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Mon 17 Jul 06 - " FOUND "

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " FOUND "

(Screened in Australia on Mon 17 Jul 06 - Episode # 4231)

Note – Once more, no opening credits.

DINER – Amanda and the others are moping about in disbelief that their loved ones are gone.

BUSH – Martha are just clinging on to life, with Robbie doing on he call for her. Suddenly belle SHRIEKS in pain (spider bite).

DINER – Amanda senses a sharp pain in her lower leg. She rubs the leg – and then tells the others (Macca, Cassie, Irene, Ric etc) that she senses that belle is still alive. Others are sceptical, but Amanda insists that they should act on his instinct and try to find belle & the others.

BUSH – Robbie struggles to keep Martha alive, as she has now stooped breathing. He starts performing CPR.

Meanwhile, Amanda leads a team of searchers (incl. macca & Tony). She insists that the others that she can sense that bell & Co are in the direction of the away tat she is going.

Martha isn’t the only one in dire trouble – as kit is up but unconscious as well by this stage.

BACHELOR PAD – Tash & Jack enter, and jack is surprised when he is told that, because of Amanda, the search is back on.

BUSH – Robbie is trying his best with no success to revive Martha. He calls out in utter frustration, which, off course, Amanda & the searchers hear.

Robbie has totally given up – just as Amanda & Co find the LOST. Tony & Macca revive Martha – whilst Amanda & the others tend to belle & Colin & the less affected Robbie.

Once Robbie has told Macca ^ Tony where kit & Kimmy are, Tony & Macca charges towards them.

The waaaaaaay sickly kit says her final goodbye to Kimmy, but moments later, Kimmy hears someone calling out to him.

He draws up the strength to call out – leet8ing them know where he & kit are, and when Tony arrives he is able to revive Kit.

BACHELOR PAD – Jack & Tasha are talking to Beth about the search, when Beth gets a call on her mobile. When the call ends, the shocked, but extremely glad, look on Beth’s face says in all.

HOSPITAL – the previously LOST are wheeled in by ambulance officers, and their respective loved ones immediately want to know tho in wrong with them, and if they’ll be alright, whilst Dr young and Co go to work on them.

When each of the patients is in a stable condition, they are taken to hospital room where their loved ones are eager to see them, although its mentioned (conveniently) the Colin has been taken to a hospital in the city.

When Belle comes to, she is calling out for Irene, who is by her bedside. When belle sees Amanda, she wants her out of the room -= and wants nothing to do with her. Amanda is shocked, but complies.

Irene tries to convince belle that she’d be dead if not for Amanda and thinks that belle should give Amanda another chance. Belle isn’t keen.

After Irene bails, Ric enters that room. Belle makes it clear that she wants to be back together with Ric, but he tells her all the same that he is back together with Cassie.

Elsewhere, in the room that Robbie & Martha are in, Jack is pleased that Martha is alive and well, but Robbie is clearly (think KILLER death stare) when the increasingly more pregnant by the episode Tash is with Jack by Martha’s bedside.

Btw, in the midst of all of this, Morag mentions that alf did fly overseas – as part of his plan to tell Roo in person, but is now flying back to Oz (as he didn’t have to relayed such news).

The likes of Tony, Macca & Luke are in the room as well.

Meanwhile, in the room that Kimmy & Kit are in, Rachel is still stressing about being so gung ho about wanting Kimmy & Co on the chopper in the 1-st place. Kimmy tells her that he seriously doesn’t care – now that all have survived.

Brad is with Rachel by Kimmy's bedside, and is thankful when Kimmy invited him to stay at the bachelor pad.

After Rachel & brad bail, the MUCHLY thankful and happy Tilly & Beth say farewell (for the moment) to Kit.

When Kimmy & kit are alone kit insist that they have to deal with what happened out in the bush. Indeed, kit wants to know if Kimmy will tells Rachel, or will she have to. (end of ep)


Will Belle give Amanda another chance?

Will Kimmy choose to be with Rachel or Kit?

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Beth’s red crossover top (with a black V neck top beneath it)

SILVER – Irene’s multi hued (seaside village motif ???) crossover top

BRONZE – Luke’s pink & brown horizontal polo shirt

HONOURABLE MENTION – Tilly’s red zip up jacket

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