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What if?

Guest Lilone

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I am writing a new fan fic that will start from the last week of season 19......

Summary spoilers

The last week of 2006


As the town gather for Colleen's surprise birthday, colleen is upset by how forgetfull the town are being about her birthday.

Drew and Maddie grow closer as Drew opens up to her about how much he did want to get to no his dead father.


Colleen is arrested when a big stash of cocaine is found in her possession at her party. Dan is confused for his feelongs towards Leah and Rachael.

Alf arrives from the city with his new fiance.


Lucas is reeling after Maddie rejects him.

Tony and Beth decide it's time to make their partnership official.

brad and Sally grow closer but a heart breaking discovery is just around the corner !


Sally is devastated by the news, a close relation has been killed.

Amanda and Belle arrive from Paris but will they make it back to Summer Bay.

Friday: Drew finds something that could lead to a surprise discovery

Kim, Robbie, Tasha, Jack and Martha's life lie on the line can they be saved before its too late?

season 20

Who die's?????

Who is back in the Bay?

which couple split up?

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Right here is the first chapter please let me know what you think:)

Episode one

(Caravan Park)

Ric, Sally, Cassie and Morag were having dinner when Colleen knocks on the door.

“Hi, I just thought I would pay my rent today” Colleen said with a massive grin on her face. Sally gets up out of her chair and walks over to the rent book. “You haven’t happen to have any parcel’s delivered here for me have you Sal” Colleen asked trying to hint to everyone it was her birthday. Sally looked at Colleen trying to hold back a massive grin that would give the surprise birthday away.

“I’m sorry Colleen no parcels or letters have arrived for anyone in the last few days” Sally said. ‘Mrs Smart I am waiting for a letter as well, too be honest I think it’s the postman not doing his job right!’ Ric blurted out helping Sally to confuse Colleen even more.

“Ok thanks but if anything comes for me please let me know I should be getting a few letters this time of the year” Colleen said as she walked out of the door.

“Gee that was close I didn’t think she was going to leave” Morag said laughing at how Stupid Colleen was before.

“Yeah I thought she would have realised how we can forget her birthday when all she does it talk about it!” Cassie replied.

Ric got up off his chair and looked at Sally.

“Mum thanks for Dinner it was great but can we go and meet everyone at the dinner?”

“Yes of course but don’t forget you have school in the morning!” replied Sally

Drew is walking towards the Dinner when he spots Cassie and Ric heading towards him.

Drew starts to walk over to Cassie and Ric when he hears rustling in a Bush near him; Drew walks over to the bush but can not see anything.

“Did you hear that” Drew asked Ric and Cassie curiously.

“What mate” Ric asked a bit confused as they heard nothing.

“It’s probably just me hearing things” Drew replied but was shore he heard something.

They enter the Dinner to see Lucas, Maddie and Belle waiting for them.

‘Right I think it’s my round” Drew said as he ordered everyone a Juice.

Belle stood up and went over to help Drew with the drinks.

Drew turned around and kissed Belle on the cheek.

“Hey Babe I didn’t think you was coming?” Belle asked wondering why Drew had come out.

“Dan let me out, as long as I get home ok” Drew replied with a half grin on his face.

Belle looked at Drew all confused.

“So you and Uncle Dan getting along ok now?”

“We might as well, mainly for Vj and Ryan’s sake. Their all I care about”

“All you care about aye” Belle said in shock.

“Obviously I care about you too, I am falling in love with you” Drew said with the cutest smile on his face.

Belle started to stare at Drew, “What’s wrong?” asked Drew wondering why a big grin was starting to grow on Belle’s face.

‘It’s just….. Just you looked so much like your dad then!’ Belle said.

Drew looked away from Belle and quickly grabbed the drinks and took them over to everyone else.

“Sorry I got to go” Drew said as he quickly walked out the Dinner.

“What’s wrong with him” asked Maddie

“I don’t know” Belle said as she ran after Drew.

“Drew wait” Belle shouted trying to get Drew to stop.

Drew carried on walking all the way up to Stewarts point when he eventually stopped.

Belle walked over and sat down next to Drew in front of Peter’s plaque.

Belle put her hand on Drew’s shoulder before putting her hand on Drew’s face.

“I’m sorry I didn’t mean to upset you, It’s just you really do look and act like Pete”

“It’s ok I just really miss him, Belle.” Drew said putting his hand on the picture of his dad next to the plaque.

“You don’t have to talk about him, I know deep down you loved him” Belle said as she tried to comfort her devastated boy friend.

Belle put her arms around Drew as he started to cry in her arms.

“For the past 4 months I have treated Dan like crap, only because every time I see him it hurts me because all I think about is my dad being his brother. It’s as if I want to hurt Dan because I can’t hurt my dad for not being here, I miss him so much Belle” Drew said while holding really tight to Belle.

Next time on What if?

What will happen to Colleen?

Who is Alf’s new fiancé?

