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NOTE: The following interview was transcribed from June 2006 NZ TV Update magazine, page 45.

First person you kissed?

"If I remember correctly it was while playing spin the bottle in sixth grade with a boy whose name escapes me - it was awful."

First car?

"A silver Ford Laser, it's still in the family actually."

What would you cook me if I came over for dinner?

"What do you like? Right now, I'm into Morrocan cooking."

Do you have any pets?

"No, they are a lot of responsibility and I'm flat out taking care of myself let alone a puppy dog."

Which best describes you: health food fanatic or junk food junkie?

"Health food fanatic mostly - junk food junkie in times of weakness - like everyone."

TV show you can't bear to miss, apart from your own?

"I do tend to get addicted to Dancing With The Stars."

First album you bought?

"I got the Technotronic album from Santa. I felt very excited."

What's in your handbag right now?

"Anything you could think of!"

Your typical Saturday morning is...

"A little sleep in, gym and then poached eggs by the water."

Who does most of the cooking in your house?

"Definitely me, although, my boyfriend is a keen learner."

Place of birth?

"Goulburn, NSW"

How many children in your family?

"I am the eldest and I think the bossiest of four kids!"

Favourite ice-cream?

"A banana gelato I had in Italy."

Favourite movie?

"Remains Of The Day, Lost In Translation and Grease."

Winter or summer?

"If I had to choose I'd say summer because it also represents holidays."

Worst meal?

"A fish pie in London. It gave me food poisoning for the long flight home to Australia... hideous!"

Apart from acting, your dream job would be?

"I often dreamt of being an architect."

What would people be shocked to know about you?

"I'm actually quite a good tap dancer!"

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Does she mean the Technotronic album? Because if so, that's a Belgian band.

Technotronic had a huge hit in 1989 called Pump Up The Jam, and several other hits followed. I assume Kate is referring to the album they released in time for Christmas 1989.

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