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Summer Obsession

Guest Stuart2006

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Here is my first story for Fan fiction challange but it never won. I even think it's a bad story.And to short.

Summer Obsession

One Hot day in summer bay the sun came out. Alf said to Morag “There’s only one way to tell when it’s summer” Morag replied saying “What’s that Alfred?” He said when the sun come’s out that’s it. “The sun is my Favorite thing about summer” Said Alf. Morag nodded. Last Year Eve Jacobson destroyed summer.

“Don’t you remember that night?” “Oh that night ….yeah I remember” When that person Sarah held us captive. On that next morning the sunrise looked fabulous but Eve was back. She held everybody captive and Barry said “This year we want to enjoy our summer” She shouted back “This is my favorite time to destroy you!” Barry never stood for it and shot her. Kit retuned with her boyfriend who was Kim. She said “I’m pregnant” Beth said “I’m so happy for you” Scott said “Congratulations Kim” They had a toast “To Kim and Kit” “Cheers” Scott said. Everybody was happy.

On the last day of summer

On the last day of summer a beautiful baby was born. They called it Dylan for no special reason. Tasha and Robbie said a great end to a wonderful summer. Everybody was obsessed with summer now.


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