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In the City

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The first part - a continuation of 'From the Ashes' - the off-screen events of Zoe & TT leading to the Stalker's return to Summer Bay. I hope you guys like it.


Tracey Thompson arrived late at work that day – unbeknownst to her colleagues – it was due to the same reason everyone’s assembled at the meeting.

“It’s now been four months since Laura McPherson disappeared and her farm-home burned down. All bodies recovered from the wreckage were those of animals. So Laura could still be alive.” Cynthia Riesco, the detective in charge of the investigation, informed everyone present, Tracey included.

“Laura McPherson?” Tracey asked, shocked to hear that name again.

“Yes. Heard about the case before have you?” Cynthia asked genuinely.

“Yeah, at the other station I worked, when she first disappeared. It was the first case I was on, I just didn’t realise she’d have been missing for so long.” Tracey explained, cool and calmly.

“I know. Her family are extremely worried and want her back safely ASAP.” Cynthia revealed.

Tracey almost choked, feeling a slight sense of guilt, she continued -

“What do you think happened to her?” Tracey asked curiously.

“Right now, we haven’t a clue. Although there were sightings of her in Summer Bay the day after she disappeared.” Cynthia further revealed.

“Summer Bay?” interrupted Leon Hernandez – another detective.

“Yes. Why is that a problem?” Cynthia asked concerned.

Tracey listened carefully, as she knew what was about to be mentioned.

“Well, if Laura disappeared on the 2nd of May, and was seen in Summer Bay the day after, that would mean May the 3rd, wouldn’t it?” Leon revealed.

“And your point being, detective?” Cynthia asked, losing her patience.

“That’s the day Zoe McCallister perished in the explosion. Could she have been responsible for Laura’s disappearance?” Leon finally revealed and asked.

“The Summer Bay stalker?” Tracey inquired, extremely interested in what her colleagues have to say.

“Yeah, that’s right.” Leon added.

“So you believe the Summer Bay stalker murdered Laura? That’s ridiculous!” Cynthia laughed.

Tracey laughed too – not for the same reason as everyone else – but because she knew that ‘theory’ was exactly what happened, and these so-called detectives are too stupid to realise.

“Alright, it was just a suggestion.” Leon added, blushing from being humiliated.

“I know, it’s OK. I’m sorry. Anyway guys, we might as well finish up here, presuming no-one else has any other theories?” Cynthia remarked, quite bitchily.

As everyone left the room, Tracey followed where she got a call on her cell phone from none other than supposedly deceased stalker, Zoe.

“Tracey?” Zoe asked quite panicky.

“Sarah? What is it?” Tracey asked, masking her friend’s identity whilst in public.

“You need to come quickly.” Zoe said in a really worried tone.

“Sarah what’s wrong?” Tracey worriedly asked.

“Quickly, just come home, OK? I’ll reveal everything.” Zoe asked.

“OK, I’m on my way.” Tracey replied before Zoe hanged up.

Tracey rushed to her car and drove back to her and Zoe’s apartment as quickly as she could, worrying and fearing for the worse.

Tracey finally arrived and searched the apartment for Zoe – but she was nowhere to be seen.

“Eve?” Tracey called, echoing throughout the seemingly empty apartment.

“Surprise!” screamed Zoe, scaring Tracey half to death.

“Eve! What the **** do you think you’re doing?!” Tracey yelled in response.

“Playing. You?” Zoe replied rather cheekily.

“Worried. About you. What was that call all about?” Tracey asked, still worried.

“I wasn’t really panicking! Jeez, Trace, lighten up! I just wanted to see you, that’s all.” Zoe explained, teasingly, whilst licking Tracey’s cheek.

“After the day I’ve had, that feels better than usual.” Tracey replied, her eyes closed.

“Why? What happened today?” asked an interested Zoe, kissing Tracey’s neck from behind.

“Cynthia has brought up the Laura McPherson case, and Leon had this ‘theory’ that the Summer Bay stalker was responsible. Do you have any idea how uncomfortable that was?” Tracey revealed, enjoying the sensual kisses.

“Are you serious?” Zoe laughed, her eyes fixed on the wall, still kissing Tracey’s neck, obviously thinking deeply about something.

“Deadly. Eve, what if they figure it out, and we won’t be able to inform Peter first?” Tracey panicked slightly.

