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Behind the Scenes

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Topic Title – Behind The Scenes

Topic Description – Entire Cast when they aren't filming.

Type of story: Long Story.

Rating: T

Main Characters: Entrie Cast.

Genre: A mixture

Warnings: None

Is Story being proof read: No

Summary: Briefly summarise your story (5 lines max).

Behind the Scenes, is basically a fic set around the cast, each have thier own storylines or relationships.


"Morning Amy," Ada called walking up to Amy before she had to go and get her make-up done for her first scene of the day.

"Morning Ada," Amy smiled as she gave her friend a quick hug before she headed off.

"Hello, Amy good to see you here on time," Grace the make-up lady said nicely.

"Yes, Im sorry about that, the other day," Amy apoligized.

"We wont be too long today, you only have a few scenes I think," Grace said appying some foundation to Amy's soft cheeks.

"I only have 4," Amy said smiling.

"Did you hear the latest about Chris and Isabel?" Grace asked Amy.

"No, what happend?" Amy said interested.

"They broke up," Grace said.

"Now dont talk, Grace instructed Amy as she applied the final touches to Amy's make-up

Amy yawned as she walked into the Green Room after getting ready.

Indianna, Ada, Sharni and Jessica were in the corner talking about some random guy Sharni had seen.

Chris, Ray, Paul and Rhys were talking about Football from what Amy had heard

"Hey Amy, wake up," Jodi laughed as Amy sat down oppisite her.

"Hey you guys," Isabel said friendly sitting next to Amy.

"How are you?" Jodi asked her.

"Not to good, I broke up with Chris last night," Isabel said quietly holding back tears and not wanting to draw too much attention to herself.

"Oh thats not good" Kate said symptheically.

"Why?" Jodi asked her, gently.

"He told me, he is in love with someone else," Isabel said blunty.

"omg I wonder who?" Amy said in a rush getting an odd look from Jodi.

"Sorry, Izzy, I shouldnt have said that," Amy apoligized.

Amy had secretly liked Chris since she had joined the cast, but couldnt react on it, But since Isabel had left the picture, now was her chance, but who is the other woman?

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During their lunch break, Emily had taken a seat next to Amy, and started chatting away like old High School friends.

"So, who is he?" Emily asked taking a sip of her hot coffee.

"Who is who?" Amy laughed

"The guy you like, who is he?" Emily asked Amy with a huge smile across her face.

"I dont know what on earth your talking about," Amy said trying to avoid it, with no luck.

"Amy, you have been day dreaming about someone all day," Emily said.

"Its no-one," Amy insisted.

"Hey, Do you two mind if I take a seat," Sarah asked.

"Sure," Emily said moving over to make room for Sarah at the table.

"How many scenes have you got today, Sarah?" Emily asked her.

"Only one with Nic," Sarah laughed.

"Ohhh, I have about 6," Jodi said grinning at Sarah

"Oh, I only have one, What about you Amy?" Emily asked her.

"I have four and they all with Chris," Amy smiled, trying to not blush.

"Silence Please," The director said loudly.

The room soon filled with silence.

"And Action!"

"Morning Rachel," Ada said smiling at Amy.

"Morning," Amy said.

"Wheres Dan?" She asked Leah

"He's gone to pick up Ryan from Amanda's, Have you seen, my watch?" Ada asked Amy, while looking for it.

"No I havent," Amy turned around as Chris walked onto set.

"Hey Babe," He said greeting Amy with a kiss.

"Cut!" The Director said, "Do the kiss one more time."

Amy got back into her place, as did Ada.


"No I havent," Amy turned around as Chris walked onto set.

"Hey Babe," He said greeting Amy with a kiss.

"Perfect, Go get Jodi and Paul from the Green Room, Please he said to Ada.

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"And Action!" The Director shouted.

"Jack, I cant believe we have been marired a year today," Jodi squealed excitedly.

Paul took Jodi's hands and kissed her.

"I know what you mean," Paul smiled.

"Cut! Paul, Can you please do that kiss scene one more time, but dont look into Jodi's eyes when you kiss, I want your eye's shut, Same goes for Jodi," The Director said impatiently. Scenes Between Jodi and Paul latley were taking longer then usuall as they always stuffed them up, with the kisses.

