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The Real Reason?

Guest Lilone

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Peter and Dan were walking down the beach when Dan saw Leah walking towards them so he ran over to his wife, Peter’s mobile phone started to ring.

Peter pulled his mobile phone out of his pocket and answered the phone,

Peter: Detective Baker

Drew: It’s your son, you know the one who you said you would treat right.

Peter: Mate how’s it going, are you ok?. Shouldn’t you be in class.

Drew: Look it’s nearly Summer Holiday and I think it’s about time we spent some time together?

Peter: Mate that’s really good of course, when?

Drew: Well how about now, and you know pink shirts really don’t suit you.

Peter started to look round to see if Drew was around.

Drew: I thought detectives were good at noticing people following them.

Dan and Leah walk over to Peter.

Peter: Mate I have got to go I will ring you later.

Dan: Who’s that then mate, another woman?

Peter starts to laugh at what Dan has just said and replies by saying ‘You have got to be joking’.

Dan: Right mate me and Leah are going home, you still on for dinner tonight?

Peter: Yeah sure I have got to go to the station and see Jack Holden but I will be around about 6.

Leah: Pete you can bring a date if you want to.

Dan: Yeah you can mate.

Peter: If I had another woman which I don’t, I would not tell you. Maybe Leah not you.

Peter walked over to his car and pulled his mobile phone out of his pocket.

Peter: Drew it’s your dad.

Drew: Yeah I figured that.

Peter: I am free to meet you know, were ever you want?

Drew: how about your favourite spot in the bay ?

Peter: My favourite spot?

Drew: Yeah you know where you always go at night to clean your surf board?

Peter: Ok I will be their in five.

Peter puts down his mobile and gets in his car; he then drives off to meet Drew.

Peter arrives and notices Drew sitting down on some rocks.

Peter: I’m here mate

Drew: Well I thought it was about time we started to get to know each other more, when I last saw you I thought you was an idiot but the more I think about you, the more I want to get to know my real dad.

Peter: Sure mate the only reason I let you go boarding school is because you did’nt want to move in with me.

Drew: Can we start a fresh then dad?

Peter was really pleased by Drew calling him dad.

Belle and Matilda walk past and say ‘Hi detective Baker’

Peter replies by saying ‘hope you’re being good’

Belle and Matilda laugh at Peter and carry on walking.

Drew: Hey who was that on the right, she was gorgeous?

Pete: that was Matilda she is related to the Hunters.

Drew: who was the other fit girl?

Peter: Argh well you know your uncle Dan, my brother well it’s his ex wife’s daughter.

Drew: Dan’s daughter as well?

Peter: you seem very interested mate, you sure you want to know about me and my family?

Drew: Yeah, I wouldn’t be here other wise.

Peter: Well I will tell you what, I am going to Dan’s place for dinner and I will introduce you then. Come round about 6:45, knock on the back door.

Peter gets up and pulls 30 dollars out of his pocket and gives it to drew

Peter: here you go mate go buy what ever you want.

Drew takes the money off Pete and goes to hug Peter,

Peter is amazed at how his son is acting towards him.

Peter leaves Drew and walks towards Noah’s bar when he notices Amanda with Ryan.

Amanda: Well hello detective Baker I didn’t think you would stay in Summer Bay.

Peter: Well after the wedding I decided that family is the most important thing.

Amanda: May I ask why there is enormous grin on your face?

Peter: Would you and my nephew like to go for a drink?

Amanda: wow asking me on a date now Peter.

Peter: no just a friendly drink, you me and Ryan I have got some good news.

Ryan: Uncle Pete can I have a piggy back?

Amanda picks Ryan up and Places in on Peters back; Peter starts to run off with Ryan laughing and pulling on Peter’s hair.

Behind the wall off the Surf Club Drew watches Peter playing with Ryan and smiles smugly towards Peter as he enters the Surf Club.

Drew pulls out his phone and dial’s a number and say’s ‘It’s done, he is the Dumbest Person in town, no wonder he will not see us coming’ then Drew puts the phone down and walks away towards the beach.


