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Bound By Fate

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This is my first Martha and Jack Fanfic. I really hope you like it.

Well here what its about:

This is set a few years in the future. After, the whole Corey thing and his break-up with Martha, Jack and Martha live in the city as singles. Jack, who is now a sergeant, works 24/7 and is living “the high life” [you know fancy cars, expensive house, parties etc.] Martha who also moved to the city after her break-up with Jack and is still trying to properly get her life together, runs a club called G8 and is also living “the high life”. Martha plans to visit Tasha and Robbie to see how their doing with “their own baby” after Tasha gave the other one to The Believers as she and Robbie decided it the best thing to do. While Jack plans to return for Beth & Tony’s wedding. Both are oblivious to the other plans. Summer Bay is where their lives collide………

Story begins below.............

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Alf Steward

Sally Fletcher

Leah Patterson Baker

Rachel Armstrong

Irene Roberts

Belle Taylor

Kim Hyde

Robbie Hunter

Jack Holden

Martha Mackenzie (Holden)

Tasha (Andrews) Hunter

Lucas Holden

Matilda Hunter

Eric Dalby

Cassie Turner

Tony Holden

Beth Hunter (Holden)

Henry Hunter

Colleen Smart

Daniel Baker

Kris Johnson (Sally’s new hubby) Ex-boyfriend, childhood & Family Friend of Beth

Guest Stars

Zachary Morris [Jack’s Assistant] [A new recruit who Jack is supposedly training]

Raymond Simmons [Martha’s pretend Boyfriend] [her friend from the city].

Syd Thomas [Jack’s therapist in the city].

Scott, Hayley & Noah Hunter

Katlin Lafôret [Tony’s sister]

Jay & Amelia Lafôret [Tony’s nephew & niece]

Macca Mackenzie

Sophie Thompson [Henry’s girlfriend]

Morag Bellingham

Duncan Steward

Chapter 1 [Those Days]

Location: The City

[Jack’s Office]

Jack rubs his eyes after a long day work, and is about heading out when he hears a knock on the door………. “What” I ask “Your Father’s on Line 1” replies a voice from outside. Its Zach... “Thanks Mate”

[Picks up Phone]

Jack: “Hello”

Tony: “Jack, how are you mate?”

Jack: “Great, You?”

Tony: “Never been better. Right now I’m the happiest man alive!”

Jack: “Whoa….. What’s brought this on?” “Lucas win the lottery or somethin”

Tony: “Jack”………

Jack: “What!! Just tell me already”

Tony: “Well…. Beth and I are getting married!”

Jack: “What?? You and Beth are what?”

Tony: “Getting married. Isn’t it great?”

Jack: “Erm... ya, I’m thrilled for you guys. Really.”

Tony: “So I’ll expect you, in the bay in a few weeks.”

Jack: “Yeah! Definitely.”

Tony: “Hey I’ll talk to you later right?”

Jack: “Yeah, Sure. Say hi, to Luke and Mattie for me.”

Tony: “Sure, I’ll try. That is if I can.”

Jack: “What does that mean?”

Tony: “Long story mate. I think your brother’s in rut you know. He and Matilda are just going through a bit of a rough patch. Trust me; I know these things. I just wish he’ll open up and tell me what’s wrong.”

Jack: “Look Luke’s a strong person, I’m sure he’ll fine. Whatever’s wrong he'll deal with in his own way. So just take my advice and give him some space.”

Tony: “My son the counsellor”

Jack: “What-ever……... See ya soon”

Tony: “Bye.”

Jack: “Bye.”

[Drops phone]

[G8 Nightclub]

The Club’s in full swing and people are having the time of their lives.

“This place is fantastic Mac” “Thanks I reply” trying to put up my best smile. Raymond Simmons that’s his name, the one who’s helped me pick up the pieces of my shattered life, after my break – up with Jack. ‘Jack’.... ‘My One and Only’ the only guy I’ve ever had intimate feelings for. But that’s all over, what’s past is past. “You alright?” Ray asks with a worried look on his face “Never been better” I say........”Do me a favour” “Anything” he replies “Don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine” and with that I give him a kiss on the check and head off for the night.

[syd’s House]

[Heavy Knocking] ……. “Who’s there?” Syd asks [“It’s me”] “Who” Syd replies “Who’d you think?” “Jack!!”[Door Opens] “Do you have any idea what time it?” she asks furiously “Syd, I needed to see you. Sorry about the late hour” I say as I collapse into a chair. “What happened this time” she asks “Everything” I reply

“O-K, I get us some coffee” she declares

[An hour later][….Therapy…..]

Syd: …… “and how does this make you feel Jack?”

Jack: “Angry, upset, just thinking of her makes me want to hit something. I mean things were fine until, I receive a call from my dad informing me of his upcoming marriage. I’m thrilled of course and then I hear of my brother and the problems with his girlfriend and it reminds me of the problems I had with Martha. I mean it was over 3 years ago!!!! So why do I still feel like this??”

“Maybe you weren't really over her” Syd replies “I am over her!” I spit back her “You are or you want to be…. Pick one Jack!” she throws back at me. I remain silent, she’s right, I still have feelings for Martha; “Listen Jack”………. “The key to moving on with the future is to get over the past, if you can do that you’ll be a better person.” “Like, I always say: ‘If opportunity don’t come knocking build a door.’ You said your dad’s wedding was coming up, take some time of work, get some weeks earlier, relax, unwind, spend time your family, this time open up your heart, be you not some workaholic, who doesn’t know the difference between night and day” she says yawningly “Look at the time 1.30am, I’m exhausted, ‘Good Night’” she says sleepily and heads upstairs “Night” I tell her as I dose off on the couch.

