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Returning Is Hard

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I sat staring out of the city windows as my mother got me in the car, the bright lights burnt my eyes.

"Michael sweetie were going away for a while so mummy can do a story" Martha said to her son.

"No i want to stay here" He couldn't tell her mother was crying.

"Michael shut up please" She said, the tears in her eyes made her weak.

The boy was off in his own little world,

"Mummy, can we get Nickie" Michael said.

'Yes" Martha said driving off to the bay. She picked up the dog from the dogs house and dorve off with their belongings. Martha had heaps of money, but needed to hide from her e boyfriend David.

She arrived in the bay and drove her car towards a mansion, it was huge, she had people setting the home up for her.

The next day Martha was jogging down the beach, when she bumped into someone, Lucas, he was with Mattie,

"Martha" He said sounding angry.

"Hi" Her phone went off and she threw it into the river. Lucas and Mattie followed her quietly up to the mansion, outside was a young boy, he was sitting on the ground playing with a dog.

"Hi" He said smiling,

"Oh my god, Martha was pregnant when she left thats Jacks son" Lucas said. The dog started barking as Martha turned,

"Michael inside now" She yelled calling sercuity.

Lucas and Mattie ran inside to see Jack playing with Robbies son with the PS3.

"Hey guys" He said, as Alex ran to them.

"Jack, Martha's back" He stopped dead in his tracks,

'What" He yelled, she found out about him and Tasha and left pregnant with his child

"Did she have a child" H asked

"Yeah a boy" Lucas said,

"I have a son" Jack muttered walking outside. He was walking on the sand when a dog came racing to him,

"Hey" He siad as a young boy racied out with two men chasing him.

"Area not safe sir return to the house" They said, as they saw the dog, One of them walked to Jack and placed the dog on the lead.

"Michael inside your mother is home" One said, The boy looked up at him with his eyes, he looked so much like him, except his blonde brown hair that covered his eyes.

"My son is Michael" He said prodly.

Jack, Tasha and Robbie were down at the club having a drink when Martha walked in with Michael. Two guards were blocking people seeing them. Michael was walking off towards Josh (tash and Robbies son).

"Hi" Michael said clearing the guard who sat down watching.

'Hi" Josh said looking up, The boy smiled at him,

"I'm Michael" He said,

"Josh" He answered and saw the gameboy, they sat playing as Martha approched them.

"Michael whos your friend" She said

"This is Josh" Martha smiled as Tasha approched her with Robbie and Jack,

'State business" One of the guards said,

"Thats my son" Robbie said pointing to Josh, they let them all through,

'Martha" They said shocked,

'Hi" She said


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