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Some strong language involved during this story

Previcously on Home and away. (plays this bit)Cassie packed her cases and made sure Sally,Brad,Ric,Aiden(Rics friend) and Matilda were ready to go to Benidorm in spain. They boarded their flight then found out this plane was going to Scotland. Cassie said Surprise!!!!!!!!!!!!.

(Credits appear)

Everybody who was going with her was happy. And chatted on the plane. The plane was just about to land when it crashed. When the smoke cleared Eve was standing with a screw driver and a lighter. She said RUN OR YOU'LL GET LIT ON FIRE. They never run. She said Smoke this cigarette or go to Hell She said Aiden first. Aiden started saying Get to fu**. Eve said You weak idot. Do It she then said. He dunnit. She then kissed his lips and said Good. They all dunnit. Kit came out behind her and took the ciggarete away and said i'll take that. Kit kept it in her fingers. Matilda said Don't do it. Kit put it in her lips and inhaled the smoke. She then blew smoke in matildas face.

To contiue soon.

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