“Then we’ll have to move our plans a few weeks forward. Phone him now, OK?” Zoe demanded

“Now? Are you sure?” Tracey asked, awkwardly.

“Yes now. I’m positive. Besides, I’ve got work in 5 minutes, you could tell him you saw me working at the hospital.” giggled Zoe, before going into the bedroom to get changed into her uniform.

“Well if you’re sure, I’ll make the call whilst you’re getting ready for work. Damn this set-up, me working days, you working nights – we hardly see each-other.” Tracey said with a tone of disappointment to Zoe through the door, whilst dialling Peter’s number.

Tracey phoned Peter and the following conversation occurred.

“Hello?” Peter asked on the other end of the cell phone, tired from being woken up.

“Hey, Pete, it’s Tracey. I’ve got some bad news.” Tracey explained, trying to keep a straight face, to get into the conversation.

“Really? What is it?” Peter asked, without a worry in the world.

“It’s Zoe. I’ve seen her.” Tracey revealed, smiling to herself, looking at Zoe through the door whilst she’s getting changed.

“Zoe? Are you serious? Where – when?” Peter panicked, trying to stay calm.

“Deadly serious, Peter. I saw her with my own eyes. She’s still alive.” Tracey revealed, putting on a tone of panic in her voice.

“OK, Trace, you need to tell me everything that happened, OK?” Peter demanded, getting irrational.

“Alright. I was at the hospital questioning a person connected to a drug-related crime. The same case you were on in Summer Bay that had you shot. Anyway, I continued to question the man, and who should give him his medication, but Zoe McCallister.” Tracey revealed, excitedly panicking.

“I’ve got to go. I’ll see you later, Trace.” Zoe yelled, winking at Tracey on her way out.

“Who was that?” Peter asked, confused in everything he’d just been told.

“Oh, that was Maxine, my flatmate.” Tracey calmly explained, with a slight chuckle.

“Ah right, sorry. Hectic day, especially now. Listen, thanks for telling me. Look, I’ve got to go now, OK? Get my head ‘round all of this. Phone you tomorrow? So we can figure something out?” Peter suggested, getting his words muddled up in the panic.

“OK, Peter. Try and get some rest.” Tracey kindly – and sarcastically – replied, before hanging up, smiling to herself.

Zoe’s been working her nightshift at the hospital for three hours now, before she goes home, she’s called to tend to one last patient.

“Here you go.” Zoe said, handing Mrs. McKinnon – Charlie’s grandmother – her medication.

“Thank you. You’re an angel.” Mrs. McKinnon replied thankfully.

“Hmm, sleep well.” Zoe replied sweetly, as she walked out of the room, smiling to herself, knowing right now Peter’s probably panicking about the stalker’s survival.

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Here's the next part. I hope you guys like it. :)


The next day; Peter and Tracey are discussing Zoe’s survival and how they’re going to catch her.

“Tracey?” Peter asked impatiently.

“Pete? What is it?” Tracey replied, trying her best to act concerned.

“It’s Zoe. I think she’ll return to the bay.” Peter stated, as Tracey on the other end of the phone rolled her eyes.

“You think?” Tracey asked seriously, with a slight tone of sarcasm beneath.

“I’m positive. Now all we have to do is figure out a way of catching her before she goes back to finish what she started. I’ve got an idea…” Peter revealed, whilst Zoe put her ear to the mobile and listened with Tracey, trying desperately not to laugh.

“Which is?” Tracey interrupted.

“I’m going back to Summer Bay after the cyclone dies down.” Peter further revealed.

“I think that sounds like a good idea. But Peter, remember whose case this is now, OK?” Tracey reminded, quite firmly.

“Yeah. I understand. But what do we do? Do we inform everyone or what?” Peter asks.

“Absolutely not! If everyone knew about Zoe’s survival they’d go into a mass panic – and that’ll be what Zoe wants. No way – absolutely no way – must anyone discover she’s alive. Not yet, anyway. OK?” Tracey demanded professionally, but deep down furiously.

“Alright. I get what you’re saying. Listen, I’ve got to go, OK? Having problems with Claire. I’ll call you back when I’m on my way to Summer Bay tomorrow, OK?” Peter replied before hanging up quickly.

“Ignorant bastard.” Tracey hissed, then started to giggle to herself, before continuing –

“Guess what, Zoe?” Tracey asked, obviously pleased with herself.

“What?” Zoe asked curiously with a cheeky grin.