Paul and Jodi giggled.


"Jack, I cant believe we have been marired a year today," Jodi squealed excitedly.

Pual took Jodi's hands and kissed her.

"I know what you mean," Paul smiled.

"Cut! Once more please!"

Silence, and Action!"

"Jack, I cant believe we have been marired a year today," Jodi squealed excitedly.

Pual took Jodi's hands and kissed her.

"I know what you mean," Paul smiled

"Perfect, Go and get me Kate, Ray and Mark," The Director said taking down a few notes.

Paul and Jodi walked into the Green Room giggleing they couldnt stop themselves. Paul sat down, Jodi sat on his lap, Paul put his arms around her.

"Aww young love," Ada said teasing them.

Paul and Jodi started giggling all over again.

"Ohh the are so cute together," Kate said as she walked out of the Green Room and onto Set.

"Hey Chris," Amy said as she walked past him outside to get some fresh air. Amy walked around past the set before she came to a stop at a picnic table.

"Amy, we need to talk," Chris said as he sat down on the picnic table next to her.

"Emily told me that you like me," Chris said calmly.

"Emily told you that?" Amy asked, looking at a the ground.

"Yes she did, but it's ok," Chris said smiling.

"How is it ok?" She asked him.

"Because I like you too," Chris said as he lent over to Amy and they shared a long and passionate kiss.

"Hey Babe," Rhys said walking up behind Indianna, and kissing her neck.

"Hey," Indianna said turning around and giving her boyfriend a tight hug.

"Aww thats 3 cute couples for today," Lyn said smiling.

"3?" Jodi asked her.

"Ohh sshh, you sound like your character, Colleen!" Ray said laughing.

"Yes, Amy and Chris," Lyn said quietly.

"Amy and Chris! He left me for her!" Isabel shouted

"Keep your voice down, Izzy," Indianna said clamly.

"Well im sorry, but I dont know what is wrong with him!" Isabel said running off.

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Chapter 4

Indianna hadnt slept. She had been tossing and turning all night, thinking, How on earth was she going to tell Rhys the news? As she glanced at her alarm clock the neon numbers read 2.00am. She had to leave to be at the set by 6.30am. At the rate Indianna was going she would still be awake then.Indianna started to silenty sob into her pillow leaving a damp patch which made her checks wet. She finally drifted off into a deep sleep.

"I can show you the world' 20 year old Mark - or 'Furzey' to his mates - hummed quietly as he made his way into the green room. "Shining, shimmering, splendid' He continued. About to sing the next line - his favourite - he was startled by a hand grasping his shoulder.


'Oh, hey, Chris' Mark grinned. Chris was being an idiot. Again.

"Talking to yourself hey?"

"Haha. No. Just practising"

"For kareoke night?"

"Funny. Not. For It Takes Two..you know, the one I’m gonna win'

Chris ruffled his mates hair in a matey sort of way. "I'm sure. It must get expensive voting for yourself"

"HAHA. Comedian. Sure you haven't missed your calling? I'll let you know, I have a fan base"

"Really? You know, your mum doesn't count"

"Sometimes I just wanna slap you" But Mark laughed as he said this. "Seriously. People think I have a good chance"

"Fair enough. I still can't get over the fact you sang a Bonnie Tyler song"

Mark laughed.

"Bonnie, Farnzy…Aladdin…”

"Jelous much?"

"Haha. Sure"

Amy chose that moment to walk by. "Hey princess" Mark greeted "Whoops, Amy. Sorry, just practising my song"

Amy shook her head, giggling. "It's fine, call me princess anytime"

"No he can't" Chris responded, probably a little too loudly.

"AMY! CHRIS!" A random voice called out from seemingly nowhere.

"Amy, Chris" The random voice turned out to be one of the directors running from the greenroom. "We need you on set pronto"

"Uh okay" Chris replied.

"Daniel Bennett has some crazy idea about some scene involving Kim and Rachel"

"Oh crap. I hope I don't cheat again"

"Knowing Daniel B, EveZoeMaxineWhatever is gonna turn up with your love child"

"But ZoeEveMaxineWhatever and I never had sex"

The director shook her head. Chris. It’s Daniel B...

