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Mon 10 Jul 06 - " Rachel Does Something That We’ve ALL Wanted To

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

" Rachel Does Something That We’ve ALL Wanted To Do At Some Point "

(Screened in Australia on Mon 10 Jul 06 - Episode # 4226)

BUSH – It’s night tome, and the LOST are by a camp fire. Kit is talking to Kimmy, and she is V self deprecating about herself (re how she is holding up the group).

Meanwhile, Robbie assures Martha that jack will be OK, and, nearby, Colin gives belle his jacket – as she can see that she is way cold.

Kimmy finishes re-bandaging kit’s ankle – she assures him that Rachel will be able to deal with al that’s happened.

LEAH’S – Meanwhile, Leah is frantically calling everyone that she can think of in a bid to find the drink driving (and way NOT dealing with things) Rachel.

Dan returns and Leah tells him about Rachel. Dan bails – in a bid to find Rachel.


LEAH’S – Dan returns, having had no luck finding Rachel. Leah wants to call the police, but Dan advises that she wait a bit longer before they do so.

HOSPITAL – Tash enters jack’s room – and offers him some of her “its’ advantageous to be pregnant” food.

As they talk, Tash feels that baby kick, and lets jack feel it too.

LEAH’S – Leah & Dan talk about Drew baling form the boarding school. Dan tells Leah that drew won’t go to his mum’s (as drew seems to be as estranged to her as he was to peter).

Dan is worried that he cause drew to run – by “dumping:” all that info on drew at once.

DINER – as Irene, alf & colleen are closing up for the night, Tash enters. Irene can’t believe that Tash has just come from the hospital (seeing jack).

Tash tell Irene that she wants to be close to jack – as jack knows how she is feeling (with both having LOST spouses).

Irene is further not impressed when Tash ask if they can pick up something for jack for the bachelor pad on the way home.

LEAH’S – Leah is way frantic, as there is still no sign of Rachel. The phone rings – it’s the police. When off the phone, Leah tells Dan the news that Rachel is at the police station.

POLICE STATION – Leah & Dan enter, and McGrath tells them that Rachel is refusing to take a breathiliser test.

Leah goes into the interview room, and tries to convince Rachel to take the test. Rachel takes offence to the police picking her up (whilst sleeping up her car) rather than using their resources to catch real criminals. (Note – I’m surprised that Rachel didn’t say something bout the police bungles – think stalker - which led to the death of Rachel’s mum).

SOON AFTER – Leah eventually convinces Rachel to takes the test. Rachel takes offence after he police tell her that her reading is .04 (which is under the .05 blood alcohol limit etc).

Rachel goes off at the police – but you just know that she was over the limit when she was 1-st picked up.

BUSH – the LOST are progressing slowly – as kit tries to walk as fast as she can.

Martha vomits (due to dehydration) – and then drinks much of the water that Kimmy hands her – which is for everyone.

There’s more clashes between Kimmy & Colin – who thinks that they’ve find water nearby at the bottom of the ravine.

DINER – alf enters, and tells Irene that he is going to the search base camp today. He orders some food, and wonders why Irene seems to be on another planet. She tells alf that she thinks that jack & Tash are too close – and that jack is (inadvertently or otherwise) using Tash.

HOPITAL – jack & Tash are talking, and Irene’s point is proven when Tash decides to reschedules a medical checkup to go to the bachelor pad to get jack’s MP3 player.

BUSH – belle & Colin are talking about how she isn’t close to the other who are LOST, when Colin sees the banks of a creek. He runs to them, but the creek is WAY totally empty.

LEAH’S – Leah and Dan talk about the Rachel situation before Dan bails.

Rachel enters the kitchen, and pours herself another drink. Leah tries in vain to get Rachel to face up to things.

BUSH – The LOST way along the dry creek bed. Kit slips over. Colin is not keen on everyone stopping again – and his point is strengthened by a great shot of the baking midday sun.

LEAH’S – Leah is still trying to reason with Rachel, but is getting nowhere.

However, when Leah tells Rachel that she of all ppl should know not to drink & drive (after what happened to Rachel’s mum), Rachel WAAAAAAAAAAY slaps Leah in the face (note – GREAT shot too).

HOSPITAL – Tash enters jack’s room and gives him the MP3. Jack thinks her, but asks her to get his gown which is not THAT far from the side of the bed (further proving Irene’s thoughts).

As she is getting the gown, Tash feels pain in her stomach, she & jack call out for help.

BUSH – there’s more fighting amongst the LOST (or more to the point between Kimmy & Colin).

Kit suggests that they leave her behind for the common good – but Kimmy way takes offence to the suggestion. (end of ep)


Will the LOST abandon Kit ??

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Irene's brown long sleeve top (with its velvety plunging V neck collar)

SILVER – Tasha's pink spaghetti stap top

BRONZE – Tash'a torquoise plunging V neck top

HONOURABLE MENTION -Dan's green, black & white polo shirt

H&A Memorable Moments

On this date (11 Jul) last year the ep where Chloe DIED screened in Oz

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