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Please help =(

Guest Tamxxx

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A few years ago, when I was a nutty blogger, and just getting into graphics, I started by heading to Jasc.com and downloaded a FREE trial of animation shop and Paint shop pro. The trials only lasted 30 days (for me), but (God knows why) were extended for another 30 days :D don't know if that still happens.


If you want to actually buy a software, you can download it off Limewire for free, but

-Well it takes about a day to download (correct me if im wrong)

-Is illegal, though everyone does it (well not everyone)

or you can probably find a cheaper version on Ebay.

Photoshop Elements is what I used last year, and is quite good. Its like Photoshop, except with fewer options (e.g. Curves). It only costs about 200 and something dollars, but I randomly found it on my computer so I wouldn't really know.

Photoshop CS is probably one oft he best Grpahics programs..but costs. My friend said his cost $1500 (as if anyone has that much money lying under their bed).

Ok, and after all that rambling, I hope your problem is solved :D

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