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Here you can discuss of Season 5 of the hit show 24. (Or what's left of it, 7. 4 hours a week. <_<)

For those who don't know, 24 is

One of the most innovative, thrilling and acclaimed drama series on television, 24, created by Joel Surnow and Robert Cochran, will retain its unique and pioneering format in the sixth season. Each episode will cover one hour of real time, and the season’s entire story will take place in one day. Once again, viewers will be able to follow several key characters through a day that none of them will ever forget.

24’s pulsating season five opened with Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) forced out of hiding after the shocking assassination of President Palmer (Dennis Haybert), the murder of Michelle Dessler (Reiko Aylesworth) and an attack on Tony Almeida (Carlos Bernard). With fabricated evidence pinning him to Palmer’s assassination, Bauer became the most wanted man in America. Meanwhile, Russian separatists led by Vladimir Bierko (Julian Sands) took an airport hostage and launched missiles at the Russian presidential motorcade, and when their master plan was quelled, America was threatened with deadly canisters of military-grade nerve gas.

Here are my thoughts on last nights (Wed 12/7) episode:

Great tension, great action sequences and some nice plot twists along the way. Definitely one of the best episodes of 24 so far.

Jack's encounter with his CTU recruiter (Henderson?) was nice for many reasons. For one it was a great reference to season one (George & Nina too. The actors who played them are married), but it also took a twist I hadn't seen coming. I actually thought the former CTU agent would turn out to be innocent and that he would be helping Jack throughout the season. Or at least that he would help Jack out and turn out to be a bad guy not until the end. I was wrong, and it was an interesting surprise.

Lynn was just all over the place and it made for a very interesting episode. I wonder what will happen to him in the future. Audrey is getting on my nerves though, (although her her glasses are cool.) This season she seems to be the "I'm the heroine so I can do no wrong" character and I hate those characters. I miss Michelle... She was always sympathetic, which Audrey is currently not.

For the record I have to say I think the president made the right decision about the Suvarovs (sp?), it's the same situation as both Tony and Michelle have been faced with and in the end the lives of 100 000 are worth more than the lives of two or three people high up in the hierarchy (sp?). For the first time I think Logan showed some real guts. (I know, I'm shocked too) He made the tough decision and he stuck by it. I respect him for that.

The storyline was really great all-in-all, it provided some great tension and one of 24s best action sequences. I was really worried that they had killed off Aaron (Apart from Jack, he's the only one whose been in it every season) there for a while but he seems to be okay. And he got to be the big hero, which was great!

This storyline was probably the main reason why I thought this episode was so good. It provided moral dilemma, tension, action, great timing and some real emotion.

Oh Yeah. I forgot. Lynn's a dweeb.

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Jeeze Dean not another essay :P:lol:

Anyway yep, Lynn's a prick. He got what was coming to him.

And yep, Kim is hot. Except how funny did she look when Audrey told her her father was alive... totally blank look like she couldn't care less.

Oh and would Audrey please decide if she wants to wear glasses or not. On, off, on, off, on, off. Just leave them off dammit. They look crap, and she looks better without them.

Anyway the ad break's over so more on this later :lol:

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I know! I was like OH MY GOD Edgar NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Poor Chloe, she should have been with him instead of Spencer. Kim's back, that Barry dude is weird. Should have kept her with Chase. The clock thing made it sadder. Teri got one, George (Mason) & Ryan (Chappelle) got one.

Now for another essay. :lol: (I hope not, I just keep typing without noticing.)

Well first things first (duh). R.I.P Edgar

He was a wonderful character, he was the nice guy at CTU and we needed him! And I really liked his friendship with Chloe, he was the only one who not only understood her but seemed to appreciate her.... "personality" (Apart from Jack). The scene where she realises he will die and he calls out to her was heartbreaking! Right up there on the top three with Teri's death and the killing of Ryan Chappelle.

The appearance of a Vice President on 24 is never a good thing for the president, from Prescott showing up to usurp Palmer's position to Logan's first appearance as Keeler was placed out of commission. The problem with VP Gardner is that he is far too competent in the wrong way. Even with the extreme order for the day, his too eagerness to declare marshal law is unsettling.

While it is interesting that we didn't see all the main players survive the gas attack, it's safe that none of the major characters (besides Edgar) died. Because this was Lynn's fault and he was acting supremely obnoxious earlier, he seems the most likely to die next (or for some reason, I can't get it out of my head that Bill. B will next. Dunno why.)

The ending is some great stuff, as everyone scrambles to find safe haven while the unfortunate ones fall to an agonizing death. The mood goes from loud panic to ominously quiet when the metal barriers cover the windows. On top of that, we have Edgar stumbling through the no man's land, initially unaware that he is moments from death. Without going overboard with breathing metaphors, his death sucks the air out of the room, the silent tick solidifying it. We haven't heard (or not heard) this since Chappelle died in season three, and this time as well intensifies the loss.

Edgar's death is a huge knock out to end the first half of the season. He was the everyman on the show. Edgar was never a super-cool badass like Jack is, but that's what made him relatable. Although he was heavy and he had a lisp, he was still a hero, saving countless people with his techie prowess. Unfortunately on 24, characters die frequently so the show can remain fresh, so Edgar is the latest casualty in an especially bloodthirsty season. (It even beats Dan Bennet's reign of terror on H&A :lol:)

It is a bit stupit of seven to play 4 episodes a week, Series will be over in 3 weeks at this rate.

Last week they advertised it would be over in 4 weeks as if it was a good thing. <_<

And Andy. You are right with the glasses. Everyone in CTU (or what's left of it now) seems to need them.

And Where was Curtis? :unsure:

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I've just read everyone's posts. Even Dean's essay.

First Michelle and now Edgar! Michelle was my favourite and why did they kill off Edgar...he was such a nice guy and obviously cared about Chloe.

I'm even starting to warm up to Chloe. She's tough and certainly puts Kim in her place by telling her to cut her dad some slack. I thought, you tell her. I never liked Kim and never will.

What's everyone favourite season so far? I don't have one, I liked all of them. Except for the one with Kim and that baby.

24 will be over before we know it.

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To me it wasn't that Edgar died that was so sad, but Chloe's reaction to having to watch him die, powerless to do anything to help.

That last 15 minutes was pretty intense. And the silent clock was brilliant.

Oh and go Martha. Loved how she stands up to her husband. She should be president not him!

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