[Martha’s House]

Martha reaches home after another late night. She heads upstairs to change to her nighties. She’s about to crawl into bed when her phone beeps. It’s a text message:

Hey, call me,

It’s been ages

wer hav u been?

r u still comin 2 see Rob n I?

Tash xxxx

Seeing this puts a huge smile on her face. She replied instantly saying:

i’m so sorry, i’ve been busy

wit work n all haven’t had tym

of courz im comin 2 see ya

i woudn’t a trip 2 da old town 4 anythin or any1

see ya soon.

Mac xxx

With that she smiles happy with her text, and goes into a peaceful sleep.

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*searches below* I can't see it.. :( Lol.

Come on, Nicole wants to see some pixels below!! :P Lol. Sounds great! Looking forward to it!

EDIT: Aha! I see.. I'll go read it now. :)

EDIT (All this editing is making my head hurt. lol) : Wahay! Fantastico! Looking forward to the next chapter! Can't wait to see them reunite.. I wonder whether it goes down well... Something tells me no.. with Jack wanting to hit walls and such.. lol. Jack sees a 'thinking person'. I'd so rock at that job.

"And how do you feeel?" He he.

Update soon!!

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Chapter 2 [The Plan]

[syd’s House]

“Morning Jack” Syd says as heads down. “W-ha-a-t time is it?” I ask

“10.30” “Whoa, I.. err.. have to go” I say “Don’t worry I told your boss that your taking some time off, of course he didn’t like it but Bob and I have been friends for a long time and I explained the whole situation. He said you come by during lunch and work out an arrangement before he leaves”

“Speechless!! That’s what I am. I wonder how her husband does it. She’s so ordered; it’s freaky…” “Jack?” she asks “Wha…. oh ya sure, I’ll work everything out with him” “I should go” I say as quickly as I can. ”Alright, well, Good Luck, greet your family for me” she continued

“Yeah sure” I utter “Oh and remember be—your—self. See you in some weeks O.K?” “Fine” I retorted.

“Bye” Syd shouts from the door as Jack zooms off.

[Martha’s House]

Martha is awoken by a rattle from downstairs. Terrified she gets a bat and heads downstairs…………………

She enters the kitchen and sees no one, “Great, Martha now you’re hearing things. What am I doing?”

(“Wow, yo…….)JESUS!! Ray! You scared me to death!” “Jeez, I’m really sorry;” he solemnly replies “What are you doing here, I told you I’ll be fine” she snaps “Look, I just wanted to check on you alright; what’s with the bat?” he retorts “Nothing, sorry for snapping”. “Its fine” he utters. “Listen, remember my friend Tash?”

“Yea, the one that invited you to the bay and just had a baby right?” he responded “Yeah, well she sent me a text again and I’m going to go. I’ll get off work and relax for once; take your advice” she whines. “Well that’s great, when are you leaving?” he replies happily. “Today, I know it’s sudden, but it’s what I want” she replies “Alright well let’s get started” he indicates by pointing to a suitcase.

[Jack’s House]

“Jack!” shouts a voice from behind him it’s Zach. “Ya” he replies turning to face him

“Where’ve you been I’ve waiting ages, you said I was going shooting practice” he mutters “Well initially that was the plan, but a call from the old man and a night with my therapist changed everything.” Jack replies “So what’s gonna happen?” he asks

“Well I’m going away for a few weeks, so I need you to cover for me. Any problems and Henderson will take care of you, OK” I state “Fine, and have fun. See Ya” he bellows as he walks off to the café down the road.

“What am I going to do with him” Jack grumbles

He gets inside and throws some clean clothes into a suitcase and then puts his suit on top of it. “Ready to go, all I have to do is have a bath, dress and meet boss and then off to the airport.” ”Right Jack, cheer up your away for 4 whole weeks, no work, no Zach”

[Martha’s House]

“Christ, Martha your only going away for 4 weeks, did you have to pack your whole wardrobe?” Ray moans as he helps me put the suitcase downstairs. “Well Mr. I.T.K. (I To Know) its always go to be prepared. A lot of things happen in that town. I say simply “Fine, I’m going to make a reservation for your seat” he murmurs………………………………

“Yes, you’ll have you’ll have seat 55B in premium economy. The flight is at 2.00pm prompt, check in at 1.30pm.”

Ray: “Thank you very much.”

“Glad I could be off service” replies the flight agent

Meanwhile at Jacks side……………

“Yeah that’s right Sergeant Jack Holden on a flight to Summer Bay Local Airport, today”

“Boss c’mon it doesn’t necessarily have to be today” Jack whines

Boss (Bob) doesn’t want to hear it “Look, I’m off to Hunter Valley for some peace, my wife’s giving me hell and I don’t need Syd jumping down my throat either. Pull yourself together man!”

“Okay, Mr. McGraw, Sergeant Holden will have seat 50A in premium economy. Upper Class is full and the flight is at 2.00pm prompt, check-in at 1.30pm replies the flight agent

“Right, Bye” McGraw says hastily and cuts the line. “Listen Holden, your going to be at that airport at 1.30pm, you hear me? Flight leaves at 2.00pm and so help you God you better be on it…………… OR I”LL THUMP MYSELF, UNDERSTAND ME???”

“He gulps” “Yes, sir” He replies

“Now that’s a good boy, I’m off, to luxury and hopefully we don’t have to see each other for other few weeks” he getting up and walking to his car

“Oh yeah and Jack…………”

“Yes Sir”

“Have fun” he smiles wickedly

“Thanks” he replies before he zooms off. Maybe this holiday isn’t such a bad idea after all.

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