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I just realised that i've been reading this fic for ages and forgot to leave comments. It's totally awesome!!! Great work Drew, i have to say it's different from the other fics and i'm hoping some of this stuff does happen. :P Looking forward to the next installment. :D

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A relationship stayed in hiding…

LUCAS: Are you sure we won’t get caught?

DREW: I’m positive. [They begin to kiss]

While another relationship was almost exposed…

RYAN: What are you doing here? [Amanda and Macca begin to whisper to each other]

AMANDA: What the hell are you doing here?

RYAN: What’s going on?

AMANDA: Honey, Macca is our new gardener.

RYAN: He is?

Martha was caught for her wrongs…

MARTHA: Phil. Sleeping with you was a- [Jack looks very shocked, he walks in]

JACK: Who are you talking to? [Martha hangs up]

MARTHA: No one. Just a guy from work.

JACK: And you expect me to believe that?

And the excuses were not good enough for Jack…

MARTHA: I’m sorry.

JACK: It’s not good enough. You were unfaithful to me!

MARTHA: If I could take it back Jack, I would!

JACK: But you can’t! I’m leaving.

MARTHA: What!?

As their relationship crumbled, others around them did so too…

CASSIE: Are you ok about all of this? I mean, me being pregnant, to Macca?

RIC: Oh of course I’m fine. My girlfriend is having a baby with another man. She slept with him and she never told me about it! I’m just great Cassie!

CASSIE: Can you try and give me some sympathy here Ric, I didn’t ask for this!

RIC: Oh! And you think I asked my girlfriend to fall pregnant to the guy that bashed her head in!? [Cassie looks at Ric with shock]

CASSIE: That was so selfish Ric! [Ric runs up the stairs] Ric! We’re not finished yet!


LEAH: Has something happened?

LISA: It’s Joe. When I told him the baby wasn’t his we had a huge fight. And then he kicked me out.

DAN: Oh. That’s- that’s a shame. Are you ok?

LISA: No, I have no place to stay. [Leah and Dan look at each other]

LEAH: Would you like to move in? Until the baby is born and you get your life back on track?

LISA: Are you sure?

And another relationship was on top of the world…

SALLY: What are you guys doing here so unexpectedly?

PIPPA: Did I forget to tell you the news? [sally looks confused] Ian and I decided to get married here in Summer Bay!

SALLY: Married!? [sounded excited]

EPISODE 7: Touched By A Violent Man


[ian and Pippa are sitting on the lounge, Sally gives them a drink and sits down]

SALLY: I can’t believe the wedding is next week guys, don’t you think it will be a little too rushed? You have to organize everything, book the church, buy a dress…

PIPPA: Sally you’ll be surprised with everything we’ve planned already.

SALLY: This is so exciting!

IAN: And I can’t wait until we say ‘I do’. [ian and Pippa look at each other, smile and kiss, Alf walks in and is surprised to see them there]

ALF: Struth! Where the hell did you guys come from? [Pippa stands up and gives Alf a hug]

PIPPA: It’s good to see you too Alf. [Alf laughs, Martha runs in, looking upset]

MARTHA: Oh sorry, hope I didn’t interrupt anything.

PIPPA: No, of course you didn’t. [Pippa gives Martha a hug] How are you?

MARTHA: Ok I guess. What about you? What are you doing here?

PIPPA: I’m getting married!

MARTHA: Married! Wow!

PIPPA: This is Ian my fiancé, Ian this is Martha, Alf’s granddaughter. [They shake hands]

IAN: Pleased to meet you.

MARTHA: You too. Sally is Cassie home?

SALLY: She’s upstairs, her and Ric had a fight. I just thought I’ll warn you.

MARTHA: Oh. Well I’ll go up and see her anyway. It’s been good seeing you again Pippa. [Martha walks up the stairs]


[Martha knocks on the door and walks in]


CASSIE: Martha. What are you doing here?

MARTHA: Jack and I were… So I came here to chat but Sally told me you and Ric were also having problems.

CASSIE: Yeah. He’s acting like a five year old at the moment. [Martha sits on the bed] What’s been going on between you and Jack?

MARTHA: Cassie I’ve just made the biggest mistake in my life!


