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All You Need Is Love

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Chapter One

As the Sun rose for the start of a new day two people slept soundlessly and peacefully in each others arms. Each one was dreaming of the other and their lives to come.

Much later that morning Jack finally stirred and looked down at Martha who was still fast asleep in his arms. His arms held her safe and as close to him as possible. Martha too then awoke and smiled up at Jack. Slowly and without speaking a word Jack leant down and kissed her softly murmuring "Morning my beautiful fiance". Martha smiled and pulled away from him so that she could stare deep into his loving brown eyes then they both said at the same time "I love you".

That morning at breakfast they sat opposite as they were both writing their vows for their wedding and did not want the other to see. While doing this Martha rubbed her legs up and down Jacks in a playful way. "Cut it out! Your distracting me!" Jack said. Martha walked round and sat on his knee and begun to kiss his neck while saying "Sorry i just can't resist you!". "Martha! i know your only doing this so you can try and read what i'm writing but its not going to work" Jack said. "Pleeeeeease Jack let me see!" replied Martha. Jack showed her the piece of paper which said

Martha is the most stubbon and infuriating person that i know! For such a long time she tried to resist my amazing good looks and charm but she couldn't no longer! She's not a very good cook and she never cleans but...

"JACK!!" Martha exclaimed in fury but when she caught site of Jacks crumpled face in hysterics she knew that he had tricked her and it was just a joke. "GRRR I HATE YOU!!" Martha half shouted and laughed. Jack picked her up so her legs were around his waist and carried her to the bedroom. He gently laid her down and leant down to kiss her. "Do you really?!" he said "yes" she replied sulkily "fine then" said Jack with a twinkle in his eye and begun to walk out of the room until Martha hurridley caught up with him and pulled him into a passionant kiss saying "You know me too well, how can i resist you? You are the love of my life". "Thats better jack murmered as he pulled his T-Shirt over his head and begun to undo Marthas shirt while kissing her as if their was no tomorrow.

What do you think? comments appreciated good or bad! should i continue?

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Chapter 2

“Ahhh Martha! I’m so late for work now” Jack grumbled! Martha lazily rolled over admiring Jacks naked back view. “If I remember correctly Jack it was you that begun it!” Martha giggled. “Okay okay” Jack agreed laughing. “See you later baby, I love you” Jack said as he hurried out to go to work.

That afternoon Martha lay on the beach thinking of what to write in her vows. She remembered all the good times she and Jack had had and she laughed to herself thinking of how they got together. There was the nude run, the bets, the arguments and finally the spider prank. She then thought of what Jack meant to her and how she now couldn’t imagine her life without him, he was the love of her life and she knew that they would always be together in mind, body and soul.

Jack also sat at his desk thinking of what to write in his vows. Both he and Martha were not hugely good at admitting their feelings and he felt that he really wanted to try and put into words just how much she meant to him. He thought to himself how much he loved her and how he couldn’t believe that they had ended up together. He suddenly felt overwhelmed by his feelings for Martha and so hurriedly ran out of the station to quickly visit Martha.

Jack saw Martha lying on the beach in her bikini from a distance and his heart lurched. He crept towards the sea and filled a bucket he had found with water he then carefully walked up to Martha who had her eyes shut and trickled some of the water onto her. Martha’s screams were so loud that the whole of summer bay must have heard. She jumped up and when she saw Jack in hysterics she ran at him. Jack whipped of his uniform to reveal his boardies and then sprinted into the sea with Martha following behind screaming. Once in the water he scooped her up and gave her a long kiss. “Sorry princess, I just couldn’t help myself” he laughed. “I’d been thinking of you all morning and had to see you”. “Even though you made me wet Jack I am so glad to see you, I never know what to do when your not around!”


“See you tomorrow my love” Jack said whilst kissing Martha. Martha squealed in excitement and said “You best not have second thoughts”. Jack replied “Same goes for you and you know I never would you are my world.” Their kiss lingered for a moment longer before Jack slowly walked away whilst keeping his eye contact with Martha.

Once Jack had gone Martha peaked at her dress and said to herself excitedly “Tomorrow I’ll be Mrs Holden aaaaah!!” She then got into her pyjamas and went to bed but she couldn’t sleep because she was so excited and nervous but also because she couldn’t bare not having Jack by her side. Eventually, however, she drifted into a light sleep.