”Right. How silly of me. Let’s go, Princess Aimz “

Chris took Amys hand in his own. “Yes that’s right. Princes” He smirked at Mark. “Go find your own”

“Who calls their girlfriend ‘princess’ anyway?” Mark mumbled to himself as the embarrassingly lovey dovey duet walked away. “Tell me princess, when did you last let your hear decide” He sang his favourite line of the song, making his way to the greenroom. Maybe Chris’ idea wasn’t such a bad one….not the calling your girlfriend ‘princess’ part, of course…

"Hey Babe, did you sleep well?" Rhys asked Indianna as he walked up behind her and started to peck he neck with kisses.

"Yes, I slept like a log," She said turning around putting on a fake smile for Rhys sake. He looked into her eyes and smiled. How could she tell him? The doctors said it wont be too much longer. She had to leave the show within a month and Rhys didnt know. He will find out by the scripts later on anyway.

"I missed you soo much," Indianna said smiling.

"Me too, Indi," Rhys said as he kissed her.

"Haha gotcha!" Emily laughed as she walked up behind Sarah and slapped he bum.

"What was that for?" Sarah giggled.

"Nothing, just could resist it, such an easy target," Emily grinned.

"Your nuts!" Sarah exclaimed picking up her bag.

"You done for the day?" Emily asked her.

"Yup, you?"

"Yes, Come on, lets go," Emily said.

Sarah and Emily walked out of the Channel 7 Studio doors, arms linked with one anonther, with the recent storylines, they had become close friends.

Thanks to Bella for the wonderfull contribution to this chapter :)

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Chapter 5.

"Amy we, need to talk," Ada said grabbing Amy by the arm and dragging her off into an empty room at the studios.

"What the...?" Amy started but stopped when she saw how angrey Ada was. Ada shut the door and threw Amy a look that said, Im on to you.

"What the hell are you thinking, Ada?" Amy asked her friend.

"You mean what were you thinking, dont act like its not true," Ada said bluntly.

"You know about Chris?" Amy asked her uncertainly.

"Of cousre I do, your all over each other, im quite amazed that hardly any of the others havent noticed,"

"Ohhh..." Amy trailed off.

"Amy! He is too young fo you!"Ada said loudly

"I know, but there is a connection," Amy said trying to make Ada understand.

"A connection, after a day?" Ada asked her rasing her left eyebrow making her dark brown eye twinkle from the light above her.

"Well, yeah I guess. Look, Ada, what is so wrong with it?" Amy asked her.

"Well the fact that Isabel is heartborken,"

"What? When Chris left Isabel, I had no idea he liked me, So dont go pinning the blame on me!" Amy shouted as she turned to leave the room. Ada stepped in front of the door, blocking it.

"What I do is none of your bussiness," Amy said trying to get through.

"Yes, Amy, it is as were friends, and I dont want to see you with Chirs, you can do better than that," Ada said stepping aside waitng for Amy to go.

"I know you care, trust me I do, but it is my decission and I will go ahead with or without your support,"Amy said firnly.

"Im just worried for you," Ada said smiling.

"I know, but dont be," Amy said as they shared a quick hug as they walked down the corridor.

"Isabel?" Kate said walking up to Isabel. Isabel had been updset ever since Chris left her.

"Whats wrong with me?" Isabel said looking at Kate with tears in her eyes.

"Nothing Izzy, Nothing at all," Kate said giivng Isabel a friendly hug.

"Then why dosnt Chris love me anymore," Izzy said blinking back tears.

"I dont know, Izzy," Kate said sighing.

Mark waltzed into the studio, ready to shoot a scene.

"Okay, Mark, Sharni" Called out one of the directors.

"I love you Ric"

"Love you too, Cassie" And a lot of making out.

"CUT. Okay, Sharni,Mark, done for the day"

"Woah" Sharni commented. "Ric and Cassie are a little horny these days"

"Not that Furzey minds making out with beautiful girls?" It was Chris again. Sharni grinned, slapping him on the shoulder playfully.

"Of course not" "Well, hate to break it to you but I gotta dash. Cya tomorrow"

"Okay,cya Sharni" Chris waved while Mark simply smiled.

"Ahhh" Chris turned to his mate. "Have an eye for Sharni do we?"

"No, Ric does."

"She's hot" Commented Chris.

Mark grinned, seizing the opportunity.

