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FLAMIN' hell -- another five years?

Guest Andy

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FLAMIN' hell -- another five years?

Daily Telegraph

8 July 2006

He's been on our screens for nearly two decades but Ray Meagher isn't going anywhere soon.

The veteran actor, who has plays colourful character Alf Stewart on Home and Away, has renewed his contract for another five years.

Meagher's biggest claim to fame on the box? Spending the past 18 years calling Summer Bay locals "mongrels".

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Not only is it good that he has signed a new 5 years contract, but that means that the show probably won't be stopped in the next years... :D Hopefully.

Oh yeah! 'Cos I doubt they'd stop the show after resigning such a high profile, and long standing, cast member...they'd want to get their money's worth! :P So unless someting dramatic happens, it looks like Home and Away will be on our screens for a while yet. :D

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