What will Dan’s reaction be to Peter’s announcement?

What does Drew really want from his dad???

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Episode 2

Peter arrives at Dan and Leah’s place bang on 6 o’clock.

Peter knocks on the back door before noticing Leah setting the table.

Peter: you should have waited I could have helped you; you know how much I love setting the table.

Dan enters he kitchen.

Dan: why are you alone?

Peter: you know what brother I am beginning to think that you hate my company.

Leah: He just wants to know if you have a girl friend that’s all.

Peter: Well to put you out your misery, I have invited another person but they will not be arriving until a little later.

Dan: Who is she?

Peter: I am not saying another word, you will just have to wait and see.

Peter enters the living room to see Sally and baby Pippa waiting for dinner.

Peter: Hi Sally.

Peter is really pleased that Sally is having dinner as well.

Dan and Leah serve dinner.

Peter has just finished his dinner and Dan notices that he keeps smiling and looking at the clock across the room.

Dan: Just tell us who she is???

Peter: All will be revealed very soon.

Sally: Yeah Pete tell us who the very lucky lady is?

Peter: Still not saying.

Peter gets up and walks into the kitchen to get a drink, sally follows him.

Sally: Pete are you sure you are ok?

Peter: Yes I am ok, the secret person should be here soon, If you wait in the living room all will be revealed, Dan I am just going to wait outside.

Peter leaves the kitchen and goes outside, Dan goes to follow but Leah say’s ‘No Dan he will show her when he is ready’

Peter looks at his watch and it’s 6:40, so Peter heads back inside and puts a sad face on to make everyone think he has been stud up.

Peter walks back into the living room when Dan say’s ‘you will be ok, plenty more fish in the sea’.

There is a sudden knock on the door.

Peter gets up and answers the door to see Drew standing there.

Peter: you ready mate?

Drew smiles at Peter, Peter enters the living room followed by Drew.

Dan is shocked to see a young man standing behind Peter.

Dan: Peter are we missing something here?

Leah: he is only a little boy please tell me you are not coming out of the closet??

Sally: Pete??

Peter: Dan I think you better get a drink.

Peter: You know when we was teenagers?.

Well I had a girl friend called Christy, you know the girl next door. Well our relationship went to the next stage and we slept together.

Then the next month she moved and I was upset because I never seen her again.

Dan: what’s the point to this story?

Sally: omg really?

Dan: really what?

Sally: figure it out?

Peter: let me finish…… five years ago when I was in L.A I got a phone call from Christy telling me when she left it was because she was pregnant with my child.

Dan: that’s your kid?

Drew: Yeah it’s me.

Peter: meet you uncle Dan, Drew this is Leah his wife, Sally Lea’s hot best friend and last but not least Sally’s beautiful baby pippa.

Drew: Hi.

Leah: Please sit down?

Drew walks past Leah and him and Peter sit on the sofa.

Dan: Pete can I have a word outside?

Peter gets up and walks outside after Dan.

Dan: so you have known for 5 years but not thought to tell us???

Peter: Look mate it was complicated Drew did’nt want to know me when I first found out about him, I was really upset but I had to move on. I couldn’t keep trying to make me like me. I decided that when he wants me he will get in touch. And now he wants me I will be there for him.

Dan: so only you knew about him?

Peter: Well I kind of told someone else!

Dan: Who?

Peter: The night I slept with Amanda I told her.

Dan: ok I don’t want to know any more let just make Drew as welcome as possible.

Drew walks in to the kitchen to talk to Peter.

Drew: Dad can I ask you something?

Peter: Sure mate

Drew: Well with me leaving boarding school now I was wondering if I could stay with you?

Peter: Yeah sure mate, how about we go for a drink at Noah’s?

Dan: Yeah that’s a great idea, ill go and ask Leah.

Dan enters the living room and ask’s Leah if they want to go to Noah’s?

Leah: Yeah sure.

Sally: I will go and take Pippa home and meet you their.

Peter: Sal I will give you a lift if you like?

Sal: Yeah thanks Pete.