"SO is Amy. Do you see me hooking up with her?"

Chris wasn't sure if he wanted to slap the guy or not."Yes. MY princess is rather good looking"

Mark rolled his eyes. Something he found himself doing quite a bit whenever Chris was around.

"The curls do it for me, bro" He joked, being smart enough to duck at the same time.


"Hahaha. Try to wack me and get the random pole instead."

"Some mate you are..seriously, though..what's with the face?"

"What this one? Uh, my parents made it..it has skin, eyes, nose"

"Shut up. I mean the look you have..the 'look'..you know 'the look'?"

"Hemsworth. Speak english"

You wanna shag Sharni don't you?"

"Sharni's great and all but no"

"Whatever you reckon. Indiana? "

"She's like my sister"

"Jodi?" "Again, sister"

"CHRIS!" A random crew member called. "Righto, gotta go. Whoever this mystery lady is, I'll figure it out"

Chris winked at his mate, walking towards the crew member. Mark smiled a little, his expression again what Chris had meant when he said 'the look'. "I Burn For You..what am I gonna do?" He began to softly hum.

Mark stopped staring at Chris. People might start talking. He chuckled. He just didn't bend that way. His eyes were focused on a point beyond Chris. Actually, he wasn't sure what he was staring at

"Buurn for you....." He continued to hum.

"I cant believe the scenes we have coming up in a few weeks!" Sarah exclaimed to Emily.

"I know, I cant believe my character is going to kill 3 well known residents," Emily said picking at her lunch, she had barley touched it.

"Em, Whats wrong, you have barley touched your lunch," Sarah asked concerned.

"Nothing, im just not to hungry, She said smiling at Sarah.

"You sure," Sarah said.

"Positive, You better go," Emily said looking at her watch.

"Oh, yes, I better, I'll see you round," Sarah said smiling at her friend as she walked out the door. Emily picked up what was left of her lunch and threw it in the bin before heading home.

Ring Ring

Jodi dived her hand into her handbag looking for her mobile, she searched though the millions of things she had in there before finding it at the bottom of her bab.

"Hello?" Jodi said answering her mobile.

"Hey Babe," Paul said laying back on his bed, relaxing, he had the day off, Jodi was on a break.

"Hey, I have been waiting for you call," Jodi said smiling. She had been missing him and was glad to hear his voice.

"Its good to hear your voice," Paul said with a grin across his face.

"Good to hear yours too," Jodi said blushing with a small smile.

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Indianna and Rhys were at Palm Beach shooting a scene, Indianna was wearing skirt and a short sleeved top, she was freezing. It was early in the morning. The waves were crashing as there was a small breeze.

"And action!" the Director shouted.

"Lucas, I love you," Indianna said smiling.

"Yea, I know, But We cant be together," Rhys said avoiding her eyes.

"Why not!"

"Becasue, I dont love you," Rhys said walking off leaving her there crying.

"Cut! Indianna your mother just called and will be here soon," He said smiling at her, ever since she got cast as Matilda he had been so glad, she was a very talented actress.

"Thanks," Indianna said giving him a small smile as she sat down, she wasnt feeling to well. Rhys walked up behind her and drapped a jacket over her bare shoulders.

"Thanks," Indianna said quietly.

"Whats wrong, are you sick?" Rhys asked her concerned.

"Sort of," Indi said blinking back tears.

"What do you mean?"

"Indi love lets go," her mum called out from her car.

"I'll talk to you soon then," Rhys said as Indianna left and went to her weekly check up at the hospital she had been going there for her check ups ever since the doctor had told her the bad news.

Rhys stood up and watched as Indi left with her mother. He thought about Indi, how she had recently been acting weird around him and disappeared with her mum all the time to mysteriuos appointments.

"Hey Rhys, is everything ok?" Kate asked him.

"Yea, im just a bit worried about Indi," Rhys confided in Kate.

"I am too, she seems to be so distant lately," she admitted.

"I think she is sick, she has lost weight, and always goes off to appointments with her mum," Rhys admitted. Kate gave him a quick hug.

"I’m sure if it was important she will tell you when she is ready," Kate smiled as she walked off leaving Rhys with a lot to think about.

