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Wed 26 Jul 06 - " PLEASE Tell Me That This ISN'T All About Bo

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

" PLEASE Tell Me That This ISN'T All About Boarding School !!! "

(Screened in Australia on Wed 26 Jul 06 - Episode # 4238)

Note –The opening credits appearance in ep 4237 was a 1 day wonder, as they weren’t shown last night

HUNTER HOUSE – beth & Tony arrive home, and hear Tilly way coughing. Beth is shocked when she sees THAT blood on the tissue.

LEAH’S – Dan tries to convince drew to go to the small ceremony to unveil peter’s memorial plaque but he gets nowhere.

Drew then wonders if Dan thinks he is responsible for the fire at the school – Dan says that he doesn’t.

As drew bails for the kitchen, Leah enters, and Dan tells her of his lack of progress.

HOSPITAL – Rachel is talking to Tilly as beth enters. Rachel wonders ho long Tilly has been coughing like this. Tilly is a tad evasive about the questions – and Rachel clearly notes this evasiveness.

LEAH’S – Leah & Dan & colleen (in kitchen) admire that memorial plague that they’ve had made for peter.

Drew enters the room – and he waaaaaaaaaay charms colleen.

Drew enters the lounge – and Dan follows him. Dan is annoyed when drew says that he doesn’t want to attend the memorial.

HOSPITAL – Rachel enters Tilly’s room, and beth is shocked when Rachel says that the blood in Tilly’s cough was caused by the fact that she has a tear in her oesophagus.

Beth wants to stay by tilly’s side but Rachel “suggests” that tilly needs her sleep.

When Tony & beth bail form the room, Rachel questions Tilly about how this happened. Tilly says that it’s all because of the stress that she has been under of late – with the reception explosion, the burns, Robbie & kit etc, but Rachel says that stress can’t cause a thing like this. Rachel insists that the most likely cause of this is if someone in deliberately make themselves vomit. Tilly however denies this – and suggests that Rachel should leave her alone.

NEXT MORNING – Cassie arrives and she badly wants to see Tilly. Beth (who Cassie encounters in corridor) thinks that Cassie knows something – but Cassie won’t dob on her friend.

Cassie enters Tilly’s room – and tries to get her to seek help. Tilly insists that all in under control, but Cassie points out theta the fact that Tilly is in hospital should be a wake up call.

Beth must have heard their raised voices in tilly’s room – so she enters tilly’s room, but when she wonders to cassie what she knows, cassie (despite being being death starred by tilly) tells beth the TRUTH about tilly purging herself !!!

Tilly tries to deny – and all 3 women (Tilly, Cassie, beth) raise their voices so much that Rachel enters the room – just as the V angry Tilly tells Cassie to GET OUT of the room. Cassie complies -= but only after Tilly have told her to GET OUT a 2-nd time.

Rachel “suggests” that beth & Cassie should leave the room, and when they have, Rachel tries to talk to Tilly about the psychical AND psychological affects of what Tilly is doing to herself.

However, it’s when Rachel says things like that Tilly is beautiful that she gets a response – i.e. Tilly waaaaaaaaaaaaaay denies such comment. Indeed Tilly calls herself stupid, pathetic, ugly & useless.

(note – awesome acting form Indiana btw)

Meanwhile, in the corridor, Tony & Luke have just arrived, and beth tells them about Tilly purging herself (which caused the blood in her cough).

Beth worries that she’s been a bad mum – and she thinks that Robbie & kit being LOST is no excuse etc for not paying enough attention to Tilly.

Rachel approaches beth & co – and tells them that she thinks that Tilly’s weight isn’t the issue, its Tilly’s low sense of self worth that the problem.

Beth again tells all that she must be the worst mum in the world, whilst Rachel insists that they REALLY need to discover the underlying cause of Tilly’s problems.

LEAH’S – whilst having breakfast, Dan tries once more to convince drew to attend the ceremony today.

Drew responds by bailing to the lounge – where Leah talks to him. She also tries to convince him – but mentions the 2 ppl that drew has connected too (VJ & Ryan) to her advantage.

HEADLAND – Dan decides that he can’t wait for drew any longer, so Ryan hand him a white lily to begin the ceremony.

However, Dan & the others (Leah, VJ, Ryan, Colleen) is pleased when drew arrives at that very moment.

Note – the memorial plague is mounted to a large rock, and yews, they are at the place where Shane Parrish got terribly ill on his 1-st wedding anniversary to Angel …. And subsequently died.

HOSPITAL – beth tries to talk to Tilly about what she has such low self worth. She tries to tell Tilly that she is an awesome person (Clarissa’s performance is waaaaaaaaaaay GREAT) but Tilly rejects any suggestion of beauty, brains, ANYTHING that is good about her.

Cassie arrives at the doorway – and says that she wants to help. Tilly tells her that their friendship is OVER … and to remove herself from Tilly’s sight.

HEADLAND – colleen comments to Dan about his moving speech.

Dan ten goes over to drew and thanks him for attend – drew say that she is only there for VJ & Ryan.

Drew walk away, and wen Leah approaches Dan, he tanks her for talk to draw earlier.

HOSPITAL – Luke enters tilly’s room, and gets that same “I’m NOT special” from tilly – with more great work form Indiana evens - as tilly says that she is useless, pathetic, ugly etc.

Luke also gets way emotional – tells Tilly SEVERAL times that "you are NOT nothing” …. Tilly starts to cry, and reaches out psychically to Luke, who responds by hugging her.

Note – has Luke TRULY been able to convince Tilly AND if he has, is ALL of this because Tilly’s deceased dad Jack send her & Henry off to boarding school ???

LEAH’S – Dan thanks drew for today and hopes that it’s the beginning of forming a bond with drew, and having drew as part of the family.

Drew however goes on the offensive … insists that today meant nothing … before drew stormed out of the room.

HEADLAND – drew arrives, angrily removes the plaque from its mounting … and throws it to the ground !!!!(Note 1 - end of ep / Note 2 – Is Drew rebelling like this rather than face the unknown of a REAL family life???)


Why IS Tilly sooooooo down on herself ???

(note – that preview sound too much like the ep I’ve just done the guide for, so I think if that ep 4239 will be all about Kimmy & Rachel & Kit, ie the preview at the end of ep 4237)

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Beth's white wide (floral) collar, plunge V neck top

SILVER – Beth's aqua (sailing boat moitifed) singlet top

BRONZE – Colleen's light purple (floral motifed) button up shirt

HONOURABLE MENTION - Leah's red plunging V neck top

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