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The Bay members better run and Hide because everybody is getting killed. Police members are at the top of the list. Here is how people are coping.

Peter - He returned from the dead and faked his death so eve would not find him again.

Jack - Now married to Martha and is a detective now.

Martha - Now married to Jack and Her name is now Martha Holden. They are expecting a baby.

Robbie - Now dating Cassie. They have got marrage plans.

Belle - Now dating Lucas but she is just getting close to him so she can annoy Matilda.

Matilda - Now dating Ric.

Cassie - Now dating Robbie but she is also seeing Ric behind Robbies back.

Alf - Now married to Irene but Colleen tries to break him up so she can get with him.

Irene - Now married to Alfred Colleen tries to break her up so she can get with Alfred.

Brad - Now in a secret realationship with Sally.

Sally - Now in a secret realationship with Brad.

Colleen - Got a crush on Alf after he saved her life.

Madge Wilkins is Dead and Killed by Irene as a threat to colleen not to break her from Alf.

Eve will Return but changed.

Episode 1 will be up soon.

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A gun was shot then a girl crying. Then another gun shot and then a silence. That is where the story begins.

(Plays credits) Episode 1.

Jack gets a call from Peter saying that Madge Wilkins has been killed. Colleen had her comment on this. She complained and said "Now i can't get my gossip" Then she started crying. Jack went up to Irene and said Did you Kill Madge? Irene Noded. Jack said She was Just anoying so i'll let you off with it. Irene typed a Threat letter up on her laptop saying IF YOU INTERFERE WITH MY REALATIONSHIP I WILL KILL YOU. KISS KISS BANG BANG. Morag seen Alf and Irene and they said We are getting Marrried. Morag Clapsed . Irene laughed.

Meanwhile, Cassie packed her cases and made sure Sally,Brad,Ric,Aiden(Rics friend) and Matilda were ready to go to Benidorm in spain. They boarded their flight then found out this plane was going to Scotland. Cassie said Surprise!!!!!!!!!!!!

Continues after the break..............................

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