“Peter’s on his way back to the bay tomorrow – I’m going to bug him every single day until he’s near breaking point. I guess the next step is to tell him about Laura.” Tracey gleefully explained.

“That’s fantastic! I love you!” Zoe squealed with delight.

“I love you too.” Tracey replied, much more seriously.

“Yeah… anyway, I’ve got work now, so…” Zoe said, before being interrupted.

“Work? Now? It’s still the morning.” Tracey stated, a bit upset.

“Don’t worry, I work days now, so we can have the evenings together. I thought you’d appreciate it.” Zoe delightfully explained, winking at Tracey.

“Oh my God! Are you serious?” Tracey squealed.

“Deadly.” Zoe giggled back at her.

“That’s amazing!” Tracey further squealed before hugging Zoe, twirling around excitedly (think Zoe and Eve in the Stalker revelation episode).

Breaking away from the hug, Zoe replied “I better get to work if I want to leave early. I’ll see you later.” before leaving the apartment.

Tracey arrived a few minutes late at work shortly afterwards.

“You’re late, Detective Thompson.” Detective Riesco remarked.

“I know. I’m sorry, it won’t happen again.” Tracey replied.

“I know it won’t.” Detective Riesco replied, looking annoyed.

Tracey looks at Cynthia in a ‘I really want to slaughter you brutally now but I can’t because I’m in public’ way.

“Right, Laura’s still not been found, and due to this investigation running into a dead end – we’re closing it temporarily until further evidence comes up. Everyone agree on this decision?” Detective Riesco asked.

“Definitely.” Tracey replied quickly.

“Yeah, me too.” sighed Detective Bailey and a few others.

“Alright. That’s that.” Detective Riesco finished.

“Just one thing though, ma’am…” Tracey questioned.

“Yes? What?” Detective Riesco asked.

“Do you really think that Zoe McCallister – or rather Eve Jacobsen – had nothing to do with Laura’s disappearance?” Tracey asked, brazenly revealing the truth in the guise of an inquiry.

“Positive. How could she possibly abduct Laura whilst being char-grilled?” Detective Riesco asked, laughing.

With a tone of bitterness and hostility in her voice, Tracey replied “Fair enough. It was just a question.”

“A ridiculous question – now this meeting is over, OK? Get back to work everybody!” Detective Riesco yelled.

Whilst walking out of the meeting, Tracey quietly hissed to herself “****ing bitch.”

Tracey phoned Peter on his mobile whilst looking at an autopsy report on Eve Jacobsen – the details exactly the same as Laura McPherson’s description.

“Peter?” Tracey asked firmly.

“Tracey? I thought we agreed to talk tomorrow?” Peter asked confused angrily.

“I know. But there’s been another development on the case. Just now we’ve been taken off a missing persons case – Laura McPherson…” Tracey continued, before being interrupted.

“Yeah? And?” Peter asked, rather annoyed – having just broken up with Claire, as she didn’t approve of Peter returning to Summer Bay without evidence etc.

“Well, as I was about to say, one of my colleagues, Detective Hernandez, had this theory yesterday at a meeting to discuss the case – that Zoe had murdered Laura, in order to fake her death. Now I’m looking at Zoe’s autopsy report as we speak, every detail matches Laura’s description. Hell, there was even a sighting of Laura in Summer Bay the day Zoe died. Peter, I firmly believe it was Laura’s body forensics pulled from the factory on the 3rd of May 2005. I’ll fax you a copy of Laura’s case and Zoe’s autopsy report later this evening, OK?” Tracey explained.

“I cannot believe this. I mean, I believe you, don’t get me wrong, but… I guess it just seems more real now. I want everything you have on Zoe and Laura faxed to me, OK? Then I’ll rent storage space at a shipping container in the bay that I know when I return tomorrow – it’s there I’ll conduct my investigation, alright?” Peter replied, rather shaken up.

“OK. I’ll see what I can do. Listen, I’ve got to go, OK? I’ll call you either later or tomorrow. Talk soon.” Tracey said quickly before hanging up.

Detective Riesco approaches Tracey.

“Detective Thompson, if you want to make a personal phone-call – which has nothing to do with work – I suggest you do it in your own time, OK?” Detective Riesco bitched.

“Sorry, ma’am, it won’t happen again. I promise.” Tracey sinisterly vowed, with an artificial smile on her face.

