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Saving Grace

Guest sevenpuddings

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Story Title: Saving Grace

Genre: Angst/Tragedy

Type of story: Long Fiction

Main Characters: Matilda/Lucas

BTTB rating: A

Does story include spoilers: no

Any warnings: Allusion to sexual content, drug & alcohol abuse, and child abuse.

Full Summary for Saving Grace

Matilda Hunter is forced to live a life she hates. And loves. Stuck between life and death, she hovers, waiting for someone to come and save her. Waiting for that one moment that will change her life.

Lucas Holden has been forgotten for most of his life... for alcohol, for the endless stream of men his mother would bring home. He's told he's special, but he refuses to believe them.

What will happen when serendipity takes hold of their lives, and a series of random events lead to one ultimate mistake?

Rated M for drug & alcohol abuse, sexual situations and suicidal thoughts. You have been warned. Do not read further if you are uncomfortable with these things.

Chapter One


Its a little bit different, but give it a chance, please.


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Okay guys, sorry about the delay, but heres chapter seven


This chapter does contain allusions to child abuse. Its rated for it, but if anything to do with this makes you feel uneasy please don't read this chapter, as I wouldn't want you to hate me for writing about something as deep as this.

Chapter Seven

Enjoy guys... more soonish, as I'm on a writing spree. Its almost all written in my head, now I just need it on the comp. Plus, I wanna start a new story (again) and the third Summer one. Gosh, so much writing, not enough time


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Thank you so much for the reviews on that chapter guys, it really means a lot that you all read it, and that you found it that moving.

As promised, here is more. Even better than one chapter, theres two!

Chapter Eight and Nine are here.

I really hope you all don't hate me. I've actually almost finished drafting the story, and know where I want it to go... which may be a completely shocking place. But I've come to believe you wouldn't exepct any more from me. So please bare with me while I finish off this angsty fic.

A huge thank you to katya for proofing too, you're a legend!


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Thanks again guys :)

Just because I'm a nice person I bring two more chapters.

Chapters Ten and Eleven can be found here

Yeah, I know, what is the go with the quick double updates? No idea, but I really hope you enjoy these chapters, that they shock and surpise you, and that I am still able to write angst!


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