[Drew and Lucas are making out on the bed]

LUCAS: What time is it?

DREW: Does it matter?

LUCAS: I just told dad I’ll be back at nine.

DREW: It’s eight thirty. Twenty more minutes ok. [Drew smiles and kisses Lucas, he moves his hand down towards Luca’s leg. Lucas jumps] Hey, it’s ok.

LUCAS: Yeah, I’m sure it is… I’m just not use to this.

DREW: It’s fine. I remember the first guy that touched me. It was heaven. [Lucas laughs]

LUCAS: Really? [Lucas now seems uncomfortable]

DREW: Yeah. He was about eighteen, nineteen.

LUCAS: How long have you been doing this sort of stuff for?

DREW: Since I realized I liked man meat. [Drew smiles and takes Lucas’ shirt off]

LUCAS: I better go. I have to walk home. [Drew seems disappointed]

DREW: Ok then.


[Leah makes herself and Lisa a coffee]

LEAH: Have you spoken to Joe? Since he kicked you out?

LISA: No not yet. He probably doesn’t want to talk to me ever again.

LEAH: Oh that’s not true. You’re a wonderful person Lisa.

LISA: No, I’m not. I’m a liar.

LEAH: What do you mean you’re a liar? Because you told him the baby was his?

LISA: No. Because I told him the baby wasn’t his. [Leah looks confused] The baby is Joe’s Leah. I just told him it’s not.


[Amanda and Macca are making out on the lounge]

AMANDA: Would you like to stay the night? [Amanda smiles]

MACCA: And get caught by your son again?

AMANDA: Well you could just say you’re trimming my bushes. After all, you are my gardener now. [Amanda kisses Macca]

MACCA: Are you sure?

AMANDA: Of course I’m sure. [Amanda and Macca move up onto the stairs while they’re still kissing] Is it wrong to say that I think I love you? [Macca smiles]

MACCA: No. In my books. It’s not. [Macca kisses Amanda]


[Matilda, Beth and Tony are watching T.V, Jack walks in]

BETH: Jack!

JACK: Hey guys.

TONY: Are you alright mate?

JACK: Do you have time for a D and M? [Tony looks confused]

TONY: Am I going to like it?

JACK: Um yeah. Do you want to go down to Noah’s for a drink? [Tony looks at Beth]

BETH: Go for it. [Tony kisses Beth on the check and walks out the door]

TONY: Bye Beth. So what’s a D and M? Some sort of a new drink? [Matilda and Beth look at each other and laugh]

MATILDA: He seriously needs to get in with the slangs of the twenty first century.

BETH: He’s not that bad. [Lucas walks in]

LUCAS: Where were dad and Jack off to?

BETH: Some bonding to have a D and M.

LUCAS: Ouch! [Lucas and Matilda look at each other]

MATILDA: I’m off to bed. [Matilda walks away]

BETH: Night.

LUCAS: Is she still mad?

BETH: Guessing by her actions… Yes.


[Leah and Lisa are still talking]

LEAH: Why would you lie and tell him his child is not his?

LISA: Because he told me what he was doing to you guys. Making you pay so he’ll sign the papers. But he said he was never going to do that. He was just going to keep taking your money.

LEAH: Oh my god!

LISA: I know. I’m horrible.

LEAH: You lied and risked the relationship with your boyfriend to help us out?

LISA: Well I’m giving you my baby Leah. I have to look out for you. [Lisa and Leah smile]


[Martha and Cassie are talking on the bed]

CASSIE: Martha. Why would you do something like that? After everything you guys have been through!

MARTHA: I don’t know! After our fight I felt lost and empty. I needed to see someone. And then when I saw him we began to chat and one thing led onto another.

CASSIE: Does he know? Jack? [Martha begins to cry, Cassie hugs her] Why does our life have to be filled with drama for? [Cassie laughs]

MARTHA: What does that mean?

CASSIE: I’ve been hiding something for awhile now. Only Sally, Ric and Macca know. [Martha looks confused] I’m pregnant. [Martha looks shocked]


[Alf and Ian are talking on the lounge, Sally and Pippa are talking in the kitchen]

PIPPA: Sorry I haven’t visited since Flynn’s funeral. I’ve just been held up with a lot of things back at home.

