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Thurs 13 Jul 06 - " I Mean Nothing To Him Because I AM Nothing &#

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

" I Mean Nothing To Him Because I AM Nothing !!! "

(Screened in Australia on Thurs 13 Jul 06 - Episode # 4229)

Synopsis Note – Again with the no opening credits (just the H&A logo that we see before each ad break)

SBH – Tony is shocked when Luke tells him that it’s the truth, ie the baby is his.

As Sally takes Lee to the office, Tony WAY goes off at Luke – wondering why he’s kept this a secret, and why he didn’t use protection.

BUSH – alf, Macca & Amanda are at the search base camp. Alf & Macca are concerned that there’s been no rainfall in this area for ages – so the prospect of the LOST finding water will be almost impossible.

Meanwhile, Amanda is talking on her mobile – sounds like she is in deep discussion with someone. The connection drops out, and alf comments that Amanda is lucky to get any kind of signal out here.

Macca offers her the use of their satellite phone, but Amanda insist that its no that important.

SBH – sally & lee are in the (acting) principal’s office. Sally wants lee to tell her parents, but lee only agrees to see a counsellor.

Breyburn enters the office, as lee is bailing.

In the corridor, Tilly & Cassie about talking to Luke about lee, when lee grabs Luke and they go into a classroom.

When Luke tells lee that he’s getting a lot of heat about all of this, and needs her to come clean, lee insists that she needs more time.

Back in the office, Breyburn tell sally that he took that unexpected leave because of the shock about happen to Hyde. Sally tells him to speak to the school secretary about amending his leave application (as he came back early).

When Breyburn is in the secretary’s office, he realises that he needs to speak to sally again, so he approaches the principal’s office door, he overhears sally & Tony talking about less’ pregnancy.

Breyburn enter the classroom, and confronts lee & Luke. Lee is further devastated when Breyburn says that this is the biggest mistake on his life.

When sally enters the room, Breyburn says that he was comforting lee.

DINER – colleen talks to Macca. She tells him that he should do whatever it takes to get through this tough time.

When colleen walks away, Macca (of course) phones his drug dealer.

BACHELOR PAD – Amanda enters, and questions Macca about whether the search equipment, techniques they are using are effectual (see below for explanation). Macca suggests that they are.

Amanda then sees the small bag of drugs that he has.

HUNTER HOUSE – Luke & lee talk about Breyburn. Luke wonders why lee cares about breyburn’s reputation, when he doesn’t care about her.

Tiny then tries to talk to lee (insisting that her parents have the right to know), and when they are talking, Tilly, Ric & Cassie arrive – and overhear.

Tilly rushes to the kitchen – and blames herself for this, ie “I mean nothing to him because I AM nothing !!!”

BACHELOR PAD – Amanda tries to give Macca a pep talk. She insists that Macca needs to get through this without his old vices (drugs) esp. for when they find Martha etc.

HUNTER HOUSE – in Luke’s room, lee thanks Luke before she bails.

Ric confronts Luke, who says that he can’t let lee down now. Ric is way annoyed – and wonders how Luke thinks that Tilly is dealing with all of this.

In the main part of the house, Tony & Cassie try to comfort/talk to Tilly – with no effect.

Luke approaches Tilly – and everyone else decides to bail.

Luke tries to talk to tilly, asking her to trust him. Tilly is WAY emotional when she says, “how can I?”

After Luke bails, Tilly goes to fridge, and gets out a chocolate pudding. She starts to wolf it down.

BACHELOR PAD – Macca & Amanda talk about Cassie and about Macca’s life. Amanda insists that if this town has given her a 2-nd chance, maybe they will with Macca as well.

DINER – Macca enters, as Ric & Cassie are talking. Colleen asks Macca (whose arm is still in a sling mid you) to help her in the storeroom.

When he is done, colleen insists that he eat the pancakes that she has made for him.

Ric sees that Cassie is paying close attention to Macca, and he insists that she should talk to Macca (as Ric way trusts Cassie).

Ric then bails, and Cassie over and speaks to Macca, who makes it V clear to Cassie that as long as she is happy (with Ric), he is happy.

SBH – Luke & lee are talking in a classroom. Luke insists that he just can’t do this any more.

Breyburn overhears that conversation, and enters the room. He insists that his career won’t be destroyed by this – and that lee will either have to terminate the pregnancy, or Luke & lee will have to keep up the happy family act.

DINER – Amanda enters, and Macca tells him that he had no real luck with Cassie today.

Answer answers her mobile, as Morag & alf enter.

Amanda tries all she can on the phone to cut some kind of deal – but when off the phone, she tells alf & Co that all the monies for her film and some other places has been used up. Amanda continues by saying that, because her money is tied up in overseas accounts (which will take time to get her hands on), the search will have to end. (end of ep)


The LOST say their final goodbyes – many appear to be at death’s door

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Macca's white (SBH uniform patterned) button up shirt.

SILVER – Colleen's light yellow button up shirt/red skirt combo

BRONZE – Amanda's red singlet top

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