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Wed 12 Jul 06 - " Flynn's Dying Wish "

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " Flynn's Dying Wish "

(Screened in Australia on Wed 12 Jul 06 - Episode # 4228)

Synopsis Note – This ep had no opening credits (just the H&A logo that we see before each ad break)

BACHELOR PAD – Rachel convulses a bit more before a stop and she appears to be totally unconscious.

LEAH’S – sally, brad & Leah discuss the situation.

When leah bails form the kitchen, sally is surprised when brad says that he is a teacher too (after he told her how he’s taking a break for the profession having taught at a school of mostly indigenous kids for a while.

When brad bail, to get his mobile from his car (in hope that Rachel has tried to call), sally has a V content look on her face.

HUNTER HOUSE – Beth is way concerned about Tilly playing with her food rather that eating it. She is also worried about Tilly’s decision to go back to school tomorrow.

When Tilly walk away form the table, Luke talks to her. Tilly insists that she is fine (and is more than ready to go back to school).

After Tilly bails (to her room I presume), Luke gets a text msg - “bedroom” and when he goes into his room, lee is climbing through the window.

When totally inside, she tells Luke that her parents are bound to figure it out soon that she is preggers, esp. after her mum caught her looking up info about pregnancy on the net.

Meanwhile, Ric & Cassie enter the man part of the house. Tilly is way pleased when they tell her that they are back together now.

Ric goes into luke’s room – and is shocked to see Lee, who at the point has just unzipped her jacket and saying things like “look at me” (with the whole baby bump thing).

Lee explains to Ric & Luke that she had a fling with one of the teachers, Mr Breyburn. When he found out that she was pregnant, they agreed to terminate, but when teacher went on unexpected leave with his family, lee decided that she just couldn’t go through with the abortion.

After lee bails (through the window), Luke makes Ric promise not to say anything.

BACHELOR PAD – Rachel tries to reach fro her phon on the table, but is too weak and collapses again.

LEAH’S – brad re-enetrs. He tells sally & Leah that there was no msg from Rachel. Brad then decides that he has to try to talk to Rachel again – and sally decides to assist him.

BACHELOR PAD – brad & sally arrive, and they get no answer when knock at door or call out. Sally looks through one of the windows and she that Rachel is convulsing on the floor.

Brad kicks the door open and rushes t Rachel, whilst sally calls an ambulance.

HOPSITAL – sally & brad as they wait for news. Dr young approaches, and says that Rachel had the one off seizures because of the combination of alcohol and drugs that she’d taken.

Brad goes into Rachel’s room – she tells him that she was constantly drinking or sleeping so she didn’t have to deal with everything. Rachel is waaaaaaaaaaaaay emotional as she admits how badly she is missing their mum.

SOON AFTER – Rachel tells Brad that she hasn’t even begun to arrange their mum’s funeral. Brad tells Rachel that he will take care of things.

Talk turns to the LOST, and brad tells Rachel that there is still no sign of Locke – sorry – Kimmy & the others.

When Leah enters the room, brad bails to the corridor, where he thanks sally for all her help with Rachel (and Leah). Sally tells brad that she hopes to see him again in less stressful time. Sally then bails.

HUNTER HOUSE – Cassie gives Tilly a small container of homemade chocolate biscuits (which Tilly appears to be eyeing off – think THAT lamington). Tilly then assures Cassie that it is the right time for her to go back to school.

Ric & Luke re-enter the main part of the house. They say they’ve been watching a DVD – but Cassie is suspicious.

Ric & Cassie then bail, as does Luke, but Tilly fights those cravings – by throwing those biscuits in the bin.

DINER – sally is looking at a pic of Flynn for the day he drove the V8 racecar when alf enters.

He tells her that there’s still no sign of the LOST.

Alf comments that sally seems V content before he bails (note – is this sally fulfilling, with Brad, Flynn’s wish about her finding someone else?)

HOSPITAL – Rachel & brad discuss the past – incl. when the 4 yr old Rachel took offence to someone picking on her “buba” (4 yr old Rachel speak for the word brother).

This leads to talk about their father. Brad has tried to contact since their mum's death with no success.

Brad then agrees to hang around in the bay for as long as Rachel wants him to.

HUNTER HOUSE – Tilly is pleased that Tilly is really hoeing into her dinner – which leads to Luke saying that Tilly also has eaten all those biscuits.

Tony gets a txt msg from Mr Breyburn – saying the he will be returning form leave tomorrow.

As Tony asks Beth how to send this msg onto sally (who Breyburn couldn’t contact), Luke is way stressing, whilst Tilly heads for the “shower” (I’m guessing to vomit once more)

NEXT MORNING – in his room, lee tries to contact lee, but gets her answering machine.

In main part of house, Beth is taiking to Tilly (who has on a white skivvy under her school uniform).

Cassie arrives, and after Tilly & Cassie bail, Tony tells Beth that she will keep an eye on Tilly.

SBH – Luke approaches lee, and cops an earful form Tilly for doing so.

Luke & lee go into a classroom, where Luke tells lee bout Mr Breyburn. Lee panics, and collapses.

Sally & Tony enter the room, and from lee’s reactions they sense that she is pregnant.

Luke is SHICKED when she tells that that HE is the father of her child. (end of ep)


Will Luke lie to everyone incl. his father & g/f, to “save” Lee?

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Beth's shimmery purple singlet top

SILVER – Lee's lue & yellow crossover top/yellow singlet top combo

BRONZE – Tilly's SBH uniform

HONOURABLE MENTIONS – Cassie's blue surf themed singlet top, Beth's light brown top (with its black cross collar)

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