SALLY: No! Don’t be silly!

PIPPA: How have you been since then? Really?

SALLY: I’m coping. Since Mr. Stuart moved in, and taking in Drew, it’s helped me a lot.

PIPPA: Drew?

SALLY: Oh, he’s my new foster child. He’s actually the son of Peter Baker. He died a few months ago.

PIPPA: Yes I remember you telling me. How old is he? Four? Five? [Drew walks in]

SALLY: Where have you been?

DREW: Just out with Lucas, nothing flash. [Pippa looks really shocked and surprised]

SALLY: He’s seventeen.

PIPPA: I don’t understand, I thought Peter was-

SALLY: He was about fifteen when he had Drew. [Drew comes out of the pantry] Drew, this is Pippa. My foster mother.

DREW: Oh hi. Nice to meet you.

PIPPA: Likewise. [Drew smiles and runs upstairs, Pippa still looks like she’s in shock. Ian walks over, Pippa walks back to the lounge]

IAN: Sally. The tissues, where are they? I have a nasty cold.

SALLY: Oh, they’re just over here. [sally walks over to the window sill and is about to grab one]

IAN: Oh no, don’t worry, I’ll get it. [They both go over to get one, Ian leans over Sally, rubbing himself up against her, both their hands touch the tissue, Ian looks at Sally, Sally moves away]

SALLY: Sorry.

IAN: No, it’s my fault. [ian takes a tissue and walks away]


MARTHA: How long have you been pregnant for?

CASSIE: Three months.

MARTHA: And when did you find out?

CASSIE: A couple of weeks ago.

MARTHA: Oh my god! [Martha and Cassie hug] I don’t understand, why would you tell Macca? I thought you two weren’t talking as much as you used to? [Cassie just stares at Martha] No. You didn’t did you?

CASSIE: Yeah. I-I did.

MARTHA: Ric!? What about Ric?

CASSIE: He’s not talking to me right now.

MARTHA: I don’t understand. Everything he put you through, you went off and slept with him?

CASSIE: It wasn’t meant to happen. That night you guys were found and everyone was celebrating we had to much to drink. We went back to his place and the next thing I knew I was in his bed the next morning.

MARTHA: Cassie…

CASSIE: I know. It’s a stupid thing to do.

MARTHA: Does Macca know?


MARTHA: How did he take it?


[Amanda and Macca are making out. Macca doesn’t look that interested]

AMANDA: What’s wrong?

MACCA: Nothing.

AMANDA: Well you sure know how to make a girl feel special. [Amanda giggles]

MACCA: Well what do you want me to do? Take you to a five star hotel and make out there? [sounding upset]

AMANDA: Macca, I was kidding. What’s gotten into you?

MACCA: Nothing. I just don’t feel well. [Ryan bursts through the door]

RYAN: Mum! I had a bad dream, can I sleep with you! [Ryan notices Macca trying to hide under the sheets]

AMANDA: Darling, mum will be in your room in just a second.

RYAN: But I want to sleep in your bed!

AMANDA: Ryan you can’t!

RYAN: Is that the gardener?

AMANDA: What are you talking about?

RYAN: That guy that was in here this morning. [Amanda has the facial look that she’s been defeated]

AMANDA: Yes, yes it is. But it’s our secret ok.

RYAN: Why?

AMANDA: Because if people find out they wont like us anymore.

RYAN: Why?

AMANDA: Because what we’re doing, people wont approve of.

RYAN: Why? [Macca gets out of the sheets]

MACCA: Because she said so alright! [screaming at Ryan, Ryan looks upset and runs out]

AMANDA: What the hell was that?

MACCA: The kid was bugging me!

AMANDA: Well you didn’t have to yell at him!

MACCA: I’m sorry.

AMANDA: Macca just go!

MACCA: What?

AMANDA: I’m not in the mood, can you please just go! [Ryan is listening from the outside, you hear Amanda scream and then a bang on the wall]


[Leah and Lisa are still talking, there’s a knock at the door]

LEAH: Dan! [Dan runs in]

DAN: I’ll get it. [Dan opens the door, Joe is standing there]

LISA: Oh what are you doing here?