Drew: I think I will go with my uncle.

Dan starts laughing at Peter and says ‘He likes me better allready’.

Peter: He won’t when he knows how much you earn!

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Chapter 3

Sally, Peter and Pippa arrive at the caravan park.

Peter gets out the car and opens the door for Sally.

Sally: Thank you.

Sally gets Pippa out of Peter’s car and walks into the house.

Sally: I wont be long if you want to wait inside?

Peter: Yeah sure.

Peter, Sally and Pippa enter the house to see Ric, Lucas, Cassie, Belle and Matilda watching TV.

Sally: Hi guys, I am just going to meet Sally and Dan with Peter and his new son. Would you look after Pippa?

Ric: Hold on Pete you have a son?

Peter: Yeah it’s a long story but he is the same age as you guys. I will introduce you some time!

Belle: Yeah

Sally: Right Cassie, Pippa is just going sleep, so please guys not too much noise. I shouldn’t be too long.

Ric: Bye Peter By mum.

Outside Noah’s Bar Leah, Dan and Drew are talking.

Drew: I will meet you inside I have just got to make a phone call.

Leah and Dan enter leaving Drew outside.

Drew gets his mobile out and rings a unknown number.

Drew: It’s me I will set the time and date; you will receive a text when you should finish it. Just wait it’s getting closer, I know you have wanted this for a long time. He deserves what ever you do to him.

Peter shouts over to Drew as he and Sally get out of the car.

Drew walks over and enters Noah’s bar.

Peter, Drew, Dan, Leah and Sally are all sitting down drinking when Colleen enters.

Colleen: Hi everyone, I was hoping I would bump into everyone.

Peter: And why would that be?

Colleen: Detective Baker I think you will be interested.

Dan: come on Colleen your killing us with the suspense here?

Colleen: Their will be a Fund raising event for a new youth club so all the young residents will have somewhere to go and not bother you police officers.

Peter: Well thank you but what is the event?

Colleen looks over at Drew and as she is just about to say her next sentence she says

Colleen: And who is this handsome young man?

Drew smiles and looks over to Peter.

Peter stands up and puts his arm on Colleens shoulder before saying ‘Pet I think you better sit down. Dan grabs a chair and Colleen sits down.

Leah and Sally start to laugh as they wait for Peter to explain who Drew is.

Peter: Well Colleen the young handsome lad as you said is Andrew Curtis well Drew he likes to be called.

I better start from the beginning so when me and Dan were teenagers I met a very women called Christy.

Colleen: I am really sorry to be rude detective Baker but what has your story got to do with this young man?

Sally: Colleen let Pete finish his story.

Peter: Thank you Sally….. Well Coleen as I was saying I had a girlfriend called Christy who I went out with for 2 weeks when our relationship went to the next stage……… but she and her family moved not long after and I did not see her again.

But just over 5 years ago Christy rang me up and told me I had a child who is now 17 and sitting next to me……

Colleen: Ow my gracious…..

Dan, Leah and Drew start to laugh at Colleen.

Sally: So that handsome man over their must take after his dad.

Sally smiles at Pete and Pete grins back at her, Dan notices how well Sally and his brother is getting along.

Colleen is shocked but happy that Peter is a dad.

Peter: Colleen what is this fund raising event?

Colleen: I was thinking that their could be a fashion show where everyone makes their own costumes then their will be a action after woods for the clothing that is made.

Peter: I’m up for it…. How about you Sally?

Sally: Yeah should be fun.

Drew: I will give it a go as well

Peter gets up to go to the toilet and Dan follows.

Dan: Pete wait up.

Pete waits for Dan and they both enter the men’s toilets.

Pete: Yeah mate?

Dan: What’s going on with you and Sal?

Pete: What do you mean?

Dan: The looks you two are giving each other, the smiles….

Pete: nothing is going on mate…. I have only just got my son back that’s the thing I need to concentrate on.

Dan: Ok well mate I think you need to be honest with yourself.

Pete starts to laugh at Dan and leaves to the toilet to rejoin the others.

