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Wed 19 Jul 06 - " Dr Leah “

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " Dr Leah “

(Screened in Australia on Wed 19 Jul 06 - Episode # 4233)

HUNTER HOUSE –Tony tries to talk about the pregnancy, but Luke avoids the subject, by speaking briefly to Tilly when she enters the room.

Luke then bails, whilst Tony tries to comfort Tilly.

BEACH – Luke approaches lee. He insists that they have to tell ppl the truth. Lee tells Luke that she needs more time.

Breyburn approaches – and threatens lee & Luke. He assures them that if they don’t keep playing happy families, he’ll make life difficult for them.

Sally, form afar, has seen all this occur. She is clearly intrigued about what is happening.

DINER – Tilly enters, and confronts lee as soon as she sees her. Lee tries to bail but tilly grabs her.

There’s a struggle – and lee drops her handbag. As she starts to pick the things that have fallen out of the bag off the floor, Tilly picks up a photo of lee & Breyburn in a V loving pose.

Tilly realises that THIS is the weird circumstance that Luke is referring to – that Breyburn is the dad !!!

Lee “suggests” that Tilly should keep her voice down – and that she can’t say anything to anyone about this.

STREET – Tilly approaches Breyburn, and confronts him. He threatens tilly – but she won’t be intimidated.

Note – when doing my hand written draft ep guide this morning, I accidentally wrote INTIMATE instead of intimidated !!!

NEAR BEACH – Lee tells Luke that Tilly knows the truth.

HUNTER HOUSE – Tilly enters, and tells Tony & Beth about lee & Breyburn.

NEAR BEACH – As Lee & Luke are talking, Breyburn arrives in his car. Lee immediately shields herself behind Luke.

Breyburn is WAY angry grabs lee – and tries to shove her into his car. Luke tries to stop him, but Breyburn is able to push him way, and push lee into the car.

Tony arrives just in time – he grabs Breyburn and pus hi hands behind his back (just like a policeman would hen about to handcuff a criminal).

HUNTER HOUSE – Lee’s parents thank Tony, Luke &the others for their help with her daughter.

Lees’ parents insist to her that they don’t hate her - as they know that it’s teacher Breyburn who is in the wrong.

When lee & her parents are gone, Tony asks Tilly & Co. to leave the room so he can speak to Luke alone.

After they comply, Tony tells Luke that although he knows that Luke was trying to do the noble thing, Tony thinks that this was WAY too big for Luke to deal with by himself.

Note – I wonder if Luke went down this path [agree to act as father] because HE grew up without both parents?

BEACH – Luke is deep in thought when Tilly approaches. Luke is TOTALLY angry with her – as he still thinks that lee is muchly in danger, ie parents might not be genuine, and lee will be a single mum.

Luke thinks that Tilly only told Tony & Co about Breyburn as she was (as usual) ONLY thinking about herself. Tilly is WAY shocked bout Luke’s harsh words.

LEAH’S – Leah is pleased to meet drew for the 1-st time, but he isn’t interested in pleasantries. Drew is only here for what was left to him in Peter’s will.

Dan & leah inform Drew that the reading of the will is tomorrow. Drew begrudgingly agree to stay at Leah’s place for the night

NEXT MORNING – Drew is V frosty towards Dan when Dan suggests that they have breakfast together.

Things get even icier when Leah enter that room with VJ & Ryan. Drew is keen to play soccer with them, but when Dan wants to join in, drew “suggests” that he can handle things on his own.

LATER - Morag arrives and drew in keen for her to begin the reading of the will.

When she does, she tells Dan that peter left him his car & some investments.

Morag continues by stating that drew has inherited a trust fund of $2000 – but it can’t be touched until drew is 18 yrs old.

Drew is annoyed – as that is 6 months away. Morag, of course. Isn’t budging.

SOON AFTER – Drew asks Leah & Dan if they can lend him they $20,000 now, and he will pay them back in 6 months. Leah & Dan assure drew that they don’t have the kind of money lying around (so to speak).

Dan “suggests” that drew has 3 choices – live with his (drew) mum, go out on his own, or stay with Leah & Dan into he is 18.

Drew isn’t overly keen on the (stay with Dan) idea, but agrees – as long as they don’t treat him like a little kid.

LATER – Drew is having fun (in the lounge) making paper aeroplanes with VJ & Ryan. Leah enters the room and comments of how good draw’s paper look. Drew responds by telling leah a short story about the fun he’s had with friends in the past making such planes.

Dan enters the room, and also makes favourable comments. Drew all but ignores him.

Dan & Leah go into te kitchen, where Dan ells Leah that he’s NOT impressed with the way drew is acting around him. Leah then shows that having a psychiatrist as a best friend helps, as she suggests that drew is dumping all the aggression he had towards peter onto Dan (Peter’s closest relative).

Leah also suggest that Dan should see this form drew’s perspective.

SOON AFTER – Drew is alone in the lounge room. He sees a big ox full of Peter’s things – and finds his car keys.

LATER – Leah & Dan arrive home, and discover that drew is not there. Things get worse when they realise that both Peter’s car – and his car keys are also missing. Dan is mots annoyed that drew have taken off like this. (end of ep)


Sally encounters Brad – who is naked and locked of the his place

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Leah’s bright yellow (with black palm tree motifs all over) singlet top

SILVER – Sally’s red spaghetti strap halter top

BRONZE – Lee’s read button up shirt

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