“You call that emotion!” Daniel Bennett, the director, shouted at Emily as she stared blankly at Sarah. “Do you have any idea what we’re even filming!” he continued to yell. “You and Sarah are supposedly about to kill three people and all you can do is stand there! Are you even listening to me?”

The lack of interest shown by Emily had made him lose his patience. He took a step in front of Emily and madly waved his hand around in direct sight of her eyes.

“Emily Perry!!!” he screamed with all the air in his lungs, still waving his hand. Daniel’s booming voice snapped Emily back into reality. She blinked her sleep-deprived eyes and focused all of her attention on Daniel.

“Glad you could join us Miss. Perry” Daniel said sarcastically as he narrowed his eyes. “I just hope you know how many people would’ve killed to play Zoe McCallister. You better show some more dedication to this role soon or…”

Before he could finish Sarah interrupted his intimidation of Emily.

“Please go easy on her” begged Sarah. “Emily hasn’t been feeling very well lately.”

Daniel glanced over at Sarah and sneered before looking back at Emily. He let out an exhausted sigh and bit his top lip so hard it started to bleed.

“Just think about what I said okay?”

Before Emily could reply he stormed out of the room yelling obscenities at various pieces of furniture around the room. Sarah and Emily were left alone.

“Thanks” Emily forced a smile at Sarah.

“It’s okay, I know you don’t need this right now. You don’t deserve to be yelled at by that stupid monkey of a director” Sarah laughed. “Are you sure you’re okay? You are just sick right?” she said with obvious worry in her voice.

“Yeah Sarah, I’m fine” lied Emily.

With that she span around and gloomily walked off the set. Sarah was left in the solitary environment of the room with only the sound of her own breathing to keep her company.

“If you say so,” Sarah replied even though Emily was long gone.

Amy and Chris walked into the Green Room hand in hand, for the first time in front of everyone. A few gasped, but most smiled warmly. Amy and Chris sat down together in the corner of the room, they were talking and smiling. Jessica and Sharni had been best friends ever since they met, they locked instantly. They shared secrets same as most best friends do, Secrets have a way of getting out, no matter how large or small they are.

"Hey Baby," Paul said calling out to Jodi who was walking off on her break.

"Hey," She said turning around meeting her eyes grinning. He loved her eyes, full of mystery.

"Miss me?" Paul said teasing her

"Of course," Jodi said reaching up and kissing him.

"Get a room you too!" Jason yelled out. Jodi and Paul just looked at one another and burst out giggling.

Thanks to Nachocheez for contribution to this update!

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"Jess, wait up!" Sharni called out to her best friend who was walking towards the canteen.

"Yea?" Jessica said as she turned around with a massive grin on her face.

"Have you seen Mark?" Sharni said narrowing her eyes at her best friend.

"No, have you?" Jess said as her grin faded fast.

"No, I’m looking for him..." Sharni said looking around, to see if she could spot him.

"Oh me too," Jess said giving Sharni a small smile.

"I finally have worked up the courage to tell him I like him," Sharni continued to blab. Jessica fell silent. She secretly had liked Mark ever since they met and was looking for him as well.

"Well I better go," Jess said quickly before making her exit.

"Ok bye!" Sharni called out as Jess left quickly left.

“Indi, love, have you told Rhys?” Indianna’s mother asked her concerned, since finding out the horrible news, Indi had thrown herself into work, to take her mind off of it.

“No, I don’t know what to say to him,” Indianna said pushing her food around on her plate with her fork.

“Indi, you have to tell him, he will find out eventually,”

“What’s that meant to mean, he will find out when I die!” Indi yelled as tears sprung to her eyes. As Indianna ran into her room throwing herself onto her bed, her mum just looked at her husband and started to cry.

“Why did she have to get sick, she is only 16” She said as she sobbed in his arms.

“Jodi, Paul? On set now!” Daniel Bennett said running around like a ‘headless chock’ trying to get everything in order. Jodi skipped into the studio with a grin across her face, with Paul following her giggling.

Daniel looked up, he stared at them.

“Will you two please calm down, this is a television show not some high school dance,” he said bluntly.

“Ok ready? He asked them impatiently.


Jodi walked onto set as Paul was pulling on his jacket.

“Aww Off already?” Jodi pouted.