“Yeah, well, make sure it doesn’t.” Detective Riesco finished.

Tracey stuck her middle finger up at Detective Riesco before leaving the station to go home.

Zoe’s in the car park, about to get into her car until she’s stunned to see Claire.

“Detective Brody?” Zoe asked with a slight laugh.

“Oh my ****ing God! Zoe?” Claire asked herself in disbelief.

“That’s right. Listen, I’d love to stay and chat, but… I’ve got plans.” Zoe revealed before whacking Claire over the head with a bar she picked up from the floor, knocking her unconscious.

Zoe slumps Claire in the boot of her car before locking it shut and driving off.

At Zoe and Tracey’s apartment, they’ve got Claire tied to a chair, semi-conscious.

“Well, well, well, what have we here?” Tracey asked sarcastically to Zoe.

“Someone who means a lot to Peter.” Zoe replied, smiling sinisterly.

“Please, guys, we can come to some kind of arrangement…” Claire pleaded with her psychotic captors.

“Usually we could, yes. But as I said earlier, I’ve got plans, and with you alive, well… you’re just going to get in the way one way or another. Goodbye, Detective Brody – it was rather unpleasant knowing you.” Zoe psychotically said before shooting Claire in the head with a silenced gun.

“****…” Tracey quiet said to herself, whilst biting her lip, grinning cutely.

“You enjoyed that?” Zoe asked, seemingly surprised by Tracey’s reaction.

“Yeah, well no… kinda. Just I’ve got an irritating colleague at work, Detective Cynthia Riesco, I was planning on ‘silencing’ her.” Tracey explained, irritated.

“Then why don’t you?” Zoe asked curiously.

“Well I’ve never killed before – I haven’t even shot anyone on a stake-out or a chase. It’s difficult.” Tracey explained confused.

“Aww, sweetheart, I can help you if you’d like? But seriously, trust me, there’s nothing like your first murder.” Zoe beamed.

“OK. Thanks for being so understanding, love. So we’ll get rid of Cynthia tonight?” Tracey asked, smiling sinisterly to Zoe.

Zoe nodded before she and Tracey made their way into the bedroom, Claire’s lifeless body staring on.

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Here's the third part. Also a little warning; there's some slightly disturbing stuff in this part so if you're screamish I don't think you should read some parts. I hope you like it either way. :)


The following morning, Zoe and Tracey exit the bedroom and think of how to dispose of Detective Brody.

“So what we are going to do about her?” Tracey asked curiously, giving a nod at Claire’s body.

“Good question. Don’t you know anyone?” Zoe asked in return.

“Well there’s a guy Peter and Claire put away a couple of years back who’s doing life for 3 counts of murder, it won’t be easy, but I guess I can break him out of jail?” Tracey suggested.

“Break him out of jail? Are you serious? Doesn’t he have an accomplice or something?” Zoe curiously asked.

“You’re a genius! Why didn’t I think of that? Of course. Dennis Gillan worked with another guy, Eddie ‘Skinner’ Smith – he was the one who dismembered Dennis’ victims.” Tracey explained.

“Dismembered? So you have an address for this guy or what?” Zoe asked.

“An address? No. But I have a phone number.” Tracey revealed cheekily.

“Fantastic! So our dear departed friend here is going to rest in pieces?” Zoe sickly laughed.

“So it would seem.” Tracey laughed with her.

Tracey dialled Eddie’s number and the following conversation took place.

“Hey Eddie!” Tracey exclaimed.

“Tracey?” Eddie asked in disbelief.

“Hey. Listen, I need a favour, OK?” Tracey went on to explain.

“A favour? What kind of favour?” Eddie asked curiously.

“I’ve got a body here that needs to be taken care of pretty quickly, and seeing as you used to work at the abattoir in Summer Bay, I thought you’d be the man for the job.” Tracey explained.

“Sorry Tracey, but I want nothing to do with it.” Eddie expressed firmly.

“Oh I think you might be interested in this one – it’s Detective Claire Brody.” Tracey revealed gleefully.

“In that case, I’m your man. Bring the stiff to the docks in two hours – we’ll arrange something.” Eddie finished before hanging up.

Tracey put her mobile back in her pocket and looked at Zoe, smiling.

“So it’s a done deal?” Zoe asked in delight.

