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Somewhere A Clock Is Ticking

Guest luckyrabbit

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Summary: Two months after the fire, the town has started to relax, thinking that it's all over, not knowing that they're about to be hit with the big twist.

It was two months after the fire and the chopper crash and life was slowly returning to what passed for normal in Summer Bay. Martha and Jack had finally gone on their dream honeymoon. Belle and Amanda had formed a tentative relationship after Belle found out the lengths her mother went to, to find her in the bush. Tasha and Robbie, having decided that Summer Bay was a far too dangerous place for them to raise a child, moved to the city with Kit and Kim.

"Sally, it was so beautiful, wasn't it Jack." Martha explained excitedly as Sally unlocked the door to her home, a stack of mail clutched in her hands.

Jack shrugged. "It was okay." Martha gave him a small shove in response.

"Okay? It was amazing. I can't wait to show you the pictures, Sal."

"And I can't wait to see them." said Sally while opening the first letter in the pile. "I-" She stopped, gaping in shock at what was written on the single sheet of paper. "Jack?"

"What is it?" Jack asked in concern, moving closer to Sally.

Wordlessly, she handed him the paper. In an all to familiar font it simply said IT'S NOT OVER YET. TICK TOCK.

"What…how? What does this mean Jack?" Sally asked urgently.

Jack frowned at the paper. "I don't know, it might just be some kids playing a prank." He suggested.

"A prank? Yeah, right. Or it might be Zoe again." Martha said, angry that her husband hadn't even considered the possibility.

Jack dropped the letter to the table and pulled her into a comforting hug. "Hey, you know that it can't be her. This time her body was formally identified by two different officers. Zoe is dead, there's no way it's her."

"But what about Tracey?" Sally suggested, concerned for her family's safety. "She might be picking up where Zoe left off."

Jack shook his head. "It's not possible. They are both dead, we don't need to worry about them anymore." He assured the two frightened women. "Like I said, it's probably just someone's idea of a sick joke. Nothing to be worried about."

"What's nothing to be worried about?" Alf asked, appearing in the doorway and making them all jump. "Hogan's ghost!" He exclaimed, spotting the note on the table. "What's going on here?"

"Nothing. Like I was telling these guys, it's probably just some kids playing a prank. That's all." Jack explained.

"Listen here, young fella." Alf said, getting up into Jack's face. "You'd better be being straight with me, especially after what happened the last time. This town's not ready to go through all that again."

"Granddad." Martha protested, getting between her husband and grandfather.

Jack put his hand on Martha's shoulder "Look Alf, I swear, I don't know anymore about this than you do."

Alf nodded and backed down. "Well in that case, we can't have some yahoo kids sending notes like these all over town. I say we have a town meeting tomorrow and sort the flaming mongrels out."

"Mr. Stewart." Sally said calmly. "I don't really think that there's any need…"

"No Sal," Jack interrupted. "It's a good idea, this way if anyone's received any similar threats, we'll be able to find out about it."

"Right, that settles it." Alf said. "Ten AM tomorrow at the Surf Club. I'll do a ring around."

Next time on Somewhere A Clock Is Ticking: Who is behind the threatening notes? And who makes a surprise appearance at the town meeting?

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w00t for more luckyrabbit fics!!! Seriously, you've written like 5 in about a week :D You've got some serious talent!!! Hope Tracey is alive too, actually I hope Zoe is alive... I hope both of them are alive :P

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