“Yes, I got called in again, it’s the pyro case I’m afraid, We think we have some new leads,”

“Sorry Martha,” Paul said as he gave Jodi a longggggg kiss before he left.

“Cut! The script says a short kiss, not a long one! Go again!”


Jodi walked onto set as Paul was pulling on his jacket.

“Aww Off already?” Jodi pouted.

“Yes, I got called in again, it’s the pyro case I’m afraid, we think we have some new leads,”

“Sorry Martha,” Paul said as he gave Jodi a short kiss before he left.

“Break Time, Next time concentrate Jodi, you have such talent, but lately you have been day dreaming, you need to focus more,” Daniel said sternly to Jodi as he left.

“Ignore him, your so perfect to me,” Paul said kissing Jodi as they walked off to the Green Room.

“Hello Lynne,” Clarissa asked her co-star who played the character of Irene.

“Hey Clarissa, It will be sad seeing you film your last few scenes coming up in a few weeks,”

“Yes I agree, at least I’m getting killed off by Zoe,” She said laughing as they left the room.

“Izzy!” Chris called out to his ex girlfriend who was hurrying along the beach with tears streaming down her face. Isabel stopped and turned around looking at him.

“Whats wrong?” He asked her concerned.


“What, Whats wrong with Indi?” Chris asked her concerned.

“Indi has –“ Isabel was cut off by the sound of someone screaming.

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Isabel ran as fast as she could with Chris following her, up the beach towards the canteen where she had heard the scream come from, as she slowed down her pace she noticed a rather shocked Sharni and a pale Indianna.

“What’s going on?” Chris said as he looked at Sharni’s scared look on her face.

Sharni what’s going on?” Rhys said rushing over to her side.

“It’s Indi she has –“

“Oh my god! Someone call an ambulance!” Rhys yelled as he bent to down to help Indi up, she had fainted.

Kate and Ada were in the canteen at the time Indianna fainted.

“What’s going on outside?” Kate asked Ada as she looked out the clear glass windows.

“That’s Indi,” Ada said as she rushed outside to find out what was going on.

“Its Indi She has cancer!” Sharni said as she started to cry uncontrollably, Kate rushed over and comforting her.

As Rhys watched as Indianna was being loaded into the back of the ambulance, Sharni crying with Kate tightly hugging her he felt like he was going to explode.

“Rhys, wait!” Chris yelled as Rhys took off running, he just wanted to get away, far away.

“Who was that?” Paul asked Mark as Mark hung up his phone.

“Um, no-one,” Mark said with a cheeky grin spread across his face.

“Who is the girl?”

“Just someone,” Mark said laughing.

“Hey Mark,” Have you got a minute?” Jessica said walked up behind him and tapping him on the shoulder.

Jessica lead Mark down the beach as she plopped herself down on the sand Mark did too.

“What’s up?”

“Mark, this isn’t easy for me to say,” Jess said avoiding his eyes looking out at the surf, as some random tourists walked past pointing at them.

“What’s wrong?” He said concerned.

“Nothing, it’s stupid,” Jessica said giggling nervously.

“I like you, Mark,” Jessica said turning her head, her eyes meeting his.

“I’m sorry, Jess, I’m in love with someone else,” Mark said turning away.

“Who is her name Sharni by any chance?” Jessica yelled springing to her feet.

“Look it doesn’t matter who, that’s not the point...” Mark started.

“No forget it!” Jessica shouted over her shoulder as she ran off full of anger looking for Sharni.

“Hey Amy,” Jodi said walking up behind her.

“Oh hey, Jodi, Amy said as she spun around.

“Did you hear about Indi?”


“She has been rushed to hospital, apparently she has cancer,” Jodi said holding back a tear that was longing to leave her eye and run down her smooth cheek.

“Oh no! That’s horrible, are you alright?” Amy asked Jodi, putting a arm on her shoulder.

Jodi nodded as she started to cry.

“Come here,” Amy said smoothly as she put her arms around Jodi as Jodi started sobbing.

“Why? It isn’t fair,” Jodi said pulling away from Amy wiping the tears away from her eyes.

“I hate you!” Jessica screamed as she walked over to where Sharni was sitting in the green room with Kate next to her.


“No, she deserves to hear this, I told Mark I liked him but it was too late he likes you, doesn’t he?” Jessica said fuming with anger.