Dan is confused but is he?

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Episode 2

(The Dinner)

Irene and Robbie enter waiting to be given food for Colleen’s birthday.

“Leah, how do we know Colleen will not come in work today?” asked Irene.

“Argh you see, last night she was asking about letter’s being delivered so Ric has asked her to stay at the Caravan Park waiting for a non- existing parcel also she is looking after Pippa.

“So it’s all systems go” Robbie said laughing at the thought of Colleen having no idea about what is going on.

(Leah and Dan’s house)

Dan is asleep when he starts to Dream about Rachael walking around the house in her bikini. Dan suddenly wakes up and thinks to himself how much he loves Leah but always thinks Rachael is actually quite hot!

Dan gets up out of bed and walks in the kitchen to see Drew sitting down with VJ and Ryan eating their breakfast.

As Dan looks at Drew he just thinks about another day of arguing between the two of them but in the past couple of weeks he has began to just let Drew get on with things.

Drew looks up at Dan and say’s “Dan can we talk?”

Dan looks over at Drew and shakes his head to make sure he is actually awake because that is the most civilised thing Drew has said to him since he arrived.

“Yeah sure mate” Dan replied with a smile on his face.

Drew enters the living room and say’s “look mate I am really sorry, last night I relised I have been a total T*** to you and its UN forgivable what I have put you through”

“It’s ok….” Dan replied.

“No it’s not you was the only person who tried to look after me when my dad died, I hated the fact he left me and you just walked in my life, It was still no exception to what I have done, If you want can we start again. Just be mates and get to know each other?” asked Drew hoping Dan would forgive him.

“Yeah of course but one thing?” Dan said standing up.

“What’s that” asked Drew?

“Can I have a hug?”

Drew stood up and hugged Dan while looking over at the picture of Pete on the shelving.

(Irene’s house)

Sally and Morag enter carrying birthday cards and presents addressed to Colleen when there is a knock on the door.

Irene walks over and answers the door, as she opens the door she is looking at a big bunch of flowers with a man holding them. The flowers slowly get pulled away from his face and Irene can’t believe her eyes as she shouts “Lance you made it”.

Everyone in the room starts to look over and is really pleased that Lance has made it.

“So everyone is here” Sally said as she was collecting her coat.

“Sal don’t forget 8pm here I have told her that Tasha and baby Jordon will be having a little 3 weeks birthday dinner tonight, o she thinks she will be coming for dinner”

Irene said as she was getting all excited for the birthday party.

Everyone leaves Irene’s to get ready for the “Big Bash”

Drew, Dan, Leah, Rachael and Kim are first to arrive at Irene’s house for the party.

“Wow there is lots of food” Drew commented as he tried to eat a sausage roll but Leah lightly slaps his hand and say’s “don’t’ be a naughty boy”.

Dan and Drew looked at Leah and laughed.

More guests started to arrive, it was 7:35 and Irene said “right I better go and pick up the guest of honour, Sal I will prank your mobile when we are near here”

Irene left to go and pick up Colleen while the guests waited in the house.

Irene arrived at Colleen’s caravan to find Colleen all ready waiting out side.

Colleen ran over to Irene and hugged her “Hi Irene how are you, are you ok?” Colleen asked acting very weird.

As they approached the house Irene rang Sally’s mobile.

Colleen got out of the car and seen the lights on.

Colleen and Irene walked threw the front door and everyone shouted “Surprise”

Colleen has the biggest smile on her face and keeps looking around the room.

Sally notices this and walks over to her and say’s “are you ok?”

“Yeah I just was looking for….”

“Lance?” asked sally.

“I’m sorry he couldn’t make it” said Sally trying not to smile.

But colleen just kept grinning and chatting away.

“Dan don’t you think Colleen is acting weird” asked Leah.

“Colleen weird what makes you thinks that, all I can see is normal Colleen” replied Dan.

Everyone was getting on so well until their was a knock on the door.

Irene opens the door and see’s constable Rice and Fitzgerald standing at the door with a warrant.

Jack looks over and say’s “Hi guys do you want me?”

Rice starts to laugh at how drunk Jack is.

“Please join the party” colleen shouted from across the room.

“I’m sorry we haven’t come here on a social visit” said Lara.

“What’s wrong” asked Jack.

“we have got a warrant to search the premises for illegal drugs” Rice said as he handed Irene the warrant.

4 more officers arrived and looked threw everyone’s belongings.

They could not find anything until they looked in Colleen’s bag, there was 3 bags of cocaine.

“I’m sorry Colleen but we are going to have to take you down the station” said Rice as he hand cuffed Colleen.

Everyone in the room just looked at Colleen in shock they couldn’t believe it.

Just as Colleen was being taking away Lance emerged from the bedroom and just looked at his mum.

As Colleen is taken to the station the guests start to wonder if Colleen has been set up.

“Well I think the party is over” said Drew as he kissed Belle good night.

The rest will be up tomorrow 

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