“Yeah. We have to bring Claire’s body to the docks in two hours. He’ll do the rest.” Tracey explained, kissing Zoe.

“That’s fantastic!” Zoe squealed.

Zoe and Tracey wrapped Claire’s body in bin bags and slumped her corpse into the boot of Zoe’s car before heading off to the docks.

“Eddie?” Tracey called, as the disturbed man’s name echoed throughout the area.

“Detective Thompson.” Eddie replied, walking out of the shadows.

“Nice to see you again.” Tracey claimed.

“Who’s the girl?” Eddie asked curiously, looking at Zoe sitting on the bot of the car.

“Her? That’s Eve. My girlfriend. She won’t be any trouble.” Tracey explained.

“You’re doing well for yourself, Detective Thompson.” Eddie replied, staring at Zoe.

“Thanks. Now cut the crap, OK? We haven’t got all day.” Tracey said.

“Cut the… Detective Thompson, you do have a way with words in situations like these.” Eddie laughed, followed by Tracey’s.

“Have you guys finished? In case you hadn’t noticed there’s a dead detective over there that needs to be sliced and diced.” Zoe interrupted.

“Yes. Of course. I’ll get right on to it. See you guys later, OK? Oh, and don’t forget my money – I want $10,000!” Eddie yelled as Zoe and Tracey threw drove off, living Claire’s body in a shipping container.

In the car on the way to the police station Zoe and Tracey talk.

“Where are we going now? This is the way to the police station…” Tracey explained.

“I know. I believe you wanted Detective Riesco off your back?” Zoe replied sinisterly.

“I do but I don’t think Skinner could slice up anyone else today.” Tracey replied.

“Who says anything about slicing? We’re just going to put a bullet in her head. Simple.” Zoe revealed.

“Just like that?” Tracey asked.

“Just like that.” Zoe replied, smiling to herself.

The pull up at the police station car park.

“Now go in there and ask her out to your car – just make sure there’s no witnesses, OK?” Zoe explained.

“OK.” Tracey replied, opening the car door.

“Good luck.” Zoe replied.

“Thanks. I’m gonna need it.” Tracey replied, exiting the car and entering the building.

Tracey entered Cynthia’s office, pleased to see that everyone’s off work, except her target.

“Tracey?” Cynthia asked confused.

“Hey ma’am. I wondered if we could talk?” Tracey replied.

“Sure. What about?” Cynthia asked in return.

“Come to the car park with me, it’s a personal matter.” Tracey explained.

“OK.” Cynthia replied, unaware of what her fate is.

The pair make their way out to the car park where they’re confronted by a gun-holstering Zoe.

“I think you better get in the car, Detective Riesco.” Zoe said maliciously.

“How did you survive that explosion?” Cynthia asked, whilst getting into the car.

“Long story, we’ll share it at another time.” Zoe replied.

“Please…” Cynthia tried to reason with them, but nothing worked.

“Where to now?” Tracey asked, locking Cynthia in the boot of the car.

“The docks, of course. We need to pay Skinner and dispose of this bitch.” Zoe explained, before the deadly duo drove off into the night.

Zoe and Tracey arrive at the docks with Skinner’s money.

“Hey Eddie.” Zoe and Tracey said, sinquenised.

“It’s done. Claire’s sleeping in the fishes as we speak.” Eddie explained.

“A job well-done it would seem. Here’s your cash.” Zoe replied happily.

“Thanks.” Eddie replied.

“No, thank you.” Tracey replied, smiling.

“I’ll see you later then…” Eddie went to explain.

“Just one last thing.” Zoe asked.

“Yeah?” Eddie asked in return.

“How’d you like to earn more money in the future, say May sometime?” Zoe asked gleefully.

“Sure. What have you got in mind?” Eddie asked curiously.

“Don’t worry, nothing half as messy as this. Just break into a few houses, leave a few notes, set up a warehouse etc. What’d you think?” Zoe offered.

“Sounds… weird. But if you’re paying, why the heck not?” Eddie replied happily.

“It’s a deal then. We’ll contact you in April, OK?” Zoe finished.

“OK. See you then.” Eddie replied, before leaving.

Zoe and Tracey watched until Eddie fled the scene.

“Right, you ready?” Zoe asked.

“Read as I’ll ever be.” Tracey replied nervously.

“Good. Right, I’ll get in and start the ignition, you push the car from behind, OK?” Zoe suggested.

