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TV Week July 29 - Aug 4

Guest Trudi30

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Gee how ironic !!

This morning I made mention in the Spoiler section (RE : Waiting for 5 ...) how I was still waiting for TV Week to acknowledge my 'shame on you' email ... in regards to incorrectly showing a picture of Celia and stating that it was Barbara in the 4000th Episode thread ...

And they go and do it again ... the TV Week that came out today has a side-bar column in regards to Selina and a cult in 1997 ... it finishes up with

'After leaving the show, Tempany went on to guest star in All Saints and The Secret Life of Us, before returning to Summer Bay for Home and Away's milestone 4000th episode'

Huh !!??

Did I miss a segement of the episode when it aired ?? ... sadly no I didnt

What exactly is the editor at TV Week doing ?? ... cause she aint watching the soaps nor is she checking details before going to press

Shame, TV Week ... shame

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I noticed that too but it's not something you need to get upset about. Considering how many tv shows TV Week covers it is not surprising that a little detail such as this would be incorrect. The episode aired over a year ago. TV week has the most accurate coverage of Home and Away when compared to magazines such as TV Soap and Soap World. Everyone is allowed to make mistakes.

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