JOE: I just came to apologize!

LISA: Apologize for what?

JOE: For throwing you out. I was angry, but I’ve calmed myself down.

LEAH: We’ll just be in the other room if you guys need us. [Leah and Dan walk into the kitchen]

JOE: Will you come back home? Please?

LISA: Of course not! You threw me out when I’m almost ready to give birth! Do you want to know how that made me felt? Ok, I made a mistake! The baby wasn’t yours, but that shouldn’t change the way two people feel about each other!

JOE: I know, I’m sorry!

LISA: Just go!

JOE: Lisa, I’m not going without you!

LISA: I said just go! [Lisa immediately gets pains in her belly] Ouch!

JOE: What is it? The baby? [Leah and Dan run in]

DAN: What’s going on? Are you ok?

LISA: The baby… It’s coming! [Leah and Dan have a look of shock, Lisa is in pain]


[Jack and Tony are drinking at a table]

TONY: And she only told you this, this morning?

JACK: Well it only happened last night. And she didn’t even tell me. I caught her out!

TONY: Did she have a reason or was it payback?

JACK: Payback?

TONY: Well for the way you’ve been treating her.

JACK: What does that mean?

TONY: Mate, there’s a lot of people around here that have caught onto your marriage problems and why they’ve been happening.

JACK: Are you trying to blame the church again?

TONY: Mate, these problems started when you first went to that church.

JACK: Are you telling me you’re on Martha’s side of this? [Tony says nothing] Unbelievable! [Jack gets up and walks away]

TONY: Jack. Jack!


[Lucas is in bed, he gets a text message, it’s from Drew. It says “SWEET DREAMS BABE… I LOVE YOU”. Lucas goes to reply but doesn’t do anything, he just lays there thinking. He deletes the message and goes back to bed]


[sally is making herself some breakfast, Ian walks in]

IAN: Morning!

SALLY: How was your sleep?

IAN: It was good, very good.

SALLY: Would you like some breakfast?

IAN: Yeah. Sure. [ian grabs the milk which is next to Sally, he bends over her to get it]

SALLY: Sorry, I’m in your way. [sally moves and makes Ian knock the milk over]

IAN: Oh sorry Sally.

SALLY: Oh it’s alright Ian. Things in this house happen all the time.[sally goes to get a sponge, she washes it in the tap first, Ian watches her. Sally notices] What? [sally says with a chuckle]

IAN: Nothing. I just can’t believe how much you’ve changed since I saw you last. [sally smiles]

SALLY: Is that a good thing or a bad thing? [sally begins to clean it up]

IAN: Good! Very good! [ian stands up and watches her from behind, he smiles]


[Lucas is running out of the surf, Drew walks up to him]

DREW: Hey babe!


DREW: You look great, running out with you’re board. [Lucas tries to laugh]

LUCAS: Yeah.

DREW: How come you didn’t reply to me last night?

LUCAS: Oh, I feel asleep. Sorry. [They say nothing for awhile]

DREW: Are we ok? I’ve been getting the feeling you’ve been pulling away. [Lucas smiles]

LUCAS: No, everything is just right.


[Martha walks in, Jack comes out from the hallway]


JACK: Hey.

MARTHA: I slept as Cassie’s. You can call her if you don’t believe me.

JACK: Nah, I believe you. Martha, we need to sit down and have a serious talk about us. Where we’re heading. What our future holds together.

MARTHA: I know. [Martha sits on the lounge, Jack sits opposite to her]

JACK: Well this is it. [Jack forces a smile] The conversation that decides what will happen to us. [Martha doesn’t look to happy, Jack’s trying to raise his mood]


[Amanda is sitting in the corner of her bedroom crying, she has a bruises on her face]


[Lisa is screaming in pain, Leah and Dan are beside her]

DOCTOR: Okay, last push Lisa! [Lisa screams in pain and pushes, you can hear a baby crying. Dan and Leah smile] It’s a girl!

LISA: Oh thank god! [sounding relieved that it’s all over, the doctor hands the baby to Leah, Dan cuts the cord. Both of them are smiling. From outside Joe watches, and the look on his face is not happy]

Just 13 episodes until the KILLER season finale

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