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Fri 7 Jul 06 - " It’s Not A Prison "

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " It’s Not A Prison "

(Screened in Australia on Fri 7 Jul 06 - Episode # 4225)

Note – This ep had no teaser, or opening credits

LEAH’S – Leah tells sally her concerns about Rachel spending all her time drinking or sleeping.

As sally bails, Dan enters – and then tells Leah that shocking g news about Andrew.

VAN PARK HOUSE – sally enters and is intrigued when she sees colleen carrying out those boxes of lamingtons. Ric & Cassie tell her about how colleen roped them into help wit the fund rasing for peter.

Ric starts talking about Alf’s upcoming birthday, but when Alf enters the room, he suggests that there’s too much sadness (because of the LOST) to celebrate such a thing.

LEAH’S – Dan & Leah talk about peter & Andrew. Dan seems to recall that at about the time that Andrew was born, peter was seeing a girl called krissy or Christie. Dan also recalls that the girl’s family moved suddenly out of town at that time.

VAN PARK HOUSE – as sally talk to Alf about what’s happening (with the search), Ric overhears – and suggests to Cassie that the have to fro something for Alf’s birthdays (even if it’s a small thing).

McADAMS MANSION – Dan helps Amanda carry in some of the food that sally & co have made for the memorial service.

Dan tells Amanda about Andrew – but is surprised that she is NOT shocked. Amanda reveals that one night when both she and peter got drunk, peter revealed this secret to her.

LEAH’S – Leah tries to get Rachel to deal with her problems, but gets nowhere. When Leah leaves the room, Rachel washes down (with a glass of wine) he last pills in the current bottle she has. She then places the pill bottle in the bin.

BOARDING SCHOOL – Dan meets with (perhaps) the headmistress and Andrew.

The woman leaves Andrew & Dan to talk alone. When Dan tells Andrew about what’s happened, peter’s son tells Dan that everyone calls him Drew.

He also seems more concerned about where the money will come form to pay for him being at boarding school.

Drew then explains to Dan that him being at this place was Krissy & peter’s way of dealing with things – as Krissy fell in love with another guy who had kids of his own.

Dan then invites drew to the memorial service. Drew tells Dan that he doesn’t think that he will attend. Drew walks away, but you can see that he is thinking about not turning his back on this side of his family.

LEAH’S – when Leah sees THAT empty pill bottle (when dumping some trash of her own), she confronts Rachel about taking 2 weeks worse of pills in the space of a cupule of days. Rachel way goes off at Leah, before bailing back to her room.

VAN PARK HOUSE – after sally & Alf bail (for the memorial service), Ric & Cassie begin to work on their present idea – a phot montage. As they put everything together we sees photos of Flynn the day that he drove THAT V8 race car, and an enlarged pic of Martha outside the church before her wedding.

As they put this in place, Ric & Cassie get closer & closer – until they PASH.

Both are way pleased that they have found their back into arms others arms.

McADAMS MANSION – Dan gives a moving speech about peter to all those who attend the memorial service (incl Leah, Amanda, colleen, sally, Alf & several police officers – some of whom are in uniform, and some, like Lara, are in casual attire).

SOON AFTER – the likes of Alf & colleen thank Amanda for letting them use her house for the memorial service.

Sally approaches Leah – who is worried about Rachel. Rightly so as well, as we see Rachel trying anywhere in Leah’s house to find more sleeping tablets – whilst we hear the voiceovers of Leah & sally discussing Rachel’s plight.

Nearby, Dan talk to lira about peter, whilst drew enters the house. Dan says that he is glad drew came, but drew immediately rushes back out of the house.

VAN PARK HOUSE – sally & Alf return, and Ric & Cassie give Alf the present they created.

Alf waaaay thanks them for the framed photo montage, which incl. All his fiends & family (incl. the like of Duncan & Morag) with THAT pre wedding pic of Martha in the very centre of the montage.

McADAMS MANSION – Dan thinks that he should go and talk to draw, but Amanda advises caution (*after her own recent experiences with belle).

Dan insists that he has to do this.

BOARDING SCHOOL – Dan is shocked when the woman who introduced him to drew in this ep, tell him that drew has packed his bags and bails form the school.

Dan can’t believe that they just let his leave, but the woman tells Dan that the boarding school ISN’T a prison - ppl are free to come & go when they please.

Dan is way frustrated.

LEAH’S – when Leah returns home, she finds Rachel shill frantically searching for more sleeping pills. Leah can’t believe it when Rachel says that she is going out to get some more (with car keys in hand).

Leah tries to stop her – but Rachel pushes her to the ground. Leah runs after Rachel, but it’s in vain (end of ep)


Amanda senses that belle is alive, but will the LOST be found in time – Kit & Martha appear to be at death’s door / Tilly confronts Lee

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Leah’s white (white black leaf motifs around the edges) poncho like top

SILVER – Colleen’s mostly dark blue button up shirt

BRONZE – Amanda’s light brown plunging V neck top

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