As Jessica lunged forwards at Sharni, Chris held her back.

“Let me go!” She screamed.

“As Chris took Jessica out of the room. Sharni started to silently cry as Kate wrapped her arms around her.

“Come on people, were filming in 10, I want Sharni and Jess on set in now!” Daniel shouted from set, as Sharni tried to compose herself by taking long deep breathes before walking on the set.

Jessica and Sharni took there places as Jessica shot Sharni a deadly look.

“Ready yet? I haven’t got all day,”


“I have done it once, I’ll do it again, he loves me not you, you won’t win,” Jessica said as she shut the door on Sharni’s face.

“Well done, Jess, you made it seem like you really do hate Sharni as if she were Cassie” Daniel said smiling as Jessica smirked at Sharni.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Isabel sat down on the sand watching the waves come in and out from the shore, staring in fact. Why Indi, why not me? Isabel thought to herself, in fact she was so deep in thought that she didn’t hear Amy come up behind her. Amy put a comforting hand on Isabel’s shoulder that got her attention. Isabel looked up at Amy’s soft comforting face, as a tear rolled down her smooth cheek. Amy pulled Isabel off of the sand and into a tight hug. All the hate and anger Isabel had for Amy over Chris went away, Isabel knew at the very moment Amy never meant to “Steal Chris” Isabel hugged Amy back hiding her head in Amy’s arms she started to cry.

Paul and Jodi were standing on set outside the Summer Bay House shooting a scene.

“Zoë is back,” Paul said avoiding Jodi’s eyes.

“What! Why didn’t you tell me Jack?” Jodi said putting her hands on her hips, glaring at Paul.

“I didn’t want to make you worry, and I’m not even meant to tell you now, Paul said trying to explain.

“I’m your girlfriend; people have a right to know!” Jodi screamed as Paul went to pull her into a hug, Jodi pushed him away as she left.

“Perfect! Jodi once again brilliant acting,” Daniel said as Jodi came back outside onto the set poking out her tongue at Paul

“What about my acting?”

“It was ok,” Daniel said as he walked off.

“Ha-ha” Jodi laughed

“Hey mate,” Paul said as Rhys walked past him and Jodi.

“Give him time babe, he will come round,” Jodi said as she and Paul hugged.

"Hey mate" Chris sat himself next to Furzey.

"Heyyy. What's up?"

"The tree" Chris pointed to the tree above his head.

"Haha. Managed to tear yourself away from Amy eh?"

Chris sighed. "Yea..only because she's filming a scene with Ada and Kim isn't needed in their girly chat session"

"Haha. can you imagine it? 'Kim, would you to go buy some tampons?" Furzey shook his head with laughter.

"Exactly mate. Anyway what ya up to?" Chris noted his mate seemed a little preoccupied.

"Ah you know the usual. Learning lines, shooting scenes, learning songs"

"Dude you got eliminated. I there, remember"

“Right. Force of habit, sorry” Mark sighed heavily and smiled a sad sort of smile. Which Chris didn't fail to notice. "Hmm , sorry 'bout that man. But don't worry, I had my water gun ready to squirt those little teenyboppers who aren't even old enough to do naughty things let alone marry Guy Sebastian"

"Thanks mate"

"Anytime. But the thing is, one of them stole it"

"Awww oh well the thought there"

"Because I'm cool and you know it. Anyway, what's up? "

"Like you said, the tree”

"I didn't mean that"

Mark stared aimlessly.

"Dude. Stop staring at me. People might talk"

"Yeah sure" Furze laughed.

Just then, Sharni and Jodi waltzed out to the tree where the guys sat, giggling about something.

"Heeyyy Mark" Sharni called out. "You'll never guess what!"

Mark and Chris stared at the girls, surprised at their laughter, given recent events.

"What did you find?" Mark smiled gently at both of them.

Chris smiled a little bit too.

"Well" Continued Sharni. "Jodes and I were just surfing on the net"

"And we found this website" Added Jodi. "Called 'Back to the Bay'. It's a message board for H&A fans"

"Uh oh" Chris sensed trouble.

"PEOPLE" Sharni announced dramatically.

"THINK" Jodi continued.

"YOU" Added Sharni.

"ARE GAY" Concluded Jodi.