Drew: Pete will you get the next round in for everyone if I give you the money?

Pete: Don’t be stupid ill pay….

Drew: no here take the money

Pete walks up to the bar to get everyone a drink, Sally walks over to the bar.

Alf: What can I get you?

Sally: Pete was here first.

Pete: No it’s ok you go….

Sally: Such a gentleman.

Dan is looking over at Pete and Sally getting on so well.

Chapter 4

2 hours pass…

Sally: Right I think I better be going home….

Pete: If you want I will walk you home?

Sally: Yeah ok thank you.

Pete: Drew I will not be long wait here with Dan Ill be back.

Drew: ok dad

Pete and Sally walk out of Noah’s bar.

Sally: You really didn’t have to do this you no?

Pete: As you said I’m a gentleman I can’t let a beautiful lady walk home alone.

Sally stops and looks in Peter’s eyes.

Pete: I think we better keep moving we don’t want Ric telling you off now do we?

Sally keeps looking into Peter’s eyes before saying ‘I think I am falling for you!’

Peter is gob smacked at what say has just said.

Pete is really shocked and he has to sit down on the bench that is behind him to think things threw.

Sally: Pete I am sorry but that is how I feel.

Pete: It’s not that well it is but I feel the same….. For the last few weeks every time I saw you I smiled to myself…

Sally: Kiss me?

Pete: What?

Sally puts her hand on Peter’s cheek before moving closer and their lips lock.

Unknown to Peter, Drew is watching from a distance.

Sally and Pete both pull away and Pete holds sally close to him.

Drew heads back to Noah’s bar but sends a text message of his phone which say’s

‘I have got a better time and date then he whole community will see, just got to get the finale time. Be in touch nearer the time. Get ready.’

Sally and Peter get up off the bench and carry on walking home.

Sally: Pete I really want to be with you….

Pete: I feel the same but I think we should take things slow

Sally stop and ask’s Pete ‘How will I know that you will not just fall back in love with Leah?

Pete: How did you know?

Sally: I am Leah’s best friend and we tell each other everything….. even the kiss.

Pete: Well all I can say is that I will always care for Leah from the bottom of my heart but she has Dan… and I want to be with you. I will trust and that is want I want from you… to trust me.

Preview: Who life hangs in the balance????

Will it end in tragedy????

Next update in a couple of days.

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Sally: I do but I think we should let Dan and Leah know tomorrow.

Pete: And Drew we can tell them together.

Sally: Yeah sounds good.

Pete and Sally arrive at the house.

Pete: I better be getting back to get to bed.

Sally kisses Pete and say’s ‘Ring me tomorrow babe’

Pete: Night.

Chapter 5

(Peter’s apartment)

Peters mobile beings to Ring which wakes Drew up who is asleep on the sofa.

Peter: Sorry mate I will take it out side.

Drew rests his head back on his pillow and tries to get some sleep.

Peter: Hi babe yeah I want to tell everyone still, I will ring Dan and tell us to meet us at your place about 2ish?

Sally: Yeah sure cya.

Peter walks back inside and throws Drew a towel.

Peter Here you go mate go get a shower were going out.

Drew: Where to?

Peter: Well first to look for a new house! Then to Sally’s house for lunch with Leah and Dan.

Drew: Cool.

Drew gets up off the sofa and heads into the shower room.

Peter is getting ready when he gets a flash back of Jack and Martha’s wedding reception. His eyes begin to fill up with tears as he remembers Dan saving his life as he dragged him out to safety.

Drew walks out and grabs his shirt.

Drew: I am ready.

Peter: ok let me grab my car keys.

Drew and Pete leave the flat and get in the car.

(1:50 at Sally’s house)

Leah and Dan arrive and enters Sally’s house.

Pete and Drew arrive and Drew immediately notices Matilda who is just leaving the house.

Peter: pull your jaw up mate ya catching flies.

Drew smiles at his dad then carries on staring at Matilda.

Matilda looks over at Peter and say’s ‘hello’ then she notices Drew and smiles at him.

Peter enters Sally’s house with Drew.

