning her to sit. Martha looked down at the spot, as if to fear the sand. Slowly and reluctantly she slumped down. Jack sat beside her, staring out to sea as he awaited the dreaded decision.

Next time - Stop being impatient!! You'll see what happens when you read it.. I can't be bothered to write any hints.

Right.... next chapter is my last fic chapter for aaaaaages! :o Unless I am made write ANOTHER chapter in Jamey-Maria's "Four Author Fic" *sigh* lol. I'll refuse. :) I really want to write a new fic aswell... I started it and I can't help but think about different things what can happen! I've thought about LOADS! Damn it. lol. Oh well.. I better still like J/M in a few months time! lol.

It's amazing, the time I'm actually updating regularly is when I don't have a computer... Cool. lol.

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