“Alright.” Tracey replied delightfully.

Zoe got in the car and started the ignition – with Cynthia trapped inside the boot of the vehicle – and drove it on the edge of the docks before getting out.

“Right, after three we push it into the water, OK?” Zoe replied.

“OK.” Tracey replied coldly.

“One, two three… push!” Zoe squealed, as Cynthia screamed from inside, as the car plummeted into the deep dark murky waters of the city docks – sinking fast.

“You’re a Godsend, Eve.” Tracey replied, utterly in awe.

“I try.” Zoe replied, flirty.

“Before we go home I want to buy you a gift.” Tracey explained.

“A gift? Really? For me? What for?” Zoe asked squealing excitedly.

“Yes. Yes. Yes. And for helping me out with Cynthia. Now let’s go to the pet store.” Tracey explained.

“Heh OK.” Zoe replied excitedly.

After 14 minutes of driving, Zoe and Tracey enter a pet store.

“What do you want?” Tracey asked.

“Well, there’s something I’ve got on mind, your pus--“ Zoe half replied, before her concentration was fixed to a rabbit in a hutch.

“Eve!” Tracey yelled jokingly, followed by a wink and a chuckle.

“I want this one. She’s looking at me. Her name’s Laura.” Zoe explained, obviously made her mind up, having named it already.

“OK. But Laura? Why that name?” Tracey asked.

“Because this sweet little girl here’s going to meet the same fate as Laura McPherson.” Zoe revealed, winking at Tracey sinisterly.

“I see…” Tracey replied, before purchasing the rabbit.

The deadly duo returned home where Zoe was having fun with rabbit Laura.

“What are you going to do?” Tracey asked, slightly concerned.

“We were thinking of buying a new microwave, right?” Zoe asked in return, ominously.

“You’ve got to be kidding me.” Tracey sighed in disbelief.

“No way. Get Laura for me.” Zoe replied giggling maniacally to herself.

“You’re wish is my command.” Tracey replied with a flirty wink, whilst getting Laura the rabbit for Zoe.

Zoe forced Laura into the microwave, and slammed the door shut behind the noisy rabbit.

“Bye Laura. It was nice knowing you.” Zoe claimed tearfully, hitting the button, burning the rabbit slowly to death, whilst Tracey put her arm around Zoe and watched.

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Until I figure what where to take ITC here's another fic I wrote. You've probably read before from my LJ but seeing as there's nothing else being posted here until at least Monday I thought I'd post this. I hope you like it. :)



It’s been three months since the explosion at Martha and Jack’s wedding reception, where the Summer Bay stalker and her accomplice were believed to have perished, taking Detective Peter Baker with them. Tracey Thompson – the accomplice - has been formally identified by forensics and pronounced dead. Eve “Zoe McCallister” Jacobsen’s body is yet to be recovered from the wreckage. The stalker is now missing; presumed dead.

Everyone was assembled for an important meeting at the police station, regarding the stalker, where Detective Claire Brody returned to Summer Bay after spending the last 12 months in the city.

Opening the door to the meeting room, Claire entered to a welcoming reception.

“Claire! How’ve you been? How comes you’re back? Are you the new detective?” Lara inquired excitedly.

“Yes. I’m the new detective, I’m picking up from where Peter left off. I hear Zoe’s still missing – is this true?” Claire asked rather concerned.

“Yes, it’s true, ma’am. Only Tracey’s body was recovered from the wreckage.” Ken replied worriedly.

“Right. Well this time’s different, because we’re actually going to catch Zoe, OK?” Claire informed her officers confidently.

“Forgive me, ma’am, but what makes you think we’re going to catch her? She could be anywhere.” McGrath replied.

“Because I received this earlier this morning.” Claire answered, holding up a ‘tick tock’ card, shocking everyone. “She must still be in the bay otherwise she wouldn’t have known where to send this. I firmly believe she’s somewhere close to everyone – she’s obviously been stalking us to have sent this.” Claire finished.

“So what are we going to do to draw her out?” Lara asked concerned.

“McGrath and I will go to the Caravan Park and inform Sally and Alf about Zoe’s survival and escape, then we’ll organise a town meeting tomorrow to discuss the situation.” Claire replied.

“A town meeting? Are you sure? You remember what happened last time.” Ken reminded Claire.

“I know. You see, that’s where things are going to be different. I’m planning on drawing Zoe in to us then we’ll make the arrest.” Claire replied irrationally.