Next Chapter the wedding and the beautiful vows…

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Thankyou for all you comments! Here is the next chapter!

Chapter 3

Martha’s POV.

Tasha, Mattie and Cassie all came over very early to get ready. I had woken up at 6 because I just couldn’t sleep without Jack by my side. I knew it was bad luck to speak to the groom but I felt worried so I rang him straight away

“Hello” he answered cheerily

“I’m so sorry I know we agreed no contact but I just needed to hear you voice I can’t sleep without you, I love you so much and can’t wait to become Mrs Holden”. I said hurriedly

“I’m so glad you rung I couldn’t sleep without you either, I love you more that life itself my soon to be wife!” He replied.

Just then Cassie arrived and looked horrified to see that I was speaking to Jack. We quickly said our goodbyes and then I turned to my girls to begin to get ready.

It took us hours to get ready but we all looked perfect, Grandad arrived to take me to the Church and I was a wreck! I kept worrying that Jack wouldn’t be there. Anyway when we arrived at the Church and I turned to walk down the aisle the site of Jacks trademark smile was the best thing I had ever seen. As I arrived at Jack I was oblivious to everyone else apart from him, he muttered in my ear “You look beautiful, I’m the luckiest man in the world” I smiled and replied “You look pretty handsome yourself!” Jack took my hand and interlinked his fingers between mine whilst reassuringly squeezing my hand. When it came to say our vows and I begun…

“Jack when I first met you I thought you were arrogant and infuriating-you wound me up more than anyone else and I couldn’t understand why. Looking back now I realise that it was because from the moment I saw you I fell in love with you. While I appeared confident you made me feel like I wanted to let my guard down and due to this I never allowed myself to get close to you as I never thought I could risk being hurt. Just for the record I am once again very sorry for the whole ear incident I never knew you would be such a wimp!! Anyway I guess what I’m trying to say is that when we are together you give me true confidence to be myself. You calm me when I get in a fury and you humour my silly tantrums but most of all I let my guard with you and never have you ever hurt me. I know that you never would and I can’t imagine my life without you in it. We have been through many rough times but every time our love has pulled us through, it has made me realise that all I need and all I want is your love because at the end of the day all you need is love and I have been lucky enough to find you who I love with all my mind, body and soul.” When I finished tears rolled down my cheeks of happiness and when I looked up at Jack I saw that he too had tears in his eye. I knew then that my words had deeply touched him and I was glad as I wanted him to know exactly what he means to me.

Jacks POV

Martha rang me this morning and I was so glad as I hadn’t slept all night for thinking about her. Dad and Lucas came round to help me get ready. I was pretty nervous that she wouldn’t show even though deep down I knew she would as our love was too strong.

When I turned in the church to see Martha my heart skipped several beats, she looked beautiful and I couldn’t believe that she was going to become my wife. I gently squeezed her hand to let her know that I was feeling just what she was. When she said her vows they were so heartfelt that they brought tears to my eyes. I know that Martha loves me but she’s not often upfront about her feelings so to hear those words touched me deeper that she could ever imagine. It was then turn for my vows…

“Despite nearly making deaf I have never stopped loving you from the moment I saw you! I don’t know how I can put into words how I feel about you as no words could ever sum it up. The past months with you have been the happiest of my life, I tell you everything and you are never far from my thoughts. When I wake up in the morning my first thought is you and when I go to sleep at night I enter dreams of you. I know that we will be together for our whole lives as nothing could ever get between us. I love more than anything. You have made me a better man and if I can live my life loving and caring for you I will die a happy man. For the rest of our lives I will guard you with my life for you are the most precious thing in it and always will me. I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve you but I will do everything in my power to make sure you are happy. I love you Martha and always always will..forever.”

As I finished Martha was crying and looked up into my eyes. No words were spoken but we both knew that this was it-we would be together forever. Silently I leant down and kissed her…

All their friends and families cheered and for the first time in the whole service Martha and Jack became aware that others were there, you see they were so engrossed in each other that everything else was blocked out…

Next Chapter-married life!

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