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Killed by Eve

Guest -Emily-

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This is a new Eve fan-fic, where she goes on a rampage, killing five of the bays much-loved residents. But of course she puts them through hell before finally killing them in an awful, but dramatic way.

Chapter 1

It was a hot, dark night and in the middle of nowhere near a warehouse the dreaded Zoe McCallister was carrying a chair into the warehouse.

"You won't be so lucky this time Sally" Zoe giggled manicly. She picked up her rope and crowbar and drove off, in search for an unsuspecting Sally.


Ric and Cassie were staying the night at a friends house for the night. Sally was happily watching TV when she heard a knock on the door. Zoe appeared and Sally screamed, before bursting into tears of fright. "Why are you here?" Sally said helplessly. "I was going to kill you last time but never got round to it. I've come back to finish you off." Zoe replied, followed by an evil giggle. Sally ran up the stairs but Zoe chased her into the bedroom, and knocked her unconcious onto the bed. Then she tied up sally's lifeless body and lifted her over her shoulder, and then put her into the boot of her car.


Sally woke up and found herself tied up. She started to scream for help. "God you never shut up do you?" Zoe said, and pulled over to the side of the road. Zoe lifted Sally out of the car, lay her on the side of the road, luaghed as she picked her crowbar up, then kept hitting Sally over the head until she was unconcious. Zoe then arrived at the warehouse.


Zoe lifted Sally over her shoulder and carried her to the chair she had set up earlier. Then she tied Sally's feet up, and tied Sally's waist to the chair, so she had absolutely no chance of escape. Zoe was sat on the warehouse floor. After a while Sally woke up. " About time you woke up, I've been waiting"

More coming soon, what do you think?

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Chapter 2

Sally was in the warehouse, tied to a chair.

Zoe giggled manicly, and reached in her pocket for a gun.

"You don't know what a pleasure it would be to use my little finger to pull this big trigger"

"Please eve, we can work this out..." Sally said hopefully.

"No we can't, you're not getting out of here alive"

Zoe started walking towards the door.

"Where are you going?"

"Out, I'll be back soon"

As Zoe went out she put the gas on.

Sally started hearing the gas and smelling it, giving her flashbacks of when Eve kidnapped her before.

Sally started moving her chair to the door. But unfortunately, it tipped over, and Sally fell to the ground.

"Oh god" Sally said, knowing she hadn't got much time.

As she struggled with the gas, everything was a blur, she was slowing drifting into unconciousness.


Eve broke into the house, and was shocked as Maddie walked in. This wasn't meant to happen!

"Aaaah" Maddie said, as she was hit over the head.

"Oh my god Eve its you"

"Thats right!" Manicly giggling, Eve hit Maddie till she was unconcious.


Sally was unconcious.

Maddie was tied to a chair, and she woke up. Eve had obviously not bothered about sally, just left her there on the floor.

Maddie woke up.

"Is sally dead"

"Don't know, don't care, I did try to kill her with the gas, so yeah she's probably dead."

"Check her pulse"

"Damn it shes still breathing, she was meant to be dead, oh well, you two can just die together now!"


What did you think?

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Chapter 3

Zoe was walking around, when Sally woke up. She started walking towards the door.

"Where are you going?"

"Ill be back soon"

The gas was still going, Sally and Mattie were struggling.

Zoe brought Tasha, Belle and Leah in.

They were all unconcious and tied up. Eventually they woke up.

Zoe knew that the gas was going to blow the building up soon.

"Your all going to die soon! the gas is going to blow this whole place up!"

They all sat there trying to move.

"Don't try to move, oh well I better get out of the way. Goodbye...see you in hell!"

Zoe walked out and 5 4 3 2 1 the whole place exploded, Sallys chair flew up in the air with her on it, she was screaming, and when she came down to the ground, she hit her head. Was she alive?

Everyone was unconcious, some were dead. But hang on what was Eve doing?? She came in with Cassie tied up...OMG! Then she threw Cassie in with everyone else. And took out a box of matches. No she couldn't be....yes she set the room on fire again! Then ran out smiling!

Cassie was awake, tied up to a chair, she couldn't move and stared helplessly around her, knowing there was no way out. She tried moving her chair closer to the door, but a huge fireball hit her, and she fell backwards on her chair, and her clothes were on fire.

All the chairs were tipped over, everyone was now unconcious, people were lying dead. Slowly Belle regained conciousness. She saw everyone lying there, she tried to help Sally, but...was she alive? Then she saw Cassie burning and there was nothing she could do. She knew they were probably dead. She was still tied up, and lying on the floor, struggling to breathe, with the gas and smoke and fire filling the room. Everything went blurry, and she slipped into unconciousness. As Leah woke up, the room exploded again, and the bricks and everything fell on top of eberyone, burying them under fire, bricks, rocks, htting them over the head. Leah tried to find away out, but it was no use. They were buried 10 feet under tonnes of rubble. She knew they were going to die.

Peter arrived at the scene. He saw the rubble, and expected the worst. Peter and Jack were franticly pulling the rocks away, and were horrified at the scene underneath them. Everyone was unconcious some on fire. Martha was there! Jack pulled her out of the way, and undone her ropes. He checked for a pulse but it was no use. She was dead, and was covered in blood and dirt.

Then they found Sally. She had suffered alot when she flew up into the air. She was burnt, and covered in blood, her clothes ripped, they called an ambulance immediately. When the ambulance arrived, they franticly gave her cpr. But she was dead. Nothing could be done.

The rocks were still being pulled off everyone else. Cassie was black. She had been so burnt by the fireball. She was dead, and as the families if the missing arrived at the scene, they cried, not knowing if there loved ones were ok.

Beth just wanted Maddie. She tried pulling the rocks away, but it was no use. She couldn't find her. But everntually she was found. She was alive! It was a miracle. She was rushed to hospital, where they operated on her. She slipped into a coma, and was in intensive care.

Back at the warehouse Tasha and Belle were found next to eachother. They had been hit over the head by the rocks that had fallen on them. They weren;t breathing. Zoe had killed 4 people and the other was in a critical condition.


Irene and the rest were trying to get over the deaths of their friedns and relatives. Alf was devastated at the loss of Sally.

Beth was heard screaming. Maddie no! She had flatlined. Nurse Julie had to get her heart started, she tried and tried and tried, but she just couldn't get her back.

Maddie had died as well.

Ut was hard to believe Zoe had tortured allt eh victims, set the room on fire and left them to die. She had one, and had run away. She was still at large!


There will be a new fic following this soon :D


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