“OK. What should we do whilst you and McGrath go to the Fletcher residence?” Lara asked.

“Your jobs. Look into Zoe and Tracey’s background thoroughly. She’s hiding somewhere and until we find her everyone’s in quite a lot of danger.” Claire replied, before finishing - “McGrath, you ready?”

“Yes, ma’am.” McGrath replied.

“OK, let’s go.” Claire replied, as she and McGrath left the station.

A few minutes later, Claire and McGrath entered the Fletcher residence.

“Claire? What are you doing back here?” Sally asked smiling.

“I’m on the stalker case.” Claire replied coldly.

“Stalker case? But they’re dead…” Sally replied, her smiling vanishing.

“Tracey’s dead. Zoe’s still at large. I’m sorry. Can we come in so we can discuss this properly?” Claire asked.

“Uh, yeah… come in.” Sally stuttering said.

“Claire?” Alf asked himself.

“Good day, Mr. Stewart.” Claire replied.

“What’s going on?” Cassie asked.

“Yeah.” Ric followed.

Martha and Jack – now fully recovered from their horrifying ordeal – just stared blankly.

“I’m here to tell you that Zoe’s still at large. Now don’t panic, we’re going to catch her tomorrow hopefully.” Claire revealed, getting closer to making her point.

“Tomorrow? How?” Morag asked.

“We were hoping Alf could organise a town meeting tomorrow, to discuss and hopefully answer any question regarding Zoe’s escape you or anyone else may have.” Claire explained.

“What time?” Alf interrupted.

“Around 9 O’clock in the morning, if that’s OK with you?” Claire informed and inquired.

“Yeah. That’s fine.” Alf replied.

“Good. That’s that sorted then. We’ll see you tomorrow.” Claire responded, as she and McGrath left the Caravan Park.

“What the…” Ric sighed.

Someone’s watching the reaction of the Fletcher family’s faces, whilst overhearing the entire conversation.

Later that evening, Alf and the rest of the family were informing the residents of Summer Bay about the town meeting, and were putting up flyers etc.

Colleen walked up to Alf and panicked. “What’s all of this about? It says stalker on this!”

“Stop your panicking, woman, the police are going to inform us about Zoe and catch her.” Alf explained.

“They better! I don’t think I can take any more shocks like this!” Colleen finished, storming off quickly, panicking, looking over her shoulder every 5 seconds, overreacting.

Alf simply just shook his head.

The next day Claire’s explaining everything to the police before the town meeting. “Zoe’s bound to come out of hiding having seen all of this, so we wait until everyone’s safe until we make the arrest, OK?” Claire asked.

“OK, ma’am, but I still don’t understand…” Lara confusingly replied.

“We’re going to go along with the plan I had in the first place – everyone evacuated out the back, OK? Sure, we’ll have an actual town meeting, but we’ll explain everything quickly, before Zoe arrives.” Claire explained.

“I don’t know, ma’am, it sounds a bit risky…” Lara replied.

“That’s exactly why it failed last time.” Claire claimed, unaware that the real reason it failed was because Zoe was actually following Peter. “It’s that negative attitude. Just have confidence in my plan, OK? Everyone’s going to be alright.” Claire firmly explained. “Anyway, we’re late – let’s go.” Claire finished, as her uniformed officers followed her to the Surf Club.

At the Surf Club, Alf’s already started without them, trying to calm a panicking mob down.

“Alright, alright, alright! Just calm your horses!” Alf yelled, as Claire and her officers entered.

“I’m sorry for the delay, we got held up, now let’s begin. Anyone got any questions they want answered?” Claire asked.

“Where’s Tracey? You explained Zoe’s alive – are you sure Tracey’s not alive too?” Tony asked, trying to calm everyone down in the process.

“Tracey’s 100% dead. Forensics positively identified her body with dental records, OK?” Claire stressfully explained. “Anything else anyone would want to know?” Claire asked.

“How are you planning on catching Zoe?” Colleen panicked, everyone else following suit.

As Claire was about to answer, a black-clad figure, complete with balaclava, and holstering a gun stood in the doorway and replied “I’d like to know the answer to that one too.”

Everyone turned around, shocked and panicking, about to get out of their chairs. “Stay where you are! Anyone move and I’m just gonna start shooting – got it?” the stalker aggressively yelled.

