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The Fame Game

Home and Away hotties reveal their brushes and crushes with fame...

Isabel Lucas [Tasha]

The most famous person you’ve met? I met Peter Garrett. He’s just wonderful, what he’s done for Australia and what he’s doing at the moment, his ideas. I grew up with his music as well. I really respect him.

Who you’d love to meet? Cate Blanchett.

On meeting fans: I like it when people are shy and nervous. It’s really humbling when they are so shy, and you want to be even nicer to them.

What would you like to be famous for if it wasn’t for acting? Saving the world [Jason: “I knew you’d say saving the world!”]

Worst thing about being famous? It’s our choice to be in that situation so you just deal with whatever happens.

Most like to have a screen kiss with? James Dean if he was alive.

Jessica Tovey [belle]

Whose the most famous person you’ve met? In some ways I’d probably say the people I work with! I met Luke Carroll who was in Australian Rules - I had the biggest crush on him in the entire world. I met him at the film premiere cuz the guy who wrote the book is a good friend of my Mum’s, she writes books. I did not stop talking about him for months! But now my love for him has dwindled into nice admiration, but that was exciting.

Who would you love to meet? After seeing Candy I would really love to meet Geoffrey Rush. What I love about his career is that his big break happened when he was 40 – the fact that he persisted that long and probably was so talented all those years but kept going until he was recognised the way that he deserved to be is admirable.

On meeting fans: At the end of the day we’re all really normal people – I still go down the street in my pyjamas! It’s really lovely when you meet people who admire your work or get fan letters saying, ‘I think you’re doing a great job’, that makes us feel so good. But we’re just normal people – we’re nothing special! I still find it really bizarre when people come up to me or spot me – that comes with the job.

What would you like to be famous for, apart from acting? I love people who come up with their own original ideas. We used to study books like Brave New World and 1984 – I’d love to be one of those people who have changed the world in some way. My way of doing that is through performance and hopefully you can teach people things through acting. I love artists who teach people things in a really creative kind of way. I admire famous people who have changed people’s perceptions on things and further other people’s knowledge.

Most like to have a screen kiss with? Screen kisses are funny. There’s hundreds of people I’d love to kiss outside of screen kisses because they’re never as romantic as they look. I remember getting really nervous with my first one on the show with Mark - I was like, ‘Oh, I don’t know how to do this!’ but you get in there and you realise the whole crew don’t care, this is a normal scene to them, they’re all sitting there with their cameras a metre away from your face. The romance just disappears like that!

Worse thing about being famous? A lot of people run the risk of forgetting who they really are. My friends said to me, ‘Don’t ever forget us and don’t ever change’. I’ve really tried not to not see my friends because work’s getting in the way. Fame gives you a very bizarre reality that isn’t sustainable.

Indiana Evans [Matilda Hunter]

The most famous person you’ve met? They’ve been people at premieres like Owen Wilson and Harrison Ford but we haven’t actually met because I’m too scared to actually go up to them!

Who you’d love to meet? Cate Blanchett.

On meeting fans: I like it when people are really easy-going. A lot of the time people try really hard to be cool and say, ‘Oh I don’t watch the show, I have to do this for my sister’. I don’t care, it’s OK, I’m not going to think less of you cuz you watch the show! Have confidence – we’re real people.

What would you like to be famous for if it wasn’t for acting? Fashion design. I really like sass & bide, Chloe, Zimmerman, Bettina Liano – I could go on!

Worst thing about being famous? I don’t really think of myself as famous… I suppose just when your privacy is being invaded.

Jason Smith [Robbie]

The most famous person you’ve met? William H Macy. I did a workshop with him late last year. He’s awesome.

Who you’d love to meet? Johnny Depp.

Advice for fans who want to meet you? Don’t follow me for five kilometres! Seriously, they follow me and hide when I turn around.

What would you like to be famous for if it wasn’t for acting? Interpretative dance [laughs]. Maybe something musical or producing something really good.

Worst thing about being famous? When you meet rude people. I can’t stand rude people – people you meet in the street who go, ‘Home and Away sucks’ or ‘You suck’. But if they’re nice, it’s great.

Most like to have a screen kiss with? Isabel Lucas? [laughs] Abbie Cornish.

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