Peter: Hi everyone.

Sally: Hi Pete hi Drew.

Peter: Drew I want you to meet Cassie and Ric.

Drew: Hi.

Peter: If things go ok Ric, Drew should be doing his last year at Summer Bay High, I was wondering if you could show him around.

Ric: Yeah sure I am going back school next year….

Drew: So why are we hear then dad you have not stop smiling since last night.

Sally: well……

Peter: me and Sally have something to say but we wanted everyone here to be the first to know.

Drew starts to laugh and say’s ‘Wouldn’t happen to be anything about you two kissing last night would it’.

Sally and Pete start looking at each other and at the same time say ‘Yeah’

Dan: congratulations.

Leah: Yeah I hope it works out.

Ric: Hold on so this means….

Cassie: Yes dumbo their an item.

Peter: we are taking things step by step.

Colleen enters and say’s ‘The date for the Fashion show is in 2days. The show will be held out side the Surf Club at 12:00pm

Peter: Owe good I need a good day out and a good excuse for time off work.

Sally: Colleen we will all be their.

Drew: I am just going toilet, back soon.

Drew walks up stairs to the bathroom when he gets his mobile out and dials a unknown number.

Drew: 2 days time out side the Surf Club 12 noon.

Peter: Right I think I better start making my costume.

Drew: you fancy going for a Surf first.

Peter: Yeah sure, Dan, Ric you wanna come along?

Dan: Might aswell.

Ric: Yeah sure.

Peter kisses Sally on the cheek then heads down to the beach for a surf.

Wednesday 10pm

Peter arrives at Sally’s place to give her a preview of his costume.

Sally: You made it then where’s Drew?

Peter: He is meeting Lucas and Ric at the Surf club. And of course I came.

Peter pulls his costume out of the bag.

Sally: I think you better put it on.

Peter goes upstairs to put on his costume.

As he walks back down the stairs sally’s see’s a policemen’s top with ripped holes everywhere and black trowsers with holes everywhere.

Then to top it off he has hand cuffed his hands together.

Sally: Wow very hot original but hot….

Peter: thanks now where’s yours.

Sally. Well that would spoil the surprise wouldn’t it?

Peter: now that’s not how you treat a hot police officer.

Sally smiles at him and walks towards him.

Sally starts to tease Peter by kissing neck and Peter can’t do anything because he is handcuffed.

Peter: Babe I am falling in love with you.

Sally: Yeah I am falling for you, I love you.

Pete: love you.

Sally slowly starts kissing Peter and he starts to walk backwards to the edge of the sofa the sally pushes him back wards and Pete falls over the Sofa.

Sally leaves Peter to get up but she cant help but Laugh.

Eventually Pete manages to get up and finds the handcuffs keys next to him which have fell out of his pocket.

Pete gets up and runs after Sally.

(Out side the Surf club)

Colleen, Dan and Drew are setting up the stage.

Lucas and Ric arrive with Matilda

Ric: Drew.

Drew: Yes mate

Ric: This is Matilda

Drew: Hi beautiful…

Lucas: And his is Belle

Drew: Another beautiful young lady

Ric: Ignore his sense of humour its just like his dad’s

Matilda: Dad?

Lucas: Detective Peter Baker.

Matilda: Yeah I can see the resemblance…

Drew: Thanks

Peter and Sally arrive.

Colleen gets up on stage to start the fashion show.

Everyone is waiting at the back.

Dan is out first in a lion’s outfit then Leah in a very short skirt and a bright orange top.

Next is Ric with a mini skirt on and high heels.

Drew comes out after Ric wearing a surfer’s costume.

Peter walks out next in his policemens cut up outfit with Sally following behind in a very beautiful green dress.

Colleen: Well that’s all the contestants, what will happen now is all the contestonts will stand on stage when they step forward the judges (Alf, Tony, Irene) will get them their rating out of 10.

Colleen: So it looks like we have a clear winner Detective Peter Baker.

Colleen goes to award Peter with his flowers when she trips on to Peter and there is a gunshot!!!!

Preview: Who has been shot?

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