Everyone stayed silent, whilst Claire was getting her gun out behind her secretly. “How did you escape, Zoe?” Claire asked, trying to distract their captor.

“Quite easily as it happens. I fled the scene in all the confusion. Oh and I suggest you stop whatever you’re doing, Claire. All officers throw their guns on the floor or I’ll shoot!” the stalker demanded furiously.

“Alright, OK.” Claire reasoned, whilst all of the police dropped their guns.

“That’s better.” the stalker claimed, waving the gun in the air crazily.

“What do you want, Zoe?” Claire asked, trying to calm the situation down.

“Revenge.” the stalker replied with a giggle, before pulling off the balaclava, followed by shocked gasps. “Oh, and it’s Tracey, by the way, not Eve.” Tracey revealed, stunning everyone.

“How the fuc… forensics formally and positively IDed you –“ Claire speechlessly asked.

“The body you recovered was Eve’s. Don’t get me wrong, I did want to stay with her, but she was already dead. So I did the only thing I could – I kissed her on the cheek and fled the scene after promising to get revenge.” Tracey revealed, smirking, her insane eyes fixed on Claire maliciously.

“But that doesn’t explain how the forensics IDed you.” Claire replied, asking for further details.

“Precisely. As everyone arrived at the scene of the explosion to rescue survivors, I went to the hospital and switched dental records with Eve’s, so that you would positively identify me as the body. I hacked the police HQ database where they have every officer and detective’s details and switched those too.” Tracey gleefully explained, whilst a stream of tears rolled down her cheek.

“That still doesn’t explain your motive – why are you working with Zoe?” Claire confusingly asked.

“She’s the first person in my entire life to show me affection and love. We met in a foster home in our teens – we’ve been friends ever since. After Sarah’s death, Eve explained she wanted revenge and asked me to help. How else do you think she was always one step ahead back then? I phoned her regularly and she informed me of what she needed next. I provided her with the ingridients to construct the bombs. Hell, I even helped her escape from that explosion at the tyre factory. I gave her a new identity – another chance at life. But she wasn’t satisfied until she exacted revenge, so I helped her.” Tracey explained, almost furiously.

“So all this time, you’ve been in on it, the whole thing?” Claire asked worriedly.

“Exactly. Who do you think it was who cut your breaks? Who do you think pushed Sally off that ladder?” Tracey asked, smiling to herself.

“That was you?” Sally asked confused. “Zoe explained how, that she did it… I don’t understand.” Sally finished, crying slightly.

“She couldn’t exactly reveal the truth, could she? Do you really think she could knock you off the ladder and arrive to your rescue a few seconds afterwards? You really are a fool, aren’t you?” Tracey viciously spat.

“Why did you cut the breaks on Peter’s car?” Claire asked, terrified.

“Because Eve asked me to. She wanted you both out of the way.” Tracey explained, smirking.

“But recently, how did she escape from the prison van?” Claire asked confusingly.

“All I had to do was kick the lock. So when I closed that caged door on Eve, it would give the illusion that she was locked in. All she had to do was push the door open and jump out carefully whilst the van was driving on it’s way to maximum security. I gave her a pager – she paged me when she escaped and I picked her up. It was then we arrived at the wedding reception.” Tracey maliciously explained, looking at Martha and Jack spitefully.

“But the gas cylinders, who released the gas into the barn?” Claire asked, Martha and Jack listening carefully, tearfully.

“Who do you think? You didn’t really think that “Maxine Trood’s” little helper wasn’t in on it too, did you? Did honestly no-one see him crouch down and unscrew the caps? Oh and as for the caterer, she wasn’t in on it. She was just another idiot we paid to deliver a gift to Martha and Jack.” Tracey explained, tightening her grip around the gun.

“You ****ing bitch.” Claire said quietly to herself.

“I also painted the messages in Peter’s office, committed the break-ins at the station, posted the video tape, planted the camera.” Tracey explained, knowing she’s more intelligent than everyone underestimated. “You all just thought Eve was using me didn’t you? How stupid could you lot possibly get!” Tracey spat viciously.

“So what happens to us now?” Claire asked on behalf of the whole town, obviously terrified.

“I exact revenge on behalf of Eve and myself.” Tracey smiled sinisterly, whilst a bomb, ticking down to zero in the gym, ominously bleeps.

5… 4… 3… 2… 1… 0…



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