Mark gave a w-t-f look. Chris just laughed.

"Um, Chris, they thought that about you too, until you and Amy made last week's TV Week cover" Sharni told him.

Chris stared wide-eyed. "What the hell kinda of message board?"

"I swear..these people..t have their theories..some of them actually make sense in a weird sort of way" said Jodi.

Chris wasn't sure how to react. He opted for laughter. Then he whacked his hand against the tree. Then his hand hurt.


"Aw let me fix that, babe"

It was Amy, having just finished her girly chat scene with Ada.

She rubbed Chris’ hand gently, kissing it better,

Chris pulled her in for a major pash. "See" He grinned. "Back to the Bay people, I am not gay! “Can't speak for my mate Furzey here"

"Hey, Chris, I promised Jess I'd give her a lift to Indi's" Amy said suddenly, glancing sideways at Sharni.

"Oh sure I'll come with you"

"You three can tag along if you” Amy offered.

"There's a scene coming up involving us three and some others" Jodi informed her. But send her our regards, we'll come by soon.

Jodi, Sharni and Mark nodded in agreement. As they headed towards Amy's car, Furze's ring tone went off.

Mark pulled out his phone quickly, trying to avoid Chris realizing his ring tone was Disney. The love theme to Aladdin the be exact. Too late. Amy, Chris, Sharni and Jodi shared a look. Suddenly, it made sense…

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Jessica had the day off of filming so she decided to jump on msn to chat to her friends she hadn’t seen or spoken to in ages. As she rarely got a chance to. Jessica’s smile faded as she only had a few contacts online, she didn’t bother to check who they were as she turned away from the computer. She heard the familiar ding, she had a message. It was from Sharni.

Sharni12: Jess, have you go my purple sock, the one with the red heart on the ankle?

Jessica muttered under her breath, Hi Jess, how are yah.

CareBearJessie: No, why would I?

Jessica looked down at her feet, one sock was a different shade purple then the other, she bent down and shifted the sock so she could see the ankle; there was a red heart on it.

CareBearJess: Umm, I might have one sock.

Sharni12: Thanks

CareBearJessie: Sharni?

Sharni12: What?

CareBearJessie: Umm, never mind, Have you seen Indi?

Sharni12: No, I’m going there later today though; you want me to say hi to here for you?

CareBearJessie: Yea, thanks.

Jessica sighed as she signed out of msn and groaned when her mother called her as dinner was ready as Jessica began to walk out of her room, her mobile phone beeped she looked at the screen it was a message from Jodi, saying she wouldn’t be able to help Jessica learn her lines as she had a ate with Paul.

Rhys walked into Indiana’s hospital room, with a bunch of flowers; they were daises, her favourite.

“I was wondering if you were ever going to come, Inidanna said with that cheeky grin of hers.

“Yea sorry, I just had to get my head around a few things,” Rhys said placing the flowers down and heading over to Indiana.

“I’m so sorry, that I didn’t tell you, I was going to, when the timing was right,” Indiana said avoiding his eyes.

“It’s ok, at least now I know, so you don’t have to face it alone,” Rhys said as he sat on the edge of Indiana’s bed.

“Face it? Rhys, I only have around 6 months left, what am I going to face,” Indiana said softly as she broke down crying, Rhys quickly lent forward and cradled her in his arms until she fell asleep.

“Action!” Daniel Bennet shouted, he wasn’t in the mood for mucking around today.

“Why what’s the matter Pete,” Sarah said as she battled her eyelashes at Nic, it felt so weird to be flirting with him, but she had to as Tracey was.

“We need to catch her, before someone gets hurt or killed,” Nic said in a huff.

Nic walked over to the whiteboard.

“And can someone please tell me what Maxine Trood means!”

“Nic clam down your getting yourself all worked up isn’t going to help anyone,” Sarah said.

“Oh ****, I called you Nic,” Sarah said as she started to laugh.

“Cut! His name is Peter, remember” Daniel said impatiently as Sarah calmed herself down.


“Pete, clam down, your getting yourself all worked up isn’t going to help anyone,” Sarah said as she put her hand on his shoulder.

Nic turned around and they shared a longing look.

“Cut, ok that’s a wrap, take